How to See through Clothes? [Using Phone Camera]

In today’s time and the era of insane technological advancements, everything seems possible. That is why if someone asks, can you see through people’s clothes? There must be a viable answer to this. Various apps claim to do just that. Moreover many cameras that provide some sort of night vision or infrared feature are said to be able to see through some materials of clothes. In the article below we will discuss if it is possible to see through people’s clothes and analyze the existing technologies that claim to provide this feature. How to Fix DNS Probe Finished No Internet Windows.

How to See Through Clothes iPhone

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Many tricks and hacks can that the camera of an iPhone however if you ask how to see through clothes iPhone camera, this is one feature that this camera does not possess. Although this technology is said to have developed through x-ray vision yet it is not available in smartphones or general handheld devices. There is only one option left that can somehow allow you to have a little fun with claiming you can see someone naked that is photoshop apps. 

How to see through clothes photoshop iPhone? Well follow the steps below

  • Select the layer of the dress that needs to be removed
  • Click on the Adjustment layer
  • Go to Brightness/Contrast
  • Reduce contrast 
  • You can also increase the brightness

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How To See Through Clothes Picsart

Follow these simple steps to apply this to any photo and enjoy

  • Download the PicsArt editor
  • Open the desired image in PicsArt Editor
  • Open the Cutout tool
  • Now there are two ways, either manually outlines the part of the image that you want to show transparent
  • Or click on Select to let the AI tool select the person
  • Now keep only the parts that you have highlighted  red and click on Save
  • Finally, click on Next and the transparent image will be exported

These transparent images can now be used for doing further edits of Pictures, there are unlimited possibilities where these edits can be used. 

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How To See Through Clothes With Android Camera

The android camera is capable of doing many things, seeing through clothes is not one of them. although some apps allow you to see through certain cloth materials, the desired result that is required cannot be achieved. Like you cannot see a person naked by using the camera of your phone.

How To See Through Clothes Camera

Now this option can somewhat be effective in seeing through clothes. You only have to do some minor modifications to your camera and see if this works or not. First of all, you need to turn the camera in on night vision when you do that everything will turn blue and you won’t be able to see anything. At this point attach the x-ray lens on the camera and now try to see through clothes. Certain materials are originally not see-through but in the vision of the camera, it can somewhat penetrate through certain materials and give you a blurred outline of the figure that you want to see.

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How To See Through Clothes Lightroom

The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom can be almost equally valuable to an expert and a beginner alike. Photoshop has some amazing features that let you create whatever you want. To create a see-through effect on any person, you can bring out the hidden pixels underneath the clothes to give a see-through illusion. But for that also to use pixels you need to possess some pixels, only then you can give the impression of diving skin deep. Having solid pixels that the image originally had will get you nowhere. After all, you are just creating an illusion, there is possibly no way of seeing through someone’s clothes. 

Let’s go through the steps using which you can create this illusion of how to see through clothes photoshop.

  • Open your desired image in Adobe photoshop
  • Create an outline of the part of the body which you want to see through ( for precision purpose Pen tool works perfectly
  • When the path is created, select Control+Enter to select that created path
  • Now go to Level from Adjustment Layer and select RGB color
  • Shift the slide, change will be visible
  • Finally select Mask.

How To Create An Infrared Camera to See Through Clothes

Every camera comes with a built-in Infrared feature, it is by default blocked to prevent overheating. Now remove the blocking infrared filter, you will be able to see thermal images and the camera will show you the infrared part of the light spectrum.


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