Ruko Remote Not Working? This will FIX it!

 In this article, we will try to answer a frequently asked question “ How to fix a Roku remote” 

Now this question has been on the mind of many Roku users this is because sometimes the remote is fine and it just needs some new batteries and people end up buying a new one.


Trying to fix a Roku remote can be both very simple or hard or annoying if you don’t know the right way to fix it. Sometimes you just need to reset.

Hence if you are a Roku user and you go through problems like this a lot make sure to read the article.

What is Roku tv and Roku Remote?

Roku tv is an app that is available on both Android and IOS. the app offers access to streaming services.

Roku allows its users to access a variety of different streaming services and online servers including Netflix and other streaming services.

 The best about Roku is that it allows the users to have access to streaming services without paying for them separately.

Roku subscription costs almost $30 hence it is very affordable and is a popular streaming site.

It is also available for lower than $30 at different sites which makes it much more comfortable.


Roku has more than 46 million users and hence they also launched their accessories store.

It included many types of accessories but their most popular product was definitely the Roku remote almost every one of its users has a Roku remote the remote is designed to perfection it has good quality and lasts a long time.

Moreover the remote is very useful and convenient it has buttons that allow access to different streaming services instead of searching for them you can just press the button and save a lot of time. Now if you are a Roku user you should definitely try the remote.

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Why Won’t My Roku Remote work 

Sometimes the Roku remote can be unresponsive pr sometimes it’s blinking but it won’t work and this can be really annoying and you just get fed up and think that the remote is broken but before doing anything like that try to fix the remote.

Sometimes the batteries of the remote are faulty make sure you are using the correct batteries and the remote has a direct connection to the device. 

How to fix a Roku Remote

  1. First, take the batteries out of the remote re-seat the batteries one by one to make sure they are fixed in their positions. After that try to start the remote. If this does not work try it again this is because weak and dead batteries can cause the remote to not work properly also make sure to replace the batteries with new ones before buying a new remote.
  2. This step is very simple but very important make sure that the IR single of the remote is not blocked and there is nothing between the remote and your tv or the main screen. This is because IR remotes need strong and direct signals to work.
  3. Another way to fix the remote is by resetting. To reset the remote take out the batteries of the remote and disconnect the cable from the device wait for 5 seconds and then take reconnect the device wait for 30 seconds and see if the remote connects to the device.
  4. Check the cable of the remote and try to pair the cable again. This process usually works really well cause sometimes there is a problem with the connection. Also, check that the cable of the device is properly attached.

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What to do if the remote still won’t work

If the remote still does not work the Roku tv also has an app from which you can control the device or you can just contact the help center. If the remote still does not work the company offers remotes separately you can just buy a new one.



How to make my Roku remote work?

If your Roku remote still does not work simply install the Roku app and connect it with the device and then you can easily use the device. The Roku app is actually very helpful if you don’t have a remote.

Why is not my remote not working?

Make sure that the remote has a direct connection to the device moreover make sure to check that the batteries of the remote are not weak or dead

Why is my remote not blinking?

If your remote is not blinking unplug the connection of the Roku device and then connect the remote and check it again.

Ending note:

In the end, we will say make sure to check to follow the steps mentioned above before buying a new remote and make sure to check the connection of the remote with the device is direct and strong. Moreover, if your remote is not working even after following the steps and you have to use the device try the app it is a good alternative to the remote.