5 Best Canon Raw Converter Software of 2022 [How to Use]

Whenever you are using the camera, you will have the image file in the raw format, and for that, you will require the raw converter option.

Whenever you are looking for the Canon raw converter software, you will come across many different options. There is a lot of Canon raw image converter software available that you can choose from. But do you know which one is the best Canon raw file converter option?

While you are wondering how to convert the raw to JPG, we can help you out.

Things to consider before getting any of the software:

Easy navigation: If you are shooting in Raw, you must make sure that you find out the converter software that is easy to navigate. Most of the converter software, not the best and easiest to use. Therefore it is essential that you find out something that is intermediate and easy to understand.

Better price plan: There are some of the Canon raw converter options available in the list that are extremely expensive. However, it is vital that you find out something that is good in terms of the budget. They are raw conversion software that is free as well. You can either look for the best free raw converter, or you can look for something appropriate in terms of pricing.

Download on the device: Some of the software can also be downloaded on the device, which makes the work even better and more accessible. If it is free to download on your device, it will be just the best option.

Best Canon Raw Converter 2022:

Here is the list of top canon raw converter software.

ProductsRatingGet it Now
Lightroom classic10 [Editors Choice] Get it Now
Capture one Pro8 Get it Now
DxO photo lab8.5 Get it Now
On1 Photo RAW7.5 Get it Now
Affinity photo7 Get it Now

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1. Lightroom classic

Why do we like Lightroom classic?

  • Lightroom classic is excellent in terms of providing printing support
  • It offers excellent photo management
  • Advanced features available along with high performance
  • Mobile application available

Why do we not like Lightroom classic?

  • Nothing yet

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2. Capture one Pro

Why do we like Capture one Pro?

  • Capture one Pro comes with a free trial
  • Raw conversion options available
  • High performance and excellent setting options

Why do we not like Capture one Pro?

  • The paid version is not the cheapest.

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3. DxO photo lab

Why do we like DxO photo lab?

  • Easy to make selections
  • Helps with better lens and geometry correction
  • The more significant amount of noise reduction options

Why do we not like DxO photo lab?

  • Some of the tools needed to be purchased separately

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4. On1 Photo RAW

Why do we like this?

  • This one has numerous filter stacking option
  • Excellent adjustments and advanced tools
  • Support several different image formats

Why do we not like this?

  • The interface is not the best and easiest to use

5. Affinity photo

Why do we like Affinity photo?

  • This software comes with technical image advancements
  • Color correction option available
  • Helps with digital painting and processing of batch images

Why do we not like Affinity photo?

  • It does not have the preset option available.

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The above list has the best canon raw converter available that you can choose. Find out the factors to choose and the advantages of shooting in RAW in the article above. After proper research, pick the right canon raw converter.

Buying guide

What to consider whenever you are looking for the Canon raw converter software?
Whenever you are looking for the Canon raw image converter, you will come across many different options. However, it is essential that you choose the perfect option in terms of functioning and ease to use. Below we have compiled some of the options that you must keep in mind.

Preset features option

When there is a preset option available, it is always better. You can create your set of features and advancements that you want in the image, and then you can apply easily without separately applying each of the features. This is definitely the best part to consider.

Integrated module

Another advancement in the raw converter software is the integrated module. If you are looking for the software that works the best, it is better to look for an integrated module so that the conversion of the image is easier and better. Also, if the software is open-source, it is definitely the perfect choice to consider. Make sure you are checking the performance along with the level of integration it offers. Moreover, try to look for the professional quality and professional upgrade options that not only provide you the best functioning but also provide you advanced conversion options.

Why should you shoot in?

Before you learn why it is better to shoot RAW images, you must know a raw image. Well, raw image means the image that is unprocessed from the Digital Camera sensor. These are the images that are and prepared and incomplete entirely. There is a lot of software available that is used for Canon raw image conversion. You can always use these images to convert them into JPEG images. Usually, the raw image is better because you can further filter, sort, and change the image according to your requirement.

Why should you shoot in Raw format?

Shooting in Raw format is better because it helps you to have better options in terms of color shades. One single image of a 12-bit raw image has around 68.7 billion colors is. And if the image is 14 bits, it can be increased to 4.4 trillion color options. Therefore it is always a better option to shoot in Raw format to have better Shades and color range.

Better highlights and color Shadows

Another crucial aspect that you will get in shooting in the Drop format is the wider range of highlights and shadows. The image provides you better potential in terms of Shadows And The highlight that you can adjust quickly in the image.

Better adjustment options

When you compare the raw image as compared to the JPEG, you will see that there is better control potential. You can easily adjust the colors under shadows in the raw images. And you can use several different Canon raw converter software to adjust your images the way you want. Moreover, the images also offer better sharpening options and adjustments. You can always convert the raw images into many other formats, which is a Win-Win situation.

Better to prove authenticity

The raw images are also considered better in terms of proving authenticity and ownership. Unlike the Jetpack images that can quickly be owned by anyone else, the raw images are better in terms of claiming the ownership. All so these images are manipulated using photoshop.


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