How To Jailbreak XBOX 360? 【Easy Guide 2022】

What came out as Microsoft Inc’s attempt to compete with Nintendo’s Wii and Sony’s PlayStation has become a gamers’ sensation lately. Video game consoles of the seventh generation include the Xbox 360. Apart from many other exciting and innovative built-in games, it also features jailbreak. Jailbreak allows you to root the consol to install and modify system software. This opens up a whole new arena of third-party games apart from the built-in ones that come with it. This freedom takes your gaming experience to next level by giving you administrative and developer rights over the software and games. 

How to Jailbreak XBOX 360:

First things first, update your XBOX 360 to the latest firmware, now you are all set for XBOX 360 jailbreak software download. There are various ways of downloading jailbreak software, we will be analyzing all of these

How to Jailbreak XBOX 360 with USB

For this you need a windows based computer, the USB you are using should have at least 512 MB of storage available.


  • Confirm the age of your XBOX 360 console by looking at the backside of the console near the AV Port.
  • Note down the console’s serial and product ID along with its manufacturing date.
  • Download jailbreaking software from any authentic website.
  • Extract the folder contents by double-clicking on the .zip file. (the updated XBOX 360 jailbreak v 1 04 zip download can be done online as well).
  • Insert the USB into your computer and install the software. (two GB memory storage is required for the jailbreaking software)
  • Create a new folder on the drive and copy the software in it.
  • Now insert the USB in the Xbox 360 USB port.
  • Open the downloaded file from the USB and select update via external storage.
  • Now follow the instructions and install the software update (It can take 10-15 minutes).
  • Once the update is completed, restart your console.
  • Now you are good to go.

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How To Jailbreak XBOX 360 E

The XBOX 360 E has a Winchester motherboard in it and it is not possible to modify anything on it. Many tries have been made including trying to add a USB emulation to try and trick the motherboard to think it is running a legit DVD game instead of from an HDD, but unfortunately, Winchester is the one motherboard no one has been able to crack and making any modification is impossible in it. 

How To Jailbreak XBOX 360 Slim

It is possible to modify your XBOX 360 Slim through JTAG. Although it can be either a pricey option for you or if you want to save your money then there is another small hardware change to be made which is kind of risky to try. The expensive solution is that you go get a PCB replacement which is quite expensive, or you could drill into your controller chip to get the desired results. YouTube is full of videos explaining the process.

It is important to note here that if by chance you don’t get it right and something happens to your XBOX, you will be devoid of the warranty and will not be able to claim a repair or replacement.

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How to jailbreak XBOX 360 RGH

To access XBOX 360 JTAG and RGH Homebrew. Follow these simple steps below

  • Download the latest XBOX 360 JTAG firmware
  • Extract the file 7 zip or Win RAR
  • Creat t a folder named XBOX and inside create another one named XMOD
  • Move the XBOXMOD to XMOD that you just created
  • Insert the USB into your XBOX 360 console open the settings tab and select system update
  • Choose OK from when a window is open.
  •   Accept the terms and conditions and install updates
  • Go to settings in your XBOX 360 and click system update and then click system information.
  • You will be able to find the XBOX 360 JTAG version

How To Jailbreak XBOX 360 Without JTAG

Jailbreaking XBOX 360 without JTAG is not impossible although a little tricky. We have tried to break the procedure into small simple steps so if you follow these steps precisely you should be good to go.

  • Download Horizon 360 mod tool from any credible website.
  • Put a USB stick in your XBOX and open settings.
  • Choose storage and configure your USB to be used as a hard drive space
  • Now copy your profile from the hard drive to the USB
  • Sign out and create a new profile
  • Remove the USB from the XBOX and insert it into your computer
  • Start horizon on your computer
  • Click the profile tab and you will be able to see two profiles
  • Select the profile which has your desired games
  • Click on the tab named content
  • From all the files in the profile, select a file named account and extract it to your PC
  • Now come out of this profile and open your newly made profile
  • Again click content and select the account file
  • Replace it by right-clicking on it
  • Once the account file is replaced close the window showing the files without backing out of the window
  • Now from the top of the window click “ Save and Rehash”
  • Now take our your USB and insert it back into your XBOX
  • Finally, sign in to your new profile.

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XBOX 360 Jailbreak Games

Any original, ameture developed game titles can be downloaded after jailbreaking your XBOX 360. XBOX 360 games download will feel like a piece of cake. From downloading new games to upgrading the original ones and to downloading game cheats, all is possible now that you have acquired developers’ access and command.

How To Jailbreak XBOX 360 Without Computer

There are not a lot of ways of doing this on the internet and if there are, they don’t work. 

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