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Minecraft is a simple yet addictive game because of countless reasons. The simple reason is that it provides freedom. The players use this freedom to create their favorite structures. In addition to various in-game resources, the players can also use tools and weapons of their own choice.
Enchantments are basic commands which help the users in developing their in-game experience. The process requires using an Enchanted book and an item on an Enchantment table or Anvil.
Trident is quite possibly the most well-known weapon to use in Minecraft. The players can battle hordes and different foes in the game with the assistance of this weapon. However, utilizing the base weapons probably won’t take care of them. Hence joining these enchantments will assist with working on the viability of this weapon.

Remember that picking the ideal charm is surely not a simple errand and depends on one player to another. In this way, here is a rundown of the absolute Best Trident enchantments in the game. Utilize every one of the capacities of these connections and use them as needs be.

Trident Enchantments:

Enchantment Minecraft ID Name Max Level Description Minecraft ID Version
(channeling) I Summons a lightning bolt at a targeted mob when the enchanted item is thrown (targeted mob must be standing in rain) 68 1.13
(vanishing_curse) I 71 1.11
(impaling) V 66 1.13
(loyalty) III 65 1.13
(mending) I 70 1.9
(riptide) III 67 1.13
(unbreaking) III 34

Minecraft has now delivered various Enchantments in their game for multiple weapons. Along these lines, the players have been curious to discover the fantastic Trident enchantments in the game. Here is a rundown of some powerful Trident Enchantments to use in the game to assist these players. Check out these Minecraft trident enchantments.

Trident Damage stats:

Attack Melee Melee (critical) Range
Attack damage 9 13 × 6.5 8
Damage/Second (DPS) 9.9 14.3 ?
Lifetime damage inflicted 2250♥× 1125 3250 × 1625 2000 × 1000
Durability 250

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This one gives you the power over lightning, just like Zeus. Whenever you have a thunderstorm in Minecraft and you through the trident at your enemy, then during the contact with the enemy, the lightning bolts will shoot from the trident. This one channels the thunder, so this enchantment is called channeling. Channeling enchantment is also an extra helpful offensive option for users.


Increases the damage done to aquatic enemies when impaling. It is ideal for underwater attacks and fishing or hunting. This enchantment is only done on the trident.


You must have an understanding of Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir. This loyalty enchantment is a compulsory upgrade for all throwable weapons. Loyalty enchantment allows the trident or any weapon you throw to travel back in your hand just like a boomerang.


If you want to travel faster in Minecraft snow, rain or water terrains, use this enchantment on your trident. This enchantment propels the users forward and gives them a speed boost. Riptide trident enchantments are popular in the gaming community because they provide more options and evasive maneuvers.


This enchantment is not weapon-specific. This enchantment allows all the weapons to gain extra strength and renders them less likely to break. It is a good and effective method.

Curse of vanishing:

When you die, and you have done this enchantment on your trident, then your trident vanishes. It is an excellent way to deprive your opponent of your loot.


This enchantment uses XP and materials to repair your weapon. The combination with Unbreaking enchantment is extremely powerful. The users can improve their weapon and also make it more strong. So if anyone wants to know how to repair a Trident, then use this enchantment.

The process to enchant the trident:

  • Open the Enchanting table
  • First, you have to open the Enchanting table and access the enchantment menu.
  • Enchant the trident

In the enchantment menu, click the first box. Then place three Lapis lazuli in the following box.
When you are done with this, then you will find three different boxes of enchantment options. They each will have additional experience requirements to achieve that enchantment. This experience is not a currency and will not be consumed during this enchantment process, but it is just a criterion to be filled for specific enchantment.

The higher the experience point requirement, the more impressive the enchantment is. The XP command can always be used to earn more XP or to kill more mobs.
fantastic enchantments for Crossbow.

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Multishot is by far a fantastic enchantment for the Crossbow. You can shoot three Crossbow bolts by this enchantment. This enchantment has its perks.


The Piercing enchantment is particularly acceptable with the Crossbow. You’ll have the option to hit through a solitary adversary and go through them to hit a foe behind them with a solitary bolt. It’s a decent method to utilize a solitary shot.

Quick Charge:

The Quick Charge enchantment is possible the fantastic enchantment you can provide for your Crossbow. The heap time on this weapon is a few seconds, giving your adversaries a lot of time to draw nearer to you.


This enchantment multiplies the amount and quantity of the ores you mine. It is a fantastic trick used by players to get more resources.


This enchantment enables you to increase mining speed.

How useful are these enchantments?

Enchantments, alongside Potions, are a portion of the fantastic endgame feature that helps you surrender yourself when equipping to take on amazing crowds or different players on PvP Minecraft workers. If you’re hoping to give your Enchanting room a makeover, make sure to look at our rundown of the fantastic Minecraft Texture Packs or counsel our rundown of the most wonderful Minecraft.

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Minecraft is a popular game. It provides the user freedom to create their world and mine the earth for materials. If you’re not the sort to play with others, and you would prefer not to procure every one of your materials, you can generally hop into Creative Mode. In this world, you’re invulnerable and approach each thing in the game.

However, it doesn’t give me a similar feeling of remuneration or achievement I get when playing Survival since I don’t need to acquire the squares or battle for my life at the same time. Many squares require extensive work to get (some even make you venture into beast-filled mazes), so it’s more significant when I construct them in my Survival Mode. It’s a great interruption.

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