How To Fix COD Warzone Error 6068 – Solved 2022

 Are you always experiencing Dev error 6068 when you try to play the Warzone game? 

This article will show you how to fix COD Warzone Dev error 6068.

It is commonplace for you to experience COD modern warfare Dev error as other gamers complain likewise. Nonetheless, it should not be recurring and I would be showing you exactly how you can fix the COD MW Dev error.

In recent times, many gamers have expressed their frustration predicated on the call of duty errors since the COD Warzone version was released.

If you are facing such a predicament, then this post will guide you on how to fix this error and other related errors.

Just before I begin to explain how to fix COD Warzone Dev error 6068, let me briefly explain what this error is so that you can identify it when it takes place.

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1: What is Call Of Duty (COD) Warzone Dev Error 6068?

The modern warfare dev error is one of the many errors that befall gamers while playing the Call of Duty Warzone version. For many, it has stolen the fun out of the gaming experience when playing COD and when the fun is taken out, where then is the need to play?

2: How Dev Error 6068 Happens?

Oftentimes this error happens when the computer running the COD Warzone game has outdated gaming drivers. Also, the error may take place when the Windows operating system becomes corrupt.

In the first instance, you can fix the dev error 6068 by reinstalling the game bar. You do not have to make any changes to the system files. By simply, updating the game, the error will be fixed.

Most Call of Duty errors, especially Dev errors, are caused by poor internet connection and other network-related issues.
It is important to note that this error is not caused by any network or internet-related problem.

3:Causes of COD Warzone Dev Error 6068:

After reviewing a series of reports relating to Dev error 6068, we have deduced certain factors that cause COD MW Dev error.

Installing COD Warzone on Older Windows Version:

This is the most prevalent cause of COD Warzone Dev errors. Installing the COD Warzone game on an older Windows version makes the game prone to Dev error 6068.

To enjoy an excellent GeForce experience when playing the game, ensure your computer’s operating system (OS) is updated to the latest version of Windows.

Corrupted/Damaged Game Files:

Generally, game errors and crashes are predicated on damaged or corrupted game files. It is a normal occurrence for every game and COD Warzone is not an exception.

When a game file is responsible for causing an error, all you need to do is delete and reinstall the game. The game file that should be reinstalled must be an updated version of the game or the latest version that is available.

Third-party Interference:

This refers to a situation where another software or app installed disrupts the use of your COD Warzone game.

It was reported by some gamers that their game started to malfunction after they installed a new application or software on their computer. You can have such interference causing call of duty errors.

To go around fixing this COD modern warfare Dev error is to delete the recently installed app or software. If you notice that your game started to display errors after you install something, try removing it.

If you did not install any software or app, third-party interference may not be the reason why your game is experiencing Dev errors.

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Game Bugs:

Lastly, the cause of modern warfare dev error 6068 is game bugs.

We are dealing with machines and software and it is almost impossible to use them without recording any flaw whatsoever. This is the main reason why games, software, and so on have updates.

Game Bugs causes random glitches when playing the COD Warzone game. Every other thing may be in place but you may still experience modern warfare dev error 6068.

To reduce your chances of getting Dev errors, always make sure that the software environment of your computer is thoroughly updated. Ensure that your graphics cards, Operating System, and every other related gaming components are updated to their latest versions.

Doing this will lessen the frequency of dev errors and serve you a cool gaming experience.

Now, let’s see how we can fix these errors when they occur.

4: How To Fix Call of Duty (COD) Warzone Dev Error 6068

We have come up with tested and proven solutions to fix COD Warzone Dev error 6068. Whether you are facing a dev error or an unrecoverable error or any call of duty errors, these steps will help you fix them seamlessly.

Keep Your Software & Games Updated

Earlier on while I was explaining the causes of the COD Warzone Dev error, I said you must ensure you are running the latest version of Windows.

Not only should you have your Windows Operating System up-to-date, but you also need to make sure that you keep your games and driver updated.

Once a newer version of Windows or a game or driver is released, do well to install them so you do not have glitches while playing COD Warzone.

Re-Update The Game

I know this sounds weird and unconventional but it will help you fix this error 6068. To carry out this solution, you will need to delete game files within the Call of Duty Modern Warfare game installation folder.

Follow the following steps to achieve this:

  • Exit the COD Warzone game is you have it running at the time
  • Go to the main installation folder from where you installed the game on your computer. This folder should be in your C:\Program Files (x86). If you have an alternative installation path, then go there instead.
  • Open the Call of Duty Modern Warzone file and delete all the files you will find in it with the following exceptions: Blizzardbrowser, Data, and Main. That means you should not delete Blizzardbrowser, Data, and Main.
  • Try to open COD by launching from a client
  • You will get an error saying the game is corrupt and you should update.
  • Start the update and your game would be working perfectly again

Delete Data File in Main COD Warzone Folder

This method is similar to the preceding solution on reupdating the game. The difference between this method and the previous method is that you are only going to delete the “Data” file.

Here is how it is done:

  • Exit the COD Warzone game if you have it running
  • Locate the main installation folder that has the game file. This folder should be in your C:\Program Files (x86). If you selected an alternative installation path, you will find the folder there
  • Open the COD Modern Warzone file and delete only the Data file. Hope you see the difference now?
  • Try to open COD by launching from a client
  • As expected the game will return an error message with an option to update. Update the game and get it running again

Change The Video MemoryScale

The Video Memory Scale which is also known as VRAM determines how smoothly a game will run. By adjusting the VRAM you can get rid of call of duty errors and play COD Warzone hassle-free.

To adjust your Video Memory Scale, follow the procedure below:

  • Go to File Explorer on your desktop
  • Locate this file path “Documents\Call of Duty Modern Warfare\players
  • After locating and opening this file, look for a file called “adv_options.ini” and open with Notepad
  • On opening it with Notepad, locate the line which has the caption Video Memory Scale.
  • Change the value of the scale to 0.5
  • Save and continue to use the game

Lower The FPS Settings

FPS means Frames per second. By lowering the frames per second of the Warzone game, you can combat COD modern warfare dev error.

In terms of effectiveness, this method is not completely viable but it is worth the try regardless. Your computer may be unable to render the game following the FPS settings.

Adjusting the settings could help the game work well. To lower the frames per second setting, follow the steps below:

  • Go to Nvidia Control Panel
  • Click on the Manage 3D settings
  • Locate Program settings and select COD Warzone from the list
  • When you select the game, set the “vertical sync” to “adaptive half refresh rate”
  • Confirm and save changes made
  • You can also disable Nvidia and GeForce overlay


The steps we have carefully outlined on how to fix COD Warzone Dev error 6068 are dependent on causes. Apply any of the correctional steps based on the factors that led to the Dev error 6068 and pg.

I am optimistic you will no longer find it difficult to fix COD modern warfare Dev error 6068.

If you encounter any more challenges while trying to correct dev error 6068, then do not hesitate to drop a comment stating exactly the problem and I would be happy to help you out.