How To Go VLC Frame by Frame? 【Shortcut Keys】

If you have played a radio then, you might remember that you can not jump to your favorite part of the song you are listening to. You need to listen to the song from the start and wait until the track reaches that part you are waiting for. Now, technology has advanced and you can not only listen to music but see video as well. Plus, the best part of media players is that you can play a song or a movie from any frame that is your favorite. This article will be discussing VLC which is a frame-by-frame video player. 

VLC is a media player on which you can see videos and play music as well. You can watch movies from anywhere. It means that you can go a frame forward and a frame backward as well according to your desire. VLC shows a frame number that tells you how many frames you have forwarded and reversed.

Let’s say that you are watching a movie in which you like some scenes very much and do not like some scenes at all. This is where you can use this frame-by-frame video player to jump onto your favorite scenes. You need to make sure that when you are playing videos on this media player, you enable the frame-by-frame feature if you want to see your favorite scenes.  Apart from your systems, you can use the VLC frame-by-frame android as well to enjoy your movies or series on your smartphone. Now, the iPhone users would be thinking if they can enjoy this application on their iPhones from the AppStore or not. Yes, VLC ios frame-by-frame is also enjoyable on Apple devices too. So, if you want to have some private time while watching your favorite shows in a frame then this media player can serve you in the best way. 

How to VLC frame-by-frame?

Now, you know the platforms on which you can enjoy the frame-by-frame feature of the VLC media player. The question arises, how to use this software to play video frame-by-frame? Here are some points that will provide you satisfactory answers:

  • First of all, you need to have the VLC media player frame-by-frame application in your system and smartphone as well.
  • Now, you need to choose the movie or video that you want to see on VLC frame-by-frame android. 
  • You can use a shortcut key to “E” when you want to play that video frame-by-frame. 
  • Once you have pressed the “E” shortcut key, the video you are playing will get paused, and then it will be played in frames.
  • Each frame would play for the time it is assigned. Once the time of a frame gets ended then, the video will pause again.
  • Once a frame has ended, you will see a phrase on the screen saying “next frame”. It will play the next frame on clicking it. 

Now, you know how to play your favorite movie or show in frames. So, choose your favorite one and enjoy the experience. 

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VLC frame-by-frame not working

If you are having problems with your windows media player frame-by-frame then, the VLC player can help you to enjoy your movies or videos. While watching your movie on VLC, if the media player gets stuck or VLC frame-by-frame freezes then, you can switch to a 5k player frame-by-frame.

The reason why VLC frame-by-frame stops working can be those files that are not downloaded properly. Sometimes the problem occurs because you have not installed the VLC player properly as well. So, if your VLC frame-by-frame freezes then, you can use an alternate player to go with the flow. You can use SMplayer frame-by-frame or 5k player frame-by-frame without disturbing your favorite movie.

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VLC frame-by-frame android and ios

This media player is very much popular among those who like to play movies without any interruption. Whether you are an iPhone user or an Android user, you can have the VLC frame-by-frame application on your smartphone to make your extra time exciting. Android offers applications in the play store whereas ios offer them in the AppStore.

You can download the application and use it without installing it. The best thing about smartphones is that you do not need to install any application, it gets set on its own. Whereas, when you download VLC frame-by-frame on your system then, you need to install it as well after downloading. This frame-by-frame video player android is a useful software to play video frame-by-frame. 

Frame-by-frame backward

If you have skipped a scene that you did not want to then, you can reverse the movie. This video player frame-by-frame backward feature helps you to enjoy all those scenes that you have missed. You can go one, two, and as many frames back as you want. VLC shows frame numbers that let you know how many frames you have played.