How To Fix No Route Discord Error? 【Solution】

Discord is a group-chatting application that allows users to perform instant messaging and create communities. One of the many restrictions users encounter with Discord is the No Route error.
Discord is used by connecting to servers and VoIP. The No Route error stops users from accessing voice channels and connecting to a voice server.
In this article, I am going to show you what causes Discord errors, RTC Connecting error, and exactly how you can fix No Route Discord errors.

Use a VPN With UDP:

Discord will not run when you are connected to a VPN that does not use User Datagram Protocol (UDP). It was not designed to work on a VPN without UDP.

To determine if the cause of the error is the absence of UDP, check with your service provider for information on the VPN’s usage of UDP. Also, you can disable the VPN and try connecting to Discord again. On confirming that your current VPN makes no provision for UDP, go for a new VPN and make sure it conforms with UDP. Alternatively, you can keep “Anonymity Service” disabled in your Discord settings. If this does not fix the No Route error, try the next steps.

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1: What Causes Discord No Route Error?

There are several causes of No Route Discord error, RTC Connecting No Route error, and ICE Checking No Route error.

I looked into some cases and reports and I have highlighted the following as possible causes of these Discord errors.

VPN With No UDP:

Discord is designed to work with VPN solutions that have the User Datagram Protocol (UDP). Discord will return a No Route error when UDP is missing.

IP Address Change:

Discord will be unable to maintain an outgoing connection when the IP address originally assigned to a computer is changed.

Incompatibility In Server Voice Regions:

This cause is prevalent when users try to connect to other users in a geographical location. Due to the incompatibility in server voice regions, you would be unable to connect to a server hosted on a different continent.

QoS Not Supported:

Quality of Service (QoS) may not be supported by your computer network. To carry out a Discord No Route error fix, in this case, is to simply disable the high packet authority setting from the Voice & Video settings.

Network Admin Block

Lastly, Discord No Route error may occur because your network Admin has blocked access.

2: How to Fix No Route Discord Error:

Like I promised earlier on, I would show you how to fix the No Route error on Discord. If you are encountering a No Route error, then this guide will help you correct that anomaly.

Any of the methods and procedures listed below are guaranteed to help you fix the Discord No Route error and get back to the messaging you enjoy.

Try out any one of these steps when Discord voice call or chat displays No Route:

Restart Modem & Reboot PC:

This is the first thing you must do when such an error occurs. It is possible the cause of the error is an IP address change and the correctional step is to restart the modem or reboot your PC.

Restarting your modem is not about resetting its network settings but just by simply plugging it out and in.

When you restart your modem and reboot your computer and the no Route Discord error persists, then head on to the other steps below.

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Adjust Server’s Voice:

This fix can be adopted when you encounter the error while connecting to a friend who stays on a different continent. The error may be occurring because your friend’s server voice is different from yours.

By adjusting the server’s voice, you would be able to clear the No Route error. This adjustment can be carried out by the admin. The server Voice setting can be adjusted from the Server Settings menu and Server region option.

Disable Firewall:

Antivirus software or firewall on your PC can prevent Discord from connecting to and maintaining outgoing connections.

To be sure that Discord is not hindered by an AV or firewall, disable them and try to connect to Discord. To do this follow the steps below:

  • Open the Run dialog box by pressing down the Windows key + R
  • In the dialog box, type “appwiz.cpl” and tap Enter. This will open up the Programs and Features menu
  • Inside the Programs and Features menu, locate the 3rd party security solution.
  • Right-click on the 3rd party security solution and select Uninstall
  • Complete the uninstalling by following the on-screen prompts
  • Restart your computer system and try connecting Discord again

Does the problem persist? Do not lose hope. I still have two (2) more methods to fix the No Route Discord error.

Check If Discord Access Is Blocked By Network Admin

Access to Discord may be blocked by your Network Admin and this is often the case when you are trying to use Discord from a public network.

In most public networks, communication apps are often blocked by the Network Admin. You can ask the network administrator if access is blocked or get yourself a PC where the network access is not restricted.

Reset IP Configuration

The RTC Connecting error and No Route Discord error can be fixed by resetting the IP configuration of your computer. Several users have recorded success when they tried this fix.

Here’s how to reset your IP configuration to fix RTC Connecting error and other Discord errors:

  • Open the Run dialog box by holding down the Windows key and R.
  • In the dialog box, type in “cmd” then hold down the Ctrl + Shift + Enter keys. This will bring up an Elevated Command Prompt
  • On the Elevated Command Prompt, type in this command “ipconfig/release” and tap the Enter key
  • When the IP configuration release is successful, type in this command “ipconfig/flushdns”. This will flush the DNS settings
  • When the flushing is complete, type the command “ipconfig/renew” to renew your PC’s IP configuration
  • Restart your computer and launch Discord

If the RTC Connecting error or No Route error persists, do not fret. There is one more fix I will share.

Disable Quality of Service (QoS)

Many users have been able to stop Discord errors like the RTC Connecting error, ICE Checking error, and the No Route error by disabling QoS. This is a viable fix because not every computer can keep up with the demands of High Packet Priority QoS.

From the User Settings, QoS can be disabled, and here’s is how to do it:

  • Launch Discord and go to User Settings. The User Settings menu is in a cogwheel icon on the bottom left corner of the Discord window
  • In the settings window, click on “App Settings”. You will see “Voice & Video” click on it as well
  • Under the “Voice & Video” settings, you will see “Quality of Service”. Click to turn off “Enable Quality of Service High Packet Priority.”
  • Save settings and try connecting Discord again


Should none of the methods listed above fail to work, then there is only one more diagnosis – your network router’s firewall is restricting Discord.

All you have to do is to switch to another network or lower the firewall setting.

Alternatively, you can make use of your phone’s network by connecting your PC to its hotspot.