What Is Safe Mode on Android? [Enable and Disable]

Let me tell you what I love about Android phones: they are so easy to customize. You can change anything about the phone’s look and feel, and even how it looks when you unlock it.

But as much as they’re customizable, they can also easily malfunction.

Examples include software or application, which are rarely prone to errors but when they are, these may cause it to malfunction.

There should be a way to fix these software errors without taking your smartphone to a tech.

In this article, we will discuss the SAFE MODE in android phones.

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What Is Safe Mode on Android?

The Safe Mode on your android device is just like a computer’s Safe Mode. It allows you to restore your phone if it becomes frozen or locked up.

It is like a diagnostic mode that allows you to diagnose and fix minor software problems affecting your Android Phone.

Apps running in Safe Mode are mostly non-essential applications and only needed to start your device.

At times, your phone crashes. It happens with certain apps, and sometimes it’s just a malfunction.

Attempting to install or uninstall the third-party apps may prove futile because of problems with the application.

The Safe Mode helps you to correct these by uninstalling any malfunctioning applications or installing any third-party apps you’d like to have.

When you turn on Safe Mode, your phone or tablet will go into a Safe Mode, and it will not delete any of your apps or files.

Safe Mode helps you find, understand, and solve any problem that affects the operation of any app or setting.

It’s a great feature to turn on, and will make sure that your smartphone will always be ready for the next opportunity to take amazing photos.

How To Enable Safe Mode On Android Phones

You’ll need to turn off your phone by pressing and holding the power button on the side, then press and hold the volume “up” or “down” depending on your phone’s manufacturer. When your phone turns off, hold the power button again for about a second to turn the phone back on.

How To Exit Safe Mode on Android Phones

How to exit the safe mode on an iPhone:
Completely power OFF your phone then hold the power button again to power your phone ON.
When your phone displays the logo, release the power button.
Your phone should reboot back to the normal mode automatically, but if it doesn’t, follow the next step.

Hold down the “volume up” or “down” button until your phone is on

Why Is My Phone Stuck in Safe Mode?

Safe mode should be easy to get into and out of.

But sometimes, your phone is stuck in Safe Mode because:
It’s volume-up/volume-down button is stuck, so your phone keeps rebooting into the Safe Mode.
Your phone is having issues because of some app installed.

Hold the power button down until a menu is displayed. Then, choose restart from the list. After it’s finished rebooting, your phone will return to its regular mode.

To get your buttons working again, press the power button for 20 seconds. This will also help refresh any memory chips that are stuck.

If the issue is not related to the phone’s software, it should restart to the normal mode.

How To Open Apps in Safe Mode Android

To open an application in Safe Mode, follow the steps outlined above to put your android phone in Safe Mode.

Once the phone is in safe mode, you may press the power button to unlock it. Then, type the app name in the search bar on the top menu of the page and select the app from the search results.

If you find the app, open it to begin using it. You can close it anytime.