WiFi Not Working on Phone But Working on Other Devices? Working Fixes

It’s been almost one year since I updated to the latest version of my Android operating system.

For some reason, the battery had only 30 percent of power when I started updating, and after a while, the battery drained out before the update finished.

I waited until my device was ready, restarted it, and then updated the app.

While everything worked fine after that, I noticed the WiFi issue on my phone but not on other devices.

I was confused as to what could have caused the WiFi to stop working on my phone, but continue working on other devices.

I was able to figure out how to work around it, and I thought it would be nice to put an article together that will help anyone having similar issues.

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WiFi Not Working on Phone but Working on Other Devices working Fix 1

If the Wi-Fi isn’t working on the phone but is working on other devices, try to determine if the router in question is causing issues.Q:

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This is an example of my table:

To connect your device to the WiFi network, you’ll first need to turn off the WiFi for your smartphone (not the router) and then reset it to the correct setting. Then try reconnecting again.

In order to fix the WiFi problem on the phone, there are two ways of proceeding: The first is to change the SIM card of the phone to another phone; the second is to replace the SIM card with a new one.

Fix 2. Reset the Android Phone’s Network settings

Second real fix we will recommend for the WiFi not working on phone but working on other devices issue is resetting your phone’s network settings.

You can try to reset your device. First, go to Settings, then go to Network or System and look for Reset. Restart your device after which you can try connecting again to your WiFi.

Reset iPhone’s network settings. If the case of your WiFi not working on phone but working on other devices is on your iPhone, then here is an easy way to reset your iPhone’s Network Settings.

This process resets all the networks, resetting the passwords, the cellular settings, the APN settings, and the VPN settings you’ve connected to previously.Q:

Go to your phone’s menu, tap Settings, then go to General and select Reset. Now select Reset Network Settings.

Fix 3. Factory Reset the Android Phone – Samsung, Huawei

You might not know exactly what factory reset means, but doing a factory reset will probably fix the issue you’re having.

I’m sure you remember that a complete factory reset fixed my WiFi problem when it was related to a phone update. You might want to do that, if you experience a similar problem.

Make sure you have backup your Amazon account information, any apps you’ve downloaded, and any important information.

Go to the Settings menu of your device >> Click on Backup and Reset or Systems (depending on what phone you use) >> select Reset Device on the next page. Try connecting your device to a WiFi connection after it’s reset.

Fix 3.1 Factory Reset iPhone – WiFi Not Working on iPhone But Working on Other Devices

You can Factory reset your iPhone to fix this issue. Go to Settings >> select General >> select Reset >> select Erase All Content and Settings. Type your passcode if you have one set and tap the warning box in red >> enter your Apple ID password for confirmation of the action.

Fix 4. Check for MAC address filtering and blacklist

You should check to see if your MAC address filtering is enabled.

If it’s turned on and there are any devices in the list, you would want to make sure it is turned off and disabled.

For security reasons, this setting blocks out all devices on the network, except those specified by you in the IP address list.

A Wi-Fi problem could have a number of different causes. To troubleshoot, try restarting the router and turning off and back on again.

Fix 5. Get Your Phone to a Hardware Repair Store for Fixing

If none of these fixes work for you, and if in the case of your android phone or iPhone, the device doesn’t detect the network in question even though it’s within range, we would recommend that you have your device hardware checked.

It may not be a good idea to return the phone directly to Apple, since the company might have spent extra money on fixing it. Instead, contact your network provider and ask for a new SIM card, and then buy a new iPhone.