SIM Card Inserted but No Service on Android or iPhone Recognises SIM but No Signal Bars? Things to do

Cases that work best with your mobile device might not necessarily be ideal for every smartphone user. While the majority of smartphone cases will help protect your device from scratches and cracks, having the right case can also greatly impact the quality of your cellular service.

This article is about troubleshooting the SIM card and network issue that many users face, such as “SIM card inserted but no service” on Android and iPhone and the “phone recognises SIM but no signal bars” issue.

SIM cards are often inserted upside down, or with their battery cover on the back. If you have one of these problems then insert it correctly and it should start working again.

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This is an interesting article that we’re going to look at a few fixes to these two common issues.

Fix 1 for When My Phone Recognises SIM But Has No Signal Bars

If my phone always thinks that I have a SIM card but I don’t have any bars of cellular data then there are two things I do right off the bat to troubleshoot it.

Instead of this being a single, specific fix, it is a checklist of things you should look out for if you are getting this message.


Rebooting the device has worked for others, so this is the first thing we would recommend you try. Since it seems to work, it’s the best place to start if you are facing this issue.

After that, confirm that your phone line is working and that you have the service you need.

It’s good to know that this shouldn’t cause the bars to disappear but it could be a cause.

If the line is active, then you should probably try the next point on this checklist.

Your phone coverage may vary in different areas and can change from time to time. Check with your carrier about your current service plan.

If you live in the coverage area of your mobile operator, then it should work fine. In case it doesn’t, or if your mobile carrier offers roaming service to other countries, then you can take steps to avoid this problem.

Inserting a SIM card into your cell phone that has no signal bars can be another culprit for your phone having no signal bars.

Turn on Wi-Fi calling if it’s not already on your carrier plan.

If it isn’t turned on, try turning it on and see if it helps with any of the problems you’re having.

Fix 2 for SIM Card Inserted but No Service

Another quick fix to check if there’s a problem with the connection is to insert another SIM card into the SIM tray where you find the SIM card that doesn’t show signal bars and insert that SIM card into another phone.

If the SIM works in another device, and the service is turned on, then chances are it’s the SIM tray of the former device.

In cases where inserting a new SIM into the SIM tray of the former device displays signal bars, then it might be a case of the device selecting SIMs, or the SIM selecting devices.

Fix 3: Check the Network Settings If Phone Recognises SIM but No Signal

If the phone doesn’t recognise the SIM card, then the SIM card network settings may need to be adjusted to find the best mobile networks automatically.

Give priority to the most important networks for your campaign.

With so many options, it’s really hard to know which one to use. Depending on what type of phone you use, switching to one of these lower network speeds makes it so when you are in an area that doesn’t have higher network coverage, the phone automatically switches to a lower one.

Fix 4: Check Network Rating of the SIM and Phone If the SIM Card Is Inserted but No Service

If the SIM card is inserted but there is no connection, it could be caused by the network rating of the device in question.

If your SIM card is older, say a 2G SIM, a more advanced phone with a 4G and higher network spec might not work well on it.

It depends on what type of SIM card you use. Some can support speeds as fast as 5G.

If you’re a fan of Apple, and you own an iPhone or iPod touch, then this post is for you.

If your phone says there’s no network or signal, that could be because it’s actually the SIM card in your phone. Try removing the SIM card and plugging it into your computer.

A 4G or 5G network is not the same as a SIM card. 4G / 5G smartphones that are on 4G / 5G networks show zero service and no signal bars.

Fix 5 for When My Phone Says No Service but SIM Card Is Inserted

The phone recognises its sim card, but when you try to make calls, it doesn’t work? Here’s how to fix the problem.

If you try using the SIM card on other phones, and it works well, and try using other SIMs on the phone and they don’t work, chances are that the phone’s SIM plate is faulty and might need a professional to check it

Fix 6 for When My Phone Has No Signal Bars

It’s time to take your phone to the repair shop.

If the copper plating on your SIM card has any kind of chips or discoloration, it’s probably time to have it replaced.

Your mobile carrier will be able to replace the SIM card if it is the issue.

To be sure it’s the SIM, recreate the issue on multiple devices.