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Shields are weapons that are used to distract damages. It helps in protecting players from explosions and harm that can happen in-game. The shield is very beneficial for players. It helps you in saving players from danger. Once the level is finished the player can easily take all the shields along. These shields can be enchanted very easily. By using an anvil you can easily place an enchantment on shields. Altogether 3 enchantments can be placed on shields.

How to Enchant a Shield

By using the /enchant command, you can enchant a shield you are holding. The player is holding a shield that you can enchant using the /enchant command with Unbreaking III.

/enchant DigMinecraft unbreaking 3


This is one amazing enchantment that can be used on weapons in Minecraft. It enhances the durability of the weapons which players can easily use for a longer time span. When unbreaking is being used on the shield then the player will have extra protection and security as items will not break easily at all. If in case it breaks it will be on level 3. As higher it gets stronger will be the enchantment.

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It is an enchantment that is used to mend the damaged weapons and also increase their durability. It not only makes the item strong but also saves a lot of time in repairing. It is one of the best enchantments to be used on weapons.

Curse of Vanishing

This enchantment is not that amazing so it is not good to use in Minecraft. It vanishes once the player dies in the game. It leaves the mark where the items are placed but the enchantment shield won’t be available there. This enchantment is said to be very useless.

Minecraft shield design

First, open the crafting menu and form a grid of 3×3. After that start adding items to form a grid. Place 1 iron ingot and 6 wooden planks in the 3×3 grid. You can use any type of wood to form wood planks. Wooden planks and iron ingot should be placed in the same direction and in the same sequence. Place one plank and one iron ingot and then keep repeating the procedure for all the other 3 rows. By following this procedure you will form a shield. One it is made to move the shield towards inventory and you will see that you have designed your own shield in Minecraft.

Shield Enchantments 2021:

Here is a list of shield enchantments for the latest version of Minecraft Java Edition (PC/Mac).

Enchantment Max Level Description ID Ver
Curse of Vanishing
I The cursed item will disappear after a player dies 71 1.1
I Uses XP to mend your tools, weapons, and armor 70 1.9
III Increases the durability of the item 34

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Shield Minecraft

The shield is made to kill opponents and protect your area. The shield is available on the java version.

Can you enchant a shield in survival?

Yes, one can easily enchant shields in survival. For this, you have to craft 6 pieces of colored wool. Two enchantments which are used for this process are unbreaking and mending. You can easily use this enchantment on weapons. All the shields are enchanting with thorns. You can also add powers for enchantment it. The only way you can use this is on the java version.

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How to put a banner on a shield? 

You can easily form a custom shield. All you need is a crafting table, a customized banner, and a shield. Place the banner on the left side and shield in the exact center. You can add various patterns in a proper sequence. You can also use half stripes for it.

Can you enchantment a shield in bedrock?

The shield can be easily formed through the process of crafting. You can enchant a shield in bedrok with help of wooden planks and an iron ingot. Shield plays a very important and vital part as it protects from all the damages and secures the weapons. It is very durable and long-lasting. If any shield is damaged you can easily repair it by joining one new shield and one damage shield. By joining them a new shield will be formed which will stay for a long time span.

Which enchantments can you put on your shield?

Although there are various shields and few shields that can be easily customized, EnchantmentsNameMax is one of the best enchantments which you can easily put on your shield.

Can shield now be easily enchanted?

All the aircraft weapons can’t be enhanced easily. They don’t even have any benefits. So enchanting wow shields isn’t possible at all.

Why can’t all shields be customized?

You can’t customize all shields as few are available on the java version and few are available on windows edition. Differences between both software create the main hurdle between customization. Make sure when you customize it should have proper 6 wooden planks and 1 iron ingot.

How can you put a shield on a pattern? 

Putting a shield on a pattern is very easy. All you need to do is form 1 banner and 1 shield in the grid. Make sure that the size of the grid should be 3×3. Once you start composing it make sure that the banner and shield are in proper sequence and pattern. There should be 1 banner in 1 single box and in the next line make sure to put 1 shield.

How to repair a shield in Minecraft? 

Repeating shields in Minecraft is very simple. But if you don’t want to repair it you can compose a new shield in less than 2 minutes as the process is very easy. All you need is iron and wooden planks to make one.

If you have an enchantment on your shield then you can form it in two different ways. In the first step, you can combine all your broken shields in a grid. Once put together you will easily form a new one. The second way to form shields is with anvil and wooden planks. As you increase the number of planks your shield will start getting repaired automatically.

What is the best enchantment for the shield? 

There are two best enchantments one is mending and the other is unbreaking. Mending is very beneficial as it helps you in repairing and on the other hand unbreaking enhances the durability of the shield.

How many hits can a shield easily take?

As you all know shield is very powerful and it can easily help you in winning the game. It helps you in securing your weapons. Although every single shield has the capacity of having the durability of 337 points not even having a single enchantment.

How to build and upgrade enchanting tables?

While enchanting you should know how to build your table as it is very essential. For building an enchantment table you need to have 4 blocks of obsidian and 2 diamonds and 1 book. Obsidian is said to be one of the finest blocks in Minecraft. Diamonds are the rarest item of Minecraft. You should have a book of 3 pages which will also help you in building it.

Once you gathered all this make sure to combine all the three in a grid. Make sure to place all the items leaving a 2 block gap so when later you need to upgrade it you don’t have to face any difficulty. If you want to upgrade it at any point all you need to do is form bookshelves at the corner of the edges. It will take all the load and will upgrade the enchantment instantly.


The shield is the best enchantment so far because of this you can easily block all the mobs and danger coming towards you. You can also avoid creepers and explosions because of this. Crafting a shield is also very easy. All you need to do is follow all the steps and recipes accordingly. Once the shield is formed you are good to go. You will not face any hurdles or troubles through the game. The shield will keep you secure and will save you from all the troubles and hurdles.


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