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Dungeon tactics mod is considered to be the most interesting and fun mod in Minecraft so far. It has come with amazing new features with newer more exciting melee weapons, improved range weapons, and brand new tiers of tools and armor. Dungeon Tactics Enchantments are an increase in your hero’s abilities that allow an enhancement in its weapons and armor etc. These extraordinary powers will open new doors of opportunities for your hero. These enchantment gear can be divided into 3 categories, melee, armor, and range. These enchantments come with a complete range of abilities that can add a diverse range of variety to the game. Interestingly there is no restriction regarding adding different enchantments at one time. 

A comprehensive Dungeon tactics enchantments description could be put as the tools and weapons that will enhance the combat and overall abilities of your hero. It allows you to set up clever traps around your base to protect it from intruders. This mod brings in a fresh feel to the game all the while keeping the original spirit of the game intact.

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Key Features

  • Dungeon Tactics Various melee weapons of all material types (plus some for materials added by other mods)
  • Dungeon Tactics Melee: weapons offer extra by right-clicking on them
  • Dungeon Tactics Studded Leather armor: a tough armor that is even more protective than leather
  • Dungeon Tactics Gilded and Jewelled armor: Iron/diamond level protection with the unique enchantment of gold and magic defense.
  • Dungeon Tactics Slingshot: different ammo variations are used, for example, seeds and small rocks
  • Dungeon Tactics Magic Tether: teleporting ability that can sneak you straight to your bed
  • Dungeon Tactics Phylactery:  will offer itself to save your soldier’s life, by WitherBoss
  • Dungeon Tactics Bag of Hoarding:  Ender Chest can be moved to a place of your choice
  • Dungeon Tactics Duct Tape: any item on Hotbar can be mended
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  • Dungeon Tactics Portable Tunneling Device: gunpowder is needed for this. Right-click blocks towards tunnel  place in dispenser with Sonic Boom enchantment
  • Dungeon Tactic Engineers Doorag & Dungarees: break all traps but not a very useful armor
  • Dungeon Tactic Anima Conduit: little by little health is improved by absorbing each soul
  • Run enchantment Minecraft: a run enchantment is a rod created by the enchanter, that no one else can use. It enables the enchanter to stand out
  • Dungeon tactics Grinder: Ogres can be grounded to dust, in the Minecraft dungeon tactics grinder, the dungeon tactics grinder block
  • Dungeon Tactics Plate Armor: soldier can literally be a shield of armor, whom no one can defeat, it comes with decreased mobility though
  • Minecraft Gills Enchantment: allows breathing inside water
  • Gnome Sticks Dungeon Tactics: special features have not been evident yet
  • Trap Plates: affects in different ways, primarily traps used in various circumstances
  • Dungeon Tactics Loot Bags – carries a variety of loot  
  • Dungeon Tactics Guardian Alter: cannot be crafted, spreads on top of towers mainly used to generate the Tower Guardian
  • Dungeon Tactics Potion Fish: the purpose is to create an early game alternative to potions
  • Dungeon Tactics Food Rations:  rotten flesh is used to craft these, making it a more feasible food source. Iron Ration give your health a better boost
  • Dungeon Tactics Cherry Bombs and Incindiberries: can be taken from bushes, edible, or can be used as Slingshot ammo, have fun 😉
  • Dungeon Tactics Ore Clusters: facilitates fortune on Iron and Gold, but can be disabled in the configuration
  • Dungeon Tactics Gilded material: iron can be smothered with the merchantability of gold.
  • Dungeon Tactics Jewelled material: Diamonds can attain the merchantability of gold.
  • Dungeon Tactics Smelting enchantment: mine these enchantments and smelt to fit your purpose
    Berserking enchantment: great for when wearing light armor, up to 5 bonus damages can be covered
  • Dungeon Tactics Runed enchantment: magically a portion of physical damage is converted to magical damage
  • Dungeon Tactics Life Steal enchantment:  just as the name offers, you can toot rainbows…
  • Dungeon Tactics Minecraft Dungeon Tactics Mithril: a rare ore that needs to be smelt in order to be used as a combat gear
  • Dungeon Tactics Busy Bee: after a mob is defeated, a bee has a chance to spawn

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Tips and Tricks:

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Improve Your Gear by Repeating Levels

Minecraft Dungeons is a combination of pre-designed and randomly created rewards. although the overall display and layout would look similar would feel familiar, various enemies, their loot drops, and chest locations will be different almost every time you come back.

We suggest you play the levels over and over again, each time enhancing your gear to make the most of it.

Each level has multiple difficulty levels. The harder the level is, the tougher the enemies will be. The strength of your gear is directly proportional to the difficulty level, the higher the difficulty, the stronger the enchantments.

Exactly Follow the Recommendations Regarding Power Levels

As higher difficulties get you higher level gear and it makes sense to set your level to the most difficult one.

Don’t be tempted by this, though. Unless you’ve attained the recommended power, or better yet, are above that level, those fights will be tougher than they should be which can be frustrating. Put the power on the highest setting only if you’re able to maintain it. You can still earn tougher gear and increase your emeralds. 

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Spend Those Emeralds

Along with the regular loof of weapons and armor, emeralds are also earned in each level. Don’t just stash those away and make good use of them by spending these at the two vendors you see at your camp:

  • Blacksmiths: are the ones that appear after you have completed the Creeper Woods level for the first time.
  • Wandering Trader: he is the one who you see after the completion of the Pumpkin Patch for the first time.

You can get a random item from each of them,  Blacksmith offers you gear,  the Trader offers you artifacts in exchange for emeralds. 

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