How to Make a Logo for a New Company

A logo is the face of any business and it is not worth saving on it. It is the label that helps to create a brand, expand influence and improve the quality of customer communication.

The logo allows the company to:

  • Stand out from other brands
  • Legally protect your products
  • To gain the trust of customers
  • Make your product unusual, unique
  • Increase sales and product promotion.

Indeed, this is a very important element of modern visual communication and allows you to differ from competitors. The logo can be a figure, letters or a drawing depicting the activities of your company. The logo should be beautiful, simple, easy to remember, and create a professional image.

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The main goals of the logo:

– attract potential customers

– the ability to identify a company, its services, its products and various outlets

– unite customers around a single symbol

– create a favorable image of the company, image and reputation

– strengthening the influence of economic ideas, opinions and speeches of society. 

Tips for creating a logo for a new company

All companies strive to achieve rapid recognition with the help of their logos. For example, Starbucks, which in 2011 removed the company name from its logo. Removing the name means that the logo does not need it, everyone recognizes it. A lot of designers have done exactly the same, because their logos have already gained an identity all over the world. Below are some tips for creating a unique logo.

  1. Do not stop at the first version of the logo. One of the most common problems is that designers get too hung up on the first idea. Brainstorming during the development of ideas is the main thing in logo design.
  2. Competitor and market analysis. Evaluation of competitors will allow you to determine the color palette that is not yet occupied and can become yours. When creating a logo, consider not only the advantages of your company, but also the disadvantages of competitors. After all, hundreds of companies around the world have already faced the task of developing a logo. Why not adopt their experience, reducing the risk of errors and inaccuracies.
  3. Ask the right questions. Strategy is becoming an increasingly important part of working on a brand. Of course, the specific approach depends on the scale of the project, but everything always starts with the right questions. At the very beginning, it is recommended to ask the following 6 questions about the brand you are working on: Why are we doing this? What are we doing and how? What makes us different? Who are we here for? What are our core values? What is our personality?
  4. The simpler, the better. Most often, the simplest logos are the best. Get rid of the beautiful husk and let your logo accurately reflect the essence of your business. And accept the fact that the simpler the design, the easier it is to remember.
  5. The color will make you more noticeable. After studying your competitors, you will be able to understand which colors and fonts are most often used in your niche. Color is one of the easiest ways to stand out and make a brand more noticeable: by choosing a suitable color scheme that your competitors have not yet taken, you will be able to attract attention to yourself without much effort.
  6. Create a logo in vector format. This format is distinguished by high quality, brightness and clarity of colors, regardless of what scaling the image has undergone. By creating a logo in a vector, you make it more flexible to work, edit and transform.


By following these simple tips, you will be one step closer to determining the final option. And remember, a small graphic element can not only present a company in a favorable perspective, but also bring it to the leaders among competitive companies. Thus, the logo is the success of the organization and its prestige. Therefore, every reputable company is obliged to order a logo for itself!

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