Best Crossbow Enchantments List 2022 [Minecraft Wiki]

Do you want to know about crossbow enchantments? You are on the right webpage. Here you will know what crossbow enchantments are and what they do.

Crossbows are similar to bows but they are more powerful. Crossbow is a nice weapon and the enchantments for this weapon make it more interesting. The unique enchantments increase the performance of this weapon. As the enchantments enhance the performance, you become more powerful with this weapon in your hands.

How to Enchant a Crossbow:

By using the /enchant command, you can enchant a crossbow that you are holding.

The /enchant command, for example, can be used to enchant the crossbow held by the player called Windows-club with Mending.

/enchant DigMinecraft mending 1

When the bows were introduced in Minecraft, enchantments were added as well for the weapons. Following are some of the good crossbow enchantments, have a look at these:

Quick charge

As compared to the bow, the combustion rate of a crossbow is very slow. This is because it should be fully loaded to fire again. Here comes the use of Quick charge. It is created to cover the downside of the slow reloading time of this weapon. Quick charge is on the top because a crossbow would be of no use without it. As a crossbow is less durable and the loading time is slow as well.

A crossbow with a Quick charge is a perfect combination and players choose this weapon because the enchantment of Quick charge exists. This enchantment allows players to reload a crossbow quickly, the same as the fire rate of the bows. The Quick charge helps players up to three levels by making a combination with other enchantments like Unbreaking and Mending as well.

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Crossbow Enchantments 2022:

Here is a list of crossbow enchantments for the latest version of Minecraft Java Edition (PC/Mac).

Enchantment Max Level ID Ver
Curse of Vanishing
I 71 1.11
I 70 1.9
I 1.14
IV 1.14
Quick Charge
III 1.14
III 34

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There is no doubt that a crossbow is a weapon used to kill. A crossbow is less durable and very slow as compared with a bow. With Mending enchantment, you can make the crossbow quick and reliable when the demand for usage is high. To kill an experienced target, you need your weapon to be quick and reliable. With Mending, the crossbow gets faster, reliable, and durable as well.

One of the biggest advantages of Mending is that you get to auto-repair your crossbow during EXP orbs. Mending is considered to be a perfect durable crossbow enchantment. “I” is the highest level in Mending. If there is any EXP orb not getting mended then, it will be added to the player’s EXP bar. Players will get more levels of enchantment in this way. Mending can be added with Unbreaking to get powerful performance from crossbow Minecraft.


A crossbow is less durable because it is slow. The Unbreaking enchantment is used to increase the durability of a crossbow. It is the best crossbow enchantment bedrock also compatible with java editions. The highest level of Unbreaking enchantment is three. It can be included through various methods. Many things make this enchantment unique. One of the unique attributes is that Unbreaking does not wear out quickly. Which makes it a nice choice for extended use.

There is a scenario in which the multiplayer battles against other players where players prefer unbreaking enchantment over Mending. Killing a player in such a scenario takes more time to kill. In the multiplayer fights and damage matters, you can combine this enchantment with a Quick charge, and your high damage enchanted crossbow will get more durable during fights where you can not choose to repair. You can also combine it with mending, which makes it more convenient to use.


Isn’t it good to shoot 3 arrows at a time and count 1? Multi-shot allows you to shoot 3 arrows at the same time with your crossbow and counts only 1. This is one of the best among all crossbow enchantments. Multi-shot allows players to shoot 3 arrows and kill faster. With this enchantment, you can clear out many hostile targets in a short time. It also provides you a better hit chance when the target is retreating. No one can dodge 3 arrows if they are not coming from a large distance. What do you say?

Among all the Technoblade’s crossbow enchantments, this is a must-have as it does not allow your target to run. Bow enchantments are incompatible crossbow enchantments. As compared to the bow, a crossbow can cause more damage to the targets as it is hitting them with three arrows at the same time.


This is one of the best Technoblade crossbow enchantments. With piercing, your arrow penetrates through multiple enemies and gets you a shot arrow back. Unlike multi-shot, with piercing, you only get one arrow back. One of the great additions is that with piercing enchantment the arrow hit with a crossbow will puncture the shields even in a block stance. This enchantment is very useful for a crossbow in different circumstances but only one crossbow recipe can be made at a time.

The most effective use of piercing can be when a bunch of hostiles or zombies are coming to attack you. An enemy player blocking with a shield can be a threat but piercing makes blocking worthless. A crossbow with piercing enchantment would be of great use as it will kill a shielded player. Players do not use this enchantment and they prefer using Multi-shot.

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Curse of vanishing:

The curse of vanishing is also in the list of enchantments but it comes in the last place. Its usability depends on the players. During the game, if you are shot dead then, this enchantment will delete the presence of your crossbow. It can either be a pro or a disadvantage depending upon the situation. When you die, this enchantment deletes your crossbow so that your enemy could not steal it. As your crossbow is heavily enchanted, so you would not want your enemy to acquire it and use it against you.

You can include this enchantment through anvils, enchantment tables, and in-game commands. Players usually say that when they use this enchantment their crossbow gets cursed. This is the reason that when you die, your weapon vanishes. The curse of vanishing is efficient enough to delete the existence of your heavy crossbow upon your death.


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