Can You Play 3DS Games on DS? [Games That You Can Play]

Nintendo has produced two handheld consoles that have been phenomenal hits – the DS and the 3DS. The DS is a must-have item for any gamer who wants to experience the best games available for mobile. The 3DS is even better.

This is one nagging question that we continue to see come up in forums and blogs as well as at the time of writing this. Many people are wondering whether the 3DS can play DS games.

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Well, this article should address that and proffer solutions on how to get a vast selection of classic games on your gaming devices.

Can You Play 3DS Games on DS?

No, you cannot play 3DS games on DS. This is because a small tab on the right side of the 3DS cartridges prevents them from fitting into the DS console. Simply put, even though the 3DS was an upgrade to the DS, the manufacturer designed the DS console so that it won’t be able to read the 3DS games.

In some cases, people have taken a paper clip and filed off the small tabs to make Nintendo’s DS Lite cartridge fit into the original DS cartridge slot.

That solution will only damage your precious cartridges.

The only bad thing about playing DS games on a Nintendo 3DS console is that you can’t connect it to the internet. However, you don’t have to worry about this problem because 3DS consoles are great portable gaming consoles and you can play DS games on them no matter where you are.

Basically, it’s a one-way street that favors 3DS gamers.

What Kind of DS Games Can You Play On 3DS?

Typically, only the 3D software can be displayed in 3D on its console.

The DSI and the DS will be played two-dimensionally on a Nintendo 3DS system.

If you want to play the new game system, this isn’t the game you want. Only the few that require a Game Boy Advance slot will be compatible.

In addition, there’s also the issue of PAL regions (UK, Australia, Europe (excluding France), New Zealand, and some countries of South America).

If you’re buying a DS game on a site other than the official 3DS eShop, it might not work.

How Can You Play 3DS Games on The Nintendo DS Lite?

The 3DS is a great handheld video game system. It is even capable of playing DS games.

The DS series is the problem. The answer is a ‘no.

You can’t play your 3ds games on the DS lite either. It’s because the cartridges have a notch on the right side, and as we discussed in the first part of this article, this feature will cause it not to fit into the DS lite.

How to Play Flash Games After Adobe Flash Died

Adobe Flash is still used today to publish games, animations, videos and other multimedia content online. It’s now known that Flash can be exploited by hackers to expose user data or steal money.

Adobe insists that all users uninstall Flash Player immediately. It is no longer in active development, it is outdated and not secure.

They’ve pulled the plug on everything.
But thanks to flash game enthusiasts, you can still get to access some of your favorite games despite this development.

You only need to download a few things to make it work.

Here are some of the most powerful ones.


Run the Flash Games via the launcher and the refined software.

When you enable this feature, the file becomes a link that is generated on the fly and only appears when it is

How to Use Flashpoint:

Go to their official website. Choose the Flashpoint version you want to download and download it. Then install it. And launch it.

You’ll need to wait for flashpoint infinity to load if you select that game.

Close the game, and it will run faster. Then you can play offline.


This is a great emulator for flash games, but it’s still very much in its early stages of development.

The best program for adding a little ruffle to your web browsing is a plugin, and a good one would be the Ruffle browser extension.

How to Use Ruffle

You can visit their official website. Download the standalone version, then open the app on your PC.

It will require you to download an.swf file.

You can download the games from other sites. Once downloaded, you can play the games offline.Q:

It’s totally free!

How to Play Nintendo 3DS on TV

You’ll want a couple of Nintendo 3DS-compatible games so you can enjoy your Nintendo 3DS games on TV.

Your television. It could be a monitor or regular TV that has an HDMI port.

An iPhone 5.

Steps to Follow

Plug the end of your 3DS capture cable into your laptop, monitor, or TV.

Wait a few minutes. The Nintendo 3DS XL on TV prompt would appear.

The program would load and you’d see a loading prompt on your TV.

Some time after you download the game from Google Play Store, the main menu screen will be

How to Play DS On PC

In order to play the Nintendo DS on a PC, you need to download the Nintendo DS emulator (DeSmuME).

After downloading the game, open it. Then go ahead to play.

You’ll see the selections available by checking the categories available.

Games will be in a zip format. Extract them into a different folder, then click back on the simulator
Click on File >> Open ROM

After extracting the zip file, tap on the folder to find the product. Tap on it to open the product information and view your product details.Q:

After a short wait time, you’ll see a screen like this one: to set your preferred controls, click here.

How Long Do Carts Last Before They Go Bad?

The estimated life of cartridges is 50 years, which happens when the cartridges are kept in proper storage conditions.

Some times, the cartridges fail because the batteries are not used and need charging.

Fortunately, if these batteries can be replaced, the cartridge will play just fine.

How to Install Nintendo DS on 3DS

You will need the following:
– A Nintendo 3DS Family system
– A Nintendo 3DS System with Custom Firmware

At least one retail Nintendo DS Cartridge, SD/MicroSD card, and a USB extension cable


Insert the game cartridge into the system.
Turn on the system while holding Start to boot up GodMode9, then choose HOME and select Scripts.
Select GM9Megascript and then Miscellaneous.

If you want a custom cartridge for your e-cig that has been made by vaping professionals, this is the cartridge to buy.

Insert your microSD Card into your computer and move the game’s files from 0:/gm9/out to Twilight Menu’s/nds/ folder, which is in the /roms/ folder.
Next, remove the microSD Card from your PC and insert it into your 3DS and load Twilight Menu++.

How to Make DS Emulators Run Faster

If your chosen emulator causes your computer or gaming device to lag, it may cause other problems. Check the instruction manual to see if your computer or gaming device has additional problems that you need to take care of.

Some are faster than others, but they’re all more or less equally effective on PCs and Android devices.

How to Make an Xbox 360 Game Console Run Faster.

The DeSmuME is a fantastic emulator for retro games and it works better than most other emulators. You don’t have to use the BIOS image because DeSmuME doesn’t need it to run.

It slows the emulator down. However, enable the “patchdelayloop SWI” if you have to use a BIOS image. Click A in settings and swap between OpenGL renderer and software rasterizer.
Click A on Config and go to Emulation settings, then uncheck the ‘Enable Bus Level Timing.’ Getting rid of sound altogether may help.

Unofficial builds are not compatible with the official firmware. They will run slowly, and there’s a risk that they won’t work at all.

Download No$GBA (pronounced No cash game boy advance) and install it.

It offers extra settings and automatically improves performance.

You can download it from this website.
Go to the options menu, select the ‘3D settings’ option, pick ‘digital mono’ from the sound output option and then choose ‘Low (10khz)‘ from the sound options. You also need to select ‘no cash’ from the video settings.

You’re the OpenEmu emulator. I just love how it looks, it runs very well.
You’re free to use it in your projects or sell it as it is.

Look for ‘edit game control’ on the control page.
Navigate to the ‘Special keys’ section.

You can click the fast forward option
Choose any keyboard you wish
Other emulators that allow you to change the speed settings include RetroArch, DraStic, and melonDs, amongst others.

A lot of them have loopholes and tricks to aid faster performance.

How to Remove Region Lock-On 3DS

Download Launcher.dat from the repository

If you’re using a Windows or Linux PC, open up a web browser and navigate to this address.
When the download is complete, open your file manager, locate your 3DS’ SD card, and locate Launcher.dat.
Move Launcher.dat to the root folder of the SD card
Use the Download Play application to launch the game and follow the onscreen instructions.

The screen should turn black, and your game should boot up after a few seconds.

The Best 3DS Games You Could Play

With 3DS games now available for download on Nintendo DS, you can play 3DS games on your DS. We recommend a few games you should try out first.

Here’s a list of some great games worth checking out:
Legend of Zelda: Link between Worlds
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Fire Emblem: Awakening
Super Mario 3D Land
Monster Hunter 4: Ultimate
Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon
Pokemon Let’s Go
Animal Crossing:


Although, you might be disappointed that the answer to “Can you play 3DS games on DS?” is “No.

You’ll have to wait until you can upgrade your phone before you play some of the latest games, but you can still play a few good games from the DS.Q:

Here’s another option you can try. You can also use emulators to get access to 3DS games. Finally, make sure you take good care of your console if you want it to last.

The 3DS, its cartridges, or the DS. You’ll want to clean them with care and treat them with respect.

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