11 Best Games Like World of Warcraft for Android and iOS [MMORPG]

Warcraft, released in 2004, has been one of the most popular online gaming experiences in recent years.

In fact, it has a Guinness World Record for the MMORPG with the highest popularity amongst gamers.

There’s no doubt that World of Warcraft is the best massively multiplayer online role-playing video game.

World of Warcraft is not the only game like it out there. Some other games can offer similar content in a package that is just as entertaining.

These video games are set to deliver a terrific gaming experience.

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Best Games like World of Warcraft for Android and iOS

Aion: New Dawn
DotA 2
Civ 5
Dragon’s Dogma Online
World of Warcraft –

1. Genshin Impact – Best Games like World of Warcraft for Android

If you love to travel then Genshin Impact is the best alternative for you.

The game is set in a world called Teyvat, and it has 7 different nations in it.

When The Traveler is on a world it will appear as a young woman who has long black hair, a green hooded cloak, black shoes, black gloves,

With this strategy, you can easily switch between characters during combat to make use of a variety of attacks and skills.

This game has a multi-player mode where you can tag along three other players, but there are only 4 levels of play available.

There are 5 characters in total with 3 playable character classes. You can unlock extra characters by completing quests.

And, if you need extra weapons, you can purchase them from the in-game in-app stores.

2. The Dungeon Hunter 5 – Best Games with Dungeons like WoW

This 2015 game was developed and published by Gameloft.Q:

You would have to choose from five different characters when you play the game.

A: Each character has their own weapon at the beginning of the game.
B: B: B: B: B:

You can hire your friends to play as your allies.

You can compete with players from around the world on Amazon.com.

Despite the game’s outstanding graphics, its developers paid close attention to all the details.

If you’ve already played its predecessor, you’ll enjoy playing this game.

It’s quite similar to the DH4 game, with the settings, use of potions and skill attacks, etc.

The difference is that the dungeon is not an open world but rather a dungeon.

3. SoulCraft – Best iOS Games like World of Warcraft

There are many games like World of Warcraft for Android and iOS users, but SoulCraft seems to be my favorite.

I’m a huge fan of 3D video games, and Soulcraft is an awesome 3D action RPG!

Seven angels protect the earth from mobs from hell.

As a player, you’ll be an angel. And all you have to do is fight the evil gang.

As for weapons, the sword is the base, and you can later acquire axes, hammers, and other types of weapons.

If you’re in the market for an action-packed shooter that has its fair share of humor and customization, then you won’t

Best games for iPhone and iPad

4. Grimvalor – Best Android Games Similar To World of Warcraft

It’s for the adventure freaks. Developed and published by Direlight, Grimvalor is an action-adventure

You play as a warrior in the game Kingdom of Amalur: Re-Elected who investigates the kingdom of Vallaris.

This game takes place in a dark world of mystery and adventure, but it also gives the player the opportunity to explore a vast world of discovery

Combat in Soul Sacrifice is quite simple. You can simply hold the attack button to inflict pain on the enemy.

You need to build up your Focus to get a strong charge attack. To do this, you must focus.

But you must collect Souls and defeat your enemies to build Strength.

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5. LifeAfter – Best Wow-Like MMORPG PvP Games for Android

If you love the movie, ‘The Walking Dead’ or ‘I Am Legend’, then you should totally check out the game. The story goes thus: A virus has obliterated your planet, as a result, the zombies are roaming around the planet along with human survivors, and hideous mutant monsters.

It’s no surprise that this game is an absolute joy to play.

You’ll need to learn the basics of how to play this game before playing it. After logging in, there is a brief tutorial that will show you how to navigate and move about in the game.

LifeAfter is a game unlike any other and it truly deserves a spot on this list of games like World of Warcraft for Android and iOS. You get to hint for food, shelter, and craft weapons and armor to survive.

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6. Eternium – Best Free Games like World of Warcraft for Android Offline

Eternium, which was formerly known as Mage and Minions was created by DreamPrimer, formerly called SnowGlobe games.

The thing I like most about this game is that you can use gestures to smite your enemies, watch them burn to crisp, or shred them to pieces.

You can even attack your enemies by swiping on them.

Eternium is free for PC users, too. Just download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play store.

If you beat your enemies, you will also get some in-game currency.

If you really want to do something different, then you should give these games a shot.

These are the best games like World of Warcraft for Android and iOS. By the time you’re finished with this list, you’ll have your hands on a bunch of amazing games you can enjoy.

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7. AdventureQuest 3D MMORPG

AdventureQuest is an MMPORG mobile game for Android and iOS with a realistic level system and the ability to choose any character.

This is a fun way to customize your character! It has up to 34 different options for characters’ hairstyles, colors, and skin tones.

It is important to secure your keys correctly to avoid any problems during the game.

It is an animation that uses the character’s walking gait as a means of communicating the character’s emotions.

AdventureQuest comes with new consumable items to fix the particular issues typical of PvP matches.

When it comes to game play, The Legend of Zelda is no doubt one of the best games of all time.

Sometimes, you can resolve issues simply by going to the currently tracked quest in the Quest Log.

If you’re a big fan of World of Warcraft then this game is for you.

8. Exiled Kingdom RPG

Exiled Kingdoms is a single-player Action-RPG that’s available on Android and iOS. It’s an easy-to-pick-up game that features addictive gameplay.

You will travel freely through the world in an open world that allows you to roam.

It is a 3D isometric role playing game like World of Warcraft and Clash of Clans.

It has a wide range of weapons and skills to choose from from the start, allowing you to make your own unique playstyle.

The game is more interesting because you have to explore to find every single quest that the developers created for you.

A lot of the paths need to be improved. You could get stuck around the edges, and it could be hard to get around some cities.

Adding a little margin time and keeping shields on while zoning would be an excellent addition to the game.

This is an incredibly fun game. One of the best mobile games for Android and iOS, like World of Warcraft.

9. Nexon Axe

The Alliance vs Empire: MMO (massively multiplayer online) game is a game built by Nexon Red in 2019 for Android and iOS devices. It is an MMORPG game.

You’ll choose from three playable classes for each faction:

A Valkyrie, a warrior, and a wizard from the Alliance faction, and the Empire faction, you get an Archer, a Titan, and a Mage.

Game of War: Fire Age is a free-to-play real-time strategy game with an addictive PvP element.

World of Warcraft for mobile (iPhone or Android) is one of the best m-games available. AxE: Alliance vs Empire is the game for you.

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10. Blade&Soul Revolution

Blade&Soul Revolution is a 2019 MMORPG game developed by Netmarble for Android.

It’s fun and exciting! It has a lot of new features, and most importantly, it helps you walk the length of the game’s large open world.

You can also auto-play battles in the game with just a single tap of the button or manually play them.

Blade&Soul is a nice game. It’s got very defined graphics and a genuine sense of story. All the in-app purchases were definitely worth it.

The characters could benefit from being able to be edited, although you couldn’t go back and make any changes after you’ve made them.Prenatal cocaine use and fetal outcome.

World of Warcraft: Blade and Soul Revolution is one of the best mobile games like World of Warcraft for Android and iOS.

11. Era of Legends – Shadow of War

This is a fun and easy to play game that looks like it came from a fantasy setting. If you love swords and magic, then this is the game for you.

Era of Legends is a free to play, massively multiplayer online role-playing game that takes place in an open world.

It’s a game filled with beasts of all kinds, hundreds of combinations, and thousands of secrets you can discover by exploring its vast open world.

The griffin is also fun to play on because of its detailed graphics.

Legends offers 8 unique classes with different specializations.

Combining your class with the abilities of your allies gives you versatile combinations perfect for every situation.

Explore the game, and consumables are available to you, such as magic beasts, mounts, and more, if you’re an avid collector.

If there were customization of outfits, the game would be so much better!

It should also include more players and non-playable characters from a distance.

It would be great if there were more money to be earned. This could give players an extra incentive to do good or to make sure their team wins.

Nevertheless, it is one of the best mobile games like World of Warcraft for Android and iOS.

Final Fantasy Tactics is the best game like Final Fantasy Tactics. You can play it online and get up to level 20 or 100.

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