YouTube SEO 2022: How to Get Your Videos to Rank

With the recent announcement from Google that they will no longer support channel-level URLs, SEO efforts for YouTube channels have just become significantly more difficult. Since we’re on the topic of YouTube, let’s talk about something else that has become far more challenging to do over the last few years— ranking videos in YouTube search results. If you’re looking to get your video content to rank in 2022, here are some steps you can take now to prepare yourself!


  1.     Paid Promotion

YouTube will let you get a little free promotion for your channel, but if you want to rise above the noise and into relevancy, paid social media ads will be necessary. Plan your marketing budget according to how much it costs for someone to watch your video all the way through. Using YouTube’s TrueView ads (where people can choose whether or not they want to watch an ad), there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to reach thousands of eyeballs with a video that engages—which in turn can encourage them enough that they choose your business as their next purchase destination. It will require some budget, but it may just be worth it in terms of sales. The choice is yours!


  1.     Keyword Research (Advanced Tips)

Start your research by searching YouTube and other social media platforms for terms related to your topic. It may be helpful to compile a list of 10-20 potential keywords before you begin creating content. Use Google AdWords’ Keyword Planner or any number of keyword tools online. Doing so will help you figure out which search terms will most likely get you clicks and drive traffic your way. Once you’ve selected your keywords, focus on optimizing your videos based on them, so they rank in YouTube searches accordingly.


Optimisation Tip #1 – Preview Titles (Tips)

One of our favourite ways to optimise video titles is through a preview title. Like how it sounds, it’s a title you place above your video on YouTube. In many cases, using a preview title has helped us rank more quickly and in better positions than just relying on an accurate description (which is also very important). We think preview titles work so well because they allow you to add more keywords or calls-to-action that might not have fit within your actual video description. It’s about finding smart ways to include those long-tail search terms people use when searching for specific topics or content in search engines like Google.


Optimisation Tip #2 – Create Closed Captions in 3 Languages (Tips)

Creating closed captions for your videos in 3 languages will help attract more users from different countries and regions. Research has shown that 45% of YouTube traffic comes from outside of English-speaking countries, especially in Latin America and Asia. If your video is designed to be useful and relevant for those users (and it will be because you’re optimising your title and description), then they’ll naturally want to share it with others—which can lead them back to your site/blog/Facebook page or anywhere else on social media. As long as you’re posting good content (which is a must), it shouldn’t take long before they follow you.


Optimisation Tip #3 – Use Proper Descriptions (Tips)

Accurate descriptions are crucial for social media success. Many of your views on YouTube come from people searching for videos on Google and clicking on them via video search results. Search engines like Google use your video’s description as part of their ranking algorithm, so it’s important that you include relevant keywords in your descriptions to get ranked higher in search results.

For example, if you’re a local business looking to advertise some services, describe what services you offer using relevant keywords (e.g., SEO Agency Perth). This will cause Google and other search engines to rank your video more highly when someone searches for those terms, bringing more traffic and leads back to your website (and converting those visitors into customers). Use Grammarly or another tool that identifies missing words and provides suggestions.


Optimisation Tip #4 – Add Transcripts to All Videos (Tips)

Adding a transcript for each video you make is one of our favourite under-the-radar YouTube SEO tips. Many people overlook transcripts because they aren’t technically part of your video, but when it comes to ranking in YouTube search and being found by Google Search, Google gives your videos a lot more credit if you’ve added transcripts. Also, even if you don’t have time to go back and add them all now, it’s smart to be adding them as you’re creating new content so that eventually, every video has a transcript, and you do not have to go back later on. It might seem small, but trust us when we say it makes a huge difference.


Optimisation Tip #5 – Create Organic Thumbnails For All Videos (Tips)

To capture people’s attention, a great organic thumbnail is key. Make sure each video has its image (and not a stock image!) so that viewers can instantly see what your video is about. This will help get you more views on YouTube. Just make sure your thumbnails are still relevant with regards to content and quality; don’t just slap on any random graphic in an attempt to attract traffic or views.


Optimisation Tip #6 – Get a Vanity URL For Your Channel (Tips)

YouTube’s not likely to make vanity URLs a part of its standard offering, so you need to get creative here. One way is by linking your Google+ account with your YouTube channel. This makes it easier for viewers of your content (and Google) to find your profile and channel URL. It also helps establish yourself as an authority on your subject matter, which will be useful when it comes time for video ranking. Just make sure that you have enough content up there before doing so; otherwise, people will associate you with a dead page, which could hurt more than help at first glance.


Start Building Your Library of B-Roll Assets Now!

The days of one-take YouTube videos are long gone. While you can still shoot a compelling video in one take, they often require substantial editing to ensure they meet high standards. The best way to produce professional-quality content is to get comfortable with filming multiple takes and create a library of assets (i.e., raw footage) that can be edited together as needed. The more advanced your skills become, and the more focused your strategy becomes, it will become easier and easier for you to find ways of effectively using these b-roll assets for your original programming on YouTube (and also other platforms like Facebook).


To Conclude

Whether a start-up or an established business, YouTube is an important platform that should be your go-to to make better videos. The more views your videos get, the more exposure your business will return. Don’t waste time and let someone else get those wonderful opportunities; start leveraging YouTube today.


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