Your Guide to Office Ally Practice Mate vs Cerner EMR

You might have heard about numerous free and priced EHR solutions. And like many others, you must also be hanging on the edge as deciding between a free and a fixed-price solution is no fun. So, to help you out, we figured that an Office Ally Practice Mate vs Cerner EMR comparison guide is a must. For those new to the EHR market, Practice Mate is a cost-free practice management solution whereas Cerner EHR is an all-inclusive healthcare platform.

Before diving into this Office Ally Practice Mate vs Cerner EMR guide, know that Practice Mate is a solution primarily designed for independent practices, solo practitioners, and small multi-provider care facilities. On the contrary, Cerner EMR is created for the sake of hospitals and extensive multi-provider facilities. Simply put, If practicemate aces the practice management aspect for small to mid-sized practices, Cerner aces the EHR aspect for enterprise-grade health centers.

Highlighting this part prior to beginning the Office Ally Practice Mate vs Cerner EMR was essential to assist you better. Now while going through this PracticeMate and Cerner EMR, you will be able to make an informed decision with respect to your practice size. It’s not that Office Ally Practice Mate doesn’t have the guts to handle large-scale practices. It can do so, but not in its free version. But as our prime focus is to outline its free version, we will leave it for now.

So, shall we begin the comparison? 

Office Ally Practice Mate:

Practice Mate EMR Demo:

The cost-effective Practice Mate EHR doubles its worth by providing a free demo opportunity. It is to let clinicians in on the exceptional services and clinical functionalities of Office Ally Practice Mate. The learning curve of Practice Mate EHR can be evaluated by watching its demo. Besides the demo, the Practice Mate EMR conducts webinars so medical professionals can get to know about its integrated capabilities effortlessly. By doing so, they can decide if it’s a suitable pick for them or not. You should also set up a demo to analyze Practice Mate EMR prior to investing in it. 

Practice Mate EMR Pricing:

Well, don’t fall for the rumors regarding Practice Mate EHR pricing. There are rumors that PracticeMate is absolutely free-of-cost. Actually, there are four modules of Practice Mate EMR available for no pricing. These are clearinghouse, patient intake, practice mate, and intake pro. Besides that, separate pricing is charged by Practice Mate EHR for its services like Updox, reminder mate, and more. The pricing range of the EHR module of Practice Mate EMR is $29.95 per user per month. Adding to it, users claim that the pricing structure of Practice Mate is pretty reasonable. Practice Mate is a low-budget pricing solution, making it the first pick of care providers. 

Practice Mate EMR Reviews:

Now let’s explore the reviews of Practice Mate EHR in this Office Ally Practice Mate vs Cerner EMR comparison. In general, Practice Mate EMR is backed by satisfactory reviews. The user feedback of this vendor is mostly about its integrated clearinghouse that enhances revenue collection. In addition, practice Mate reviews illustrate that it effortlessly digitizes patient intake with the Intake Pro solution. The credit card processing of PracticeMate is also a plus. The reviews also mentioned that Practice Mate EMR sorts the data in a synchronized way to easily process claims, analyze lab reports and manage administrative tasks. 

Cerner EMR:

Cerner EMR Demo:

The demo of Cerner EMR shows the clients that it genuinely cares by understanding the challenges of the healthcare market. By utilizing the demo, providers can learn if Cerner EHR is their best bet. The vendor offers recorded tutorials in which its salient offerings are brought to light. Besides that, in its demo, Cerner EHR highlights its aim and future goals proving to be a future-centric solution. No matter what others say, don’t go for Cerner EHR without scheduling its demo. This is the easiest way to evaluate the Cerner EHR in real-time clinical settings. The only setback of Practice Mate is its reporting service is a bit problematic. 

Cerner EMR Pricing:

The pricing range of Cerner EMR is defined by its one-in-a-kind services. We don’t want to misguide you and thus, we are making it clear that Cerner comes with a heavy pricing structure. That is why it is termed as a solution for large-scale health organizations. Even though the pricing range of Cerner EHR is not disclosed publicly, the users have shared their thoughts about its hefty cost bundles. As far as scalable practices are considered, the pricing of Cerner EHR is considered understandable. It is because it is equipped with real-world data solutions, offers endless interoperability, and provides role-based feature packages. 

Cerner EMR Reviews:

The last thing to compare in this Office Ally Practice Mate vs Cerner EMR guide is the reviews of Cerner EMR. We know for a fact that Cerner EHR scores highly positive reviews because of its intuitive nature. Users say that the software tackles clinical complexities with a strategic approach. Also, as per the reviews, Cerner EHR empowers patients with engaging patient-centered facilities and allows providers to share evidence-based results with them. Furthermore, Cerner EMR reviews are of the view that it minimizes the clinical frustration of physicians by sorting out all cumbersome processes. According to the reviews, the only downside of Cerner EHR is that it is not an affordable option for small practices. 

Final Thoughts:

Concluding this Office Ally Practice Mate vs Cerner EMR guide is not a hassle. From the reviews, it is evident that Office Ally Practice Mate is a robust healthcare solution. Even though it’s a free solution, it handles all clinical operations perfectly. Its priced add-on services are a pro as they boost clinical efficiency. Then there is Cerner EHR; this platform is the heart of medical professionals looking to scale their businesses. It is a highly versatile and intuitive solution with a commitment to success. Its strategic vision and user-centric solution add value to clinical functioning.

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