Will Clearing Cache Delete Pictures? What Actually Happens

Managing storage space can be a bother, especially when your phone keeps lagging when using it.

There are many reasons why your smartphone or tablet might be performing poorly, and one of the most common is a buildup of files on the device.

While this is an easy suggestion, people often wonder what clearing cache does. What happens when you choose that function? And what about deleting pictures, videos, or other essential files?

If your browser (IE, Chrome, Safari) does not have a “delete all website data” button on the top right corner, then it may have a “Clear cache” option.

Yes, clearing cache will clear any images stored on your computer that are displayed using the thumbs that are saved in your picture gallery.

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What Does Clear Cached Data Mean on Android

Clear cached data on an Android phone is a prompt or a suggestion that tells the user to clear their cached data from apps on the phone.

Cached data are temporarily stored information downloaded to your device.

You could add images, videos, audio, or text to your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter page, for example, and it would be great.

Apps like the ones mentioned above save data in the cache so that immediately after opening the app, you are able to continue your reading.

It is not just limited to apps, but includes websites, and this data helps your app or website open quickly.

What Happens When You Clear Cached Data?

Clearing your Google cache will delete the information you’ve been collecting from Google and from the apps and websites you

It may be files or posts the device stored temporarily.

Clearing the cache would free up the data and let your device run faster.

Clear your cache when it’s been building up for a while.

Clearing your cache too often might cause some problems with your apps, such as annoying bugs.

Will Clearing Cache Delete Pictures?

Yes, deleting cache will not remove pictures from your computer.

Your camera will not automatically update your images to remove all old thumbnails when updating your pictures.

These thumbnails are stored in your cache and make it easy for your gallery app to open.

It is not advisable to clear the cache in your gallery or photos app, because it instantly builds up when you open it again.

The action is similar to throwing sand on a hot plate.

What Happens When You Clear Data on Settings?

Clear the app’s data on settings, and it will remove all login credentials and app preferences.

This would be like you just installed it. The existing accounts would be cleared but not deleted, and you would have to start over and reenter your details.

For apps like WhatsApp, deleting user data from your phone would cause all the messages to be deleted if it has not been backed up on Google drive.

We recommend you always back up your phone’s apps so you can restore them when needed.

What Happens If I Clear the Cache on Google Photos?

When you clear cache on Google Photos, it only removes recently-added thumbnails. It doesn’t delete or remove old images or images that you’ve edited or uploaded.

That’s right. Clearing your phone’s cache is NOT a way to delete your pictures or videos.

If the phone does not have an SD card, this operation will only clear out the current operations of the app, and as you use the app, the cache data will gradually

Advantages and Disadvantages of Clearing Cache

There are different benefits and disadvantages of clearing cache in your device.

However, it depends on the application. Some apps clear cache while others do not. Here are some benefits of clearing cache on your mobile phones:
Clearing cache on your phone will not delete pictures or any other media that your phone has saved.

Instead, it lets you release memory by quitting recently used apps.

Cached data does not build up permanently, and you can clear your cache without having to wait for it to expire.

Clearing cache helps free up the memory on your device.

If you delete your cache files, it may remove the corrupted files of the app.

Deleting your browser history does not delete the login details stored in your apps. You need to clear your app data and sync to remove those as well.

Clearing your phone’s cache has both advantages and disadvantages.

It’s a temporary fix for a storage problem.

The cached data would still accumulate again if you use it, so you may want to clear your cache after every use to speed up your device’s performance.

Clearing your phone’s cache on a frequent basis might cause the apps to malfunction.

When you clear the cache of apps like Google Chrome or any other browser, the action will cause the recent history of your searches to be deleted.

Clearing the cache of apps like Google Photos and other picture apps regularly would not make much of a difference because the thumbnails of the app reappear as often as you use it.

How To Clear Cache On Android Phones

1.If you have an Android phone, here’s how to clear the cache:

2. First, you find Storage in the settings.

3. Then, you click on Storage.

On your phone, look for the Apps. The apps on your phone will appear on a list arranged in order of the one that uses up the most memory and the one that uses up the least.

Tap on the three dots next to the app and choose Clear Cache.

When you click on “clear cache”, you will see a message that says “clear cache”. This will clear the cached data on your device.

How To Clear Cache On iPhones

You can clear the cache on iPhones in two ways.

For regular apps, it is similar to deleting user data.

If you’ve made changes to your browser settings, you can either restore the old settings or completely remove any data associated with it, including the cache and any other history that may be associated with the site.

Make sure you write down your login details if you’re concerned about them getting lost. You can clear the cache in Safari, the built-in browser in iOS.

Scroll down to Advanced and choose Website data
Click on Remove all website data
To clear cache in other apps, we recommend the following steps
Select General and then choose iPhone storage from the options available.

A list of the apps you have installed on your phone would show the memory it consumes.

To uninstall apps that are using too much of your device’s storage, open your App Chooser app and tap on Apps. Then tap Uninstall.
Your documents and data would remain safe on your mobile device.


Deleting your cache will not delete pictures you’ve saved, and this also works for your Android and iPhone devices.

Clearing cached data also has many benefits, like freeing up needed space on your phone to perform smoothly.

However, you should not clean your browser cache frequently as it may cause some apps on your phone to become unstable.

How do you free up storage space on your device? Besides cleaning up and deleting junk files, you can also get an external storage card or free up space