Why Is My SIM Card Not Working? Fixes for iPhone, Android, Verizon, Cell C, Airtel Issues

Recently, the number of emails and comments we’ve received of people wondering “Why doesn’t my SIM card work?” has increased.

We figured that it’s about time we share a little about the common problems associated with SIM cards in smartphones, so that you can avoid them.

A lot of those asking “Why is my SIM card not working?” are using iPhones, Samsung, Huawei, and other android devices, so our fixes will be better tuned to those devices, but whatever phone you use, one or more of these should work for you.

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When using a SIM card with a different service provider in comparison to your original plan, many things could happen, especially if it is a pre-paid / post-paid plans.

Why Is My SIM Card Not Working? Causes of iPhone, Android, Verizon, Cell C, Airtel SIM Issues

Why isn’t my SIM card working? If your SIM card’s copper plates are damaged or worn out it won’t work.

This remains a major reason why SIM cards don’t work inside devices.

If you’ve been using a Verizon, Sprint, Airtel, or Cell C SIM card for a couple of years, you just might swap the SIM card for a new SIM.

Generally, when the plating on the SIM is going from gold to black, the plate is wearing out and wouldn’t be able to connect effectively.

Dirty SIM and SIM tray

If your SIM card isn’t working, one of the reasons why would be because the copper plating on the SIM is dirty.

The SIM plate and the SIM tray are places where neither liquids nor dust should be, and this video shows how to clean them.

Using an SIM card cleaning solution is the best way to clean the SIM card. If you’re using an iPhone or other android devices, you might need a professional to take a look at your SIM slot to be sure it’s not wet or dirty.

If your phone drops in water, you could be dealing with a water damaged device. Try using the tips listed below to make sure your phone is working right again.

Misplacing the SIM

If you’ve not inserted the SIM into the tray, the SIM won’t work.

On most Android phones and every iPhone, the direction the SIM card is supposed to face and the size of the expected SIM card are shown. Don’t mix up the two.

If the SIM card is smaller than or not the required size, if it’s facing the wrong direction, or if for any reason it’s not well-held in place, you’ll be dealing with the “SIM card not

Flight Mode and Network Issues

When your device is on standby mode, you should never plug it in because the SIM card wouldn’t work and there’s no need for charging.

Another thing you should do is check the network coverage in your area.

You can’t get the contact information on a SIM without having access to the data saved on it.

You wouldn’t be seeing network bars, calls, and texts.

Try other SIM cards in your phone, or insert your SIM card into another phone, and see if things work. If they do work, great!

Locked phone problems

Some phones and SIM cards are locked to a carrier, so operating them with a different carrier is impossible.

For example, if a sprint SIM card was inserted into a Hot 20 play phone that was locked to Verizon, it wouldn’t work

Inactivated SIM card

If the SIM card has been unused before, then this is one to consider, just like a new SIM card.

Most mobile service providers would have to activate their networks or SIM cards. A new SIM card wouldn’t be useable if it hadn’t been activated.

Why Is My SIM Card Not Working? Working fixes for iPhone and Android

The first thing we recommend for anyone who owns an android device will be removing the SIM card from their device and cleaning the plate. This fixes so many of these issues.

Isolate fault

We would want to know if the issue is device-specific or SIM-specific.

If you insert the SIM card in another phone, see if it works.

You’d want to try it as well.

Check this box to have the problem fixed by changing the SIM card.

You might have to seek hardware help from professionals or ask for a warranty replacement if the device is the issue.

Restart device

If you’re using an iPhone, a Samsung, Infinix mobile, or any other brand of smartphone, try to restart your phone if the SIM card in it suddenly stops working.

Turn airplane mode ON/OFF

We also recommend that you check that the device does not have airplane mode turned on.

Next, turn the airplane mode ON and have it turned OFF, as this fixes so many issues.

Enable SIM card

When you purchase a new cell phone, make sure you know how to enable or disable your SIM card.

On your mobile phone, go to Settings >> tap on Mobile Network >> go under Sim Card Info and Settings >> select the SIM >> then toggle ON Enable.

Why Is My SIM Card Not Working? Working fixes for Verizon, Airtel, Smart, Cell C

If you are sure the issue is related to a SIM-specific setting, here are some things you would want

Confirm that the new phone isn’t locked

Verizon, Airtel, Smart, Cell C Sim card in a new phone can be a problem if it isn’t unlocked.

For example, if the new phone is locked to the Verizon network, you may not be able to use an Airtel or Cell C SIM card on it.

Confirm that the SIM is active

Verizon, Sprint and AT&T are generally the case for companies like Verizon, Sprint and AT&T.

They’ve got plans they need to be activated, and SIMs that need to be activated before they can be used.

Before you try to call them, make sure they have activated your plan and SIM. You should call their customer service if it’s not working and ask for a confirmation of the activation.

It is likely your cell service provider isn’t accepting new prepaid SIM cards. Check your prepaid plan to ensure it is active, and call your provider to verify your phone bill is up-to-date.

Contact support

While the above fixes are likely to work for many people, these SIM issues can be device and user specific, so we recommend contacting the customer support of your carrier and making a report.

Your plan will be cancelled, you’ll get a new SIM card without any fees, and Amazon will help you fix things on your end.