Why Does My PS5 Keep Turning OFF?

The launch of the PlayStation 5 was plagued by bugs and performance issues, making each one a bit more challenging than the last.

One of the most serious problems with PS5 for gamers is that the console turns off without warning.

Sometimes your PlayStation 5 might shut off during a high-octane gaming session with your friends. That’s normal.

According to reports, sometimes the problem occurs only in some games due to a software glitch. If the problem still persists after trying all the tips and tricks mentioned in the article, I recommend contacting Amazon Support team for further help.

This happens occasionally with the PlayStation 5. Sometimes it will just turn off, but sometimes it turns on when it’s supposed to, but for no apparent reason..

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Why do the PS5 turn off by itself? What’s causing the problem, and what can I do to fix it?

Why does my PS5 keep turning off randomly mid-game?

There can be many reasons why this can happen. It could be due to various software or hardware issues.

Before you send the PS5 in for repair, it’s best to first check these things:
Is the console overheating?
Is there enough space on the sides and top to draw in fresh air and be able to transport the warm vent air away?

Check the vent panels for dust buildup. It’s a good idea to clean your PlayStation 2 vents to avoid overheating and shutting down your PlayStation 2 console.

The console is in the rest mode: The Rest mode is a feature on PS5 that lets the console operate at low power during download sessions.

If you still in Recovery mode, if you try to play your games, it may turn off.

The reason for this is unclear, but the “Rest” mode should not be turned on when playing.

Install updates for your games. Make sure all available updates for your games are installed.

This is not the case, so you should do it now.

Look for the plug on the power pack: Is it plugged in correctly?

The power supply may get damaged if the power cable becomes loose and falls out of the console.

It’s time to replace the power cord.

Why does my PS5 keep turning OFF in rest mode?

It is not known what is causing the problem, but some users are reporting that the problem is caused by problems with the PS5 firmware updates.

The repair is the only known way for gamers to stop experiencing Rest Mode-related crashes.

The reasons why this behavior is happening are not clear, but the REST mode is not intended to be ON when playing.

This is an ereader for those who want to enjoy the benefits of a tablet and ereader all at once.

It’s true that you need to turn the Rest Mode OFF, but only if you want to enjoy your game!

Why does my PS5 keep turning off when I play Fortnite 2K and other games?

If the PS5 console always turns off while playing the same game, try checking the error history in the console. If the error code CE-108255-1 appears, you’ll need to send it in to Sony for repair.

Go to “Settings,” “storage memory,” then uninstall the game that crashes your PS5.

You can resolve this issue by clicking on the gear icon from the PS5 main menu.

Then, click on “system,” “system software” and “restore PS5.” If these instructions don’t help, you may need to contact PlayStation 5 support service.

Why is my PS5 getting hot quickly – signs of overheating issues and tips to fix

Dust build up in the vents of a PlayStation 5 may mean the system is heating up too quickly.

You have to clean it. Also, perhaps you placed it too close to the television, a wall, or a heater.

Console temperature shouldn’t be too hot, so you should let it cool off for several minutes. If the console gets too hot it can shut itself down, so be careful with how it’s used.

Here are a few tips on how to fix ventilation issues and prevent your PlayStation 5 from overheating. The vent is at the back of the console.

Your PlayStation will have built up dust over time, so it’s recommended that you remove it with a vacuum cleaner at low power.

Don’t place the console in a closed or semi-closed compartment. It is not advisable to do that.

There’s a lot of misinformation about how to hang TVs, and Sony would like to clear up those misconceptions. It should be at least four inches away from the wall.

Hot air is a bad thing to have in an office, so if you’re looking for a way to ventilate, look for something that vents air.

Don’t place any objects on the console, or too close to it, otherwise it may heat up more.

Stacking is a bad idea for a number of reasons. First, it could cause damage to your equipment, and second, it increases the risk of fire.

Do not leave your console on for too long. It’s better to save your game and turn your console off, then come back later to it than leave your console on pause all night.

Sony has made a number of changes that make customizing the PS5 even better.

Ensure that the stickers and shells do not obstruct the fan vents of the console.

Tips to fix a PS5 that keeps turning OFF

#1. Turn OFF HDMI Device Link

The PS5’s HDMI Device Link could be the cause of the random system shutdowns.

To disable this, go to Settings >> System >> HDMI.

From here, select the HDMI Device Link option and press the X button on your Dual

#2. Try a Firmware update

Open Settings | System and then System Software.

Next, click on System Software Updates & Settings, and then choose Update system software and then select Update via Internet.

Now, select Update to begin downloading the firmware.

#3. Clean your console

Dust is the number one enemy of the PS5. Regularly cleaning the environment around the PS5 will prevent dust from accumulating and then clogging the fan.

If you’ve got very dusty USB ports or any of the ports on the back of your console, brush back and forth until you get most of the dust off.

Use your vacuum cleaner at low power. You can also clean your PS5 fan with a compressed air bomb.

#4. Disable Rest Mode

There are two ways to disable Rest Mode. These include pressing the power button or opening Settings.

With the power button

Press and hold down the power button on the console for some seconds
Release when the console beeps twice
You’ve successfully disabled Rest mode

In Settings

Go to the settings menu >> power savings setting >> and the sleep mode

Turn OFF Rest Mode by clicking the menu icon (the three dots in

#5. Rebuild PS5 Database

Turn off the PS5. Press and hold the power button for around five seconds.

Doing so will cause the PS5 to beep two times before going to safe mode.

It’s very important that you use your wire when you use your controller. When your system is in safe mode, you cannot use your controller.

Connect your Dual Sense with a USB-C cord and turn it on.

When you’re ready to rebuild the database, choose “Rebuild Database” as the first choice and “Ok” as the second choice.

#6. Contact the Sony support for a fix

If the above troubleshooting didn’t work, then you may be one of the few who has a faulty

The best thing to do is to contact the Sony PlayStation customer service to send the console in for a repair.

How to turn off rest mode on PS5

If the above troubleshooting didn’t work, then you may be one of the few who has a faulty

The best thing to do is to contact the Sony PlayStation customer service to send the console in for a repair.

How to turn OFF auto-update on PS5

The steps you must follow to do this are as follows:

On your iPhone’s Home screen tap and swipe to open Settings
Scroll down to the Updates section
Turn OFF the option Rest Mode