Why Does Apex Legends Keep Crashing? Best Fixes & Tips

Why is Apex Legends crashing? There are a couple of issues that we have noticed in the latest updates to the game, but for users, the reasons for the crashes are many. We’ve seen that this might vary from user to user.

There are so many reasons why this is happening. Some users are experiencing issues with connection, others are experiencing problems joining matches, and others just plain have the game bugged and don’t know how to fix it.

There’s a lot more you can do on a console than on a PC, but Apex Legends does give you more options than most other games, including consoles, because of its fast load times and stable gameplay.

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If you’re having any problems with Apex Legends, we’ll help you resolve them by using the Crash Fixes listed here.

Apex Legends Keep Crashing Fixes

Fix 1 – Update Driver

Your first recommendation is to update your drivers. For most gamers, this is the solution to most crashes.

The drivers for your video card could be outdated, so using the latest drivers could be the fix for you. AMD and Nvidia regularly release new drivers and updates for their video cards, and these are often designed to fix issues and optimize issues related to the game.

Fix 2 – Downgrade Driver

If the latest Apex Legends update crashes your game, chances are your game is not compatible with the new update. You might need to roll back the update to continue enjoying the game.

Fix 3- Disable G-Sync and Freesync and others

You have the possibility of the reason you are experiencing crashing the Apex Legends is that your video card has sync options that are incompatible within Apex Legends.

There are some users who discovered that disabling the feature for Apex has stopped the freezing and crashing.

Fix 4 – Check OS and Graphics Drivers

None of these solutions work, but if you update your operating system and graphics drivers it should help.

Also, check that your PC meets the minimum system requirements to play Apex Legends. If it’s not up to scratch, you can download a free upgrade to meet those.

We’ve tested each of the issues listed above to be sure that the problem doesn’t occur if you update the game.

Fix 5 – Troubleshoot

Click the desktop shortcut icon, and then run “Troubleshoot Compatibility.

If the app is open, click Close > Exit. Ensure it’s closed first or restarted before running this option.

Fix 6 – Check for conflicts

A major reason why the Apex Legends randomly closes could be because there’s another program running in the background or installed on your PC that clashes with the Apex Legends.

It is recommended that you close all unnecessary programs on your PC, then shut down your PC immediately after the boot.

Fix 7 – Limit FPS

You need to play it in High settings when you play Apex Legends. It’s a great fix when you’re experiencing the random crash.

Add the following to your launch options:
+fps_max 90

Fix 8 – Uninstall NVIDIA GeForce Experience

Some people have experienced random crashes when they were playing Apex Legends. This issue was caused by the GeForce Experience.

First uninstall it, and then have it reinstalled. This should work for you, and it’ll help solve many of the Apex Legends pc crashing issues

Fix 9 – Reduce VRAM usage from 8GB to 6GB.

Fix 10 – Remove all external hard drives and reinstall the game to your internal hard drive.

Fix 11 – Delete all of c++ code from Windows Find and Replace tool. Go to Origin -> Find and Replace.

Other Apex Legends Crash Fixes and Tips

Apex Legends Won’t Launch Fix

If the Apex Legends won’t load on your pc, you can try these fixes, it has been found to solve the issue for almost all users:
If you have Sophos Home installed, chances are its preventing Apex from launching.

You can uninstall the Sophos Home and see if you can run the Apex Legends again, and if that works, great! If not, then something is very wrong.

Apart from Sophos, there might be a program running in the background that conflicts with the game, so try to perform a clean reboot and launch Apex Legends as administrator.

In Settings -> Turn off Exploit Mitigation and see if your game works.

Apex Legends Audio Issues

Fixing Apex Legends audio issues is pretty simple. All you need to do is go to Sound >> Speakers >> Settings >> Reset default values. This should fix the problem. It may be possible that the audio is not high enough for your headphones.

The sound bug in Apex Legends is caused by the game not being installed on an SSD. To fix this, uninstall the game on your SSD and reinstall on your HDD.

Apex Legends Loading Screen Fixes

This is the reason that you see the Apex Legends Loading Screen Error.

Restarting the game should work. You may need to flush your DNS. Hold down the Windows key, then type Command Prompt. Type ipconfig/flushdns, then press enter. Type ipconfig/release, and press enter. Type ipconfig/renew, and press enter. Type netsh winsock reset, and press enter. Restart your PC.

Remove any instances of the Steam Game from your computer. If you use any software to sync your Steam games and/or games that use Steamworks, uninstall that as well.

Apex Legends Mic Not Working Fixes

Some Apex Legends mic issues are easy to fix. Here’s how to get your mic working again.

The microphone could be blocked, so to fix this, click the Start button, then click Settings > Privacy > Microphone > Turn it on.

Reset your Mic. Then set it as your default, and your clients will receive it if they aren’t using it. Then do the same thing in the Origin client. Restart your PC.

Open Sound Settings in Windows 10, then click Troubleshoot under Input, and then Uninstall Origin client, then restart the PC, and finally install the Origin Client.

Apex Crashing Mid Game Fixes

Apex Crashing Mid Game: These are some of our best working Apex Crashing Mid Game fixes.

Limit your frame rate. This should generally solve the problem.

Update to the latest drivers, these come with a GPU fix, which should also work.

By overclocking the core speed and memory speed of your graphics card, this should fix the crashing for your Apex Legends.

If your other games don’t run at high performance, there is no need to overclock GPU for them.

Turn down the Texture Streaming Budget. Some have found that this solution works.

How to Add Friends on Apex Legends Origin Launcher

Open the game, select the friends icon from the bottom right of the screen,
select the friend from the friends list, and invite them to a party.

Why is my Apex Legends not loading – Ideas to fix

Loading your Apex Legends game is very important for a smooth gameplay experience. We recommend that you contact your server host for help resolving the issue.

This can happen with the Steam version of the game, but the original version also works just fine.

This bug can be temporarily solved by using the Origin version.

Make sure that EA’s official Twitter account is up and running and you are able to get in touch with them by using it.

So, how do you fix loading errors? Here are a few tips that might help you.

You can download and reinstall Origin. Restart the game to see if it fixes the problem. If not, try port forwarding.

Apex Legends textures not loading? What to do

It may be a good idea to reload the game because your system may not have initialized some textures and packages. That may cause blurry graphics.

This feature lets the game adapt automatically to what’s happening on the screen, preventing laps and errors.

If you are seeing low resolution graphics on your monitor, check the resolution settings on your display. Some monitors are set by default to a lower resolution than others.

You can also turn down the graphics settings to make the textures in the game look clearer. It is recommended to leave these settings up to allow for fast and smooth gameplay.

Updating your graphics driver can also help. A faulty or corrupted graphics driver can cause blurry or low-quality images on your screen.

Uninstall the game if the resolution is still too low. Then re-install the game.

This may be because the files are corrupt.

Apex Legends Fight Night crashing? Tips to fix

One major cause of the game crashing is the compatibility of the driver.

After installing the update, if the game still crashes, then you should consider downgrading the driver.

In order to fix the game, you need to use the Repair Game feature found in Origin.

In order to restore the game, launch the Origin client and go to your library.

Click here to see more about Apex Legends.

Finish the process by following the instructions on the screen.

If your Apex Legends keeps crashing, don’t be discouraged. This is a common problem. If you do reboot, make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Install the new game software.

Remove all external devices that may be connected to your device.

Uninstall and re-install the game on your device to see if it improves.

Your Amazon app might use some of your personal information, which you can limit by using an external device. Learn more about this here: How to install and use an external storage device on your Amazon Kindle.

Tips to fix Apex Legends connection issues

1. Check the Apex Legends servers

It’s a good idea to check the Apex Legends server to identify where the problem is from.

To solve this problem, visit the Apex Legends Help Center and check the game’s status.

You can easily check the game status by:
Launching Apex Legends app
Once the Home Screen launches, click on Username.

A dedicated game status page will be displayed where you can see the game status.

If you notice that the problem is due to the server being down, all you can do is wait.

If the server’s working, you should try the solutions below.

2. Restart your device

This will allow your device to reload the game resources and fix errors.

3. Review the network connection

Network issues may be caused by a weak or unstable network connection.

Since the game is online, you need a high speed internet connection.

If you connect the router to another network, remove it for a few seconds and restart it.

Can my computer run Apex Legends? Minimum computer specs

The Apex Legends does not require much setup to work.

You need a fast computer, and a 6th generation Intel Core i3 with 8GB RAM is good enough to run the game with basic graphics.

This game needs a minimum of the following requirements to run.
Windows 7 and above operating system
A 64-bit processor.

Intel Core i3, FX 4350, 6GB RAM or above, NVIDIA GTX 760 2GB or AMD Radeon R9 290 1GB.
6GB of RAM or above
A DirectX version 11 or higher
Internet connection
56GB storage
About 3.8GB for localized language.

For a top-notch gaming experience, you should take the following recommended system requirements into consideration:
Processor with 64-bit architecture and operating system with Windows 7
Ryzen 5 CPU or its equivalent
At least 8GB of RAM
NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 970 or AMD Radeon™ R9 290
DirectX version 11
56 GB storage space

How much space does Apex Legends take?

You need at least 75 GB of storage space to run Apex legends on a PC.

Your PC needs to be fast and powerful enough to run the game.

If your PC has a low storage space, see if you can remove some large files from your computer.

You can also free up disk space by running a system cleaner.

Using the Playstation 4 version 1.82 of Apex Legends requires about 70 GB of space.

The game can be accessed by downloading 28.95 GB of the game file.

In order to be able to play online, you’ll need to install the rest of the software.

The Apex Legends game file size is 69.9 GB on Xbox Series X, and approximately 76 GB on Series S.

This indicates you have to wait for several hours for the game to be installed before you can play it.

How to change mic input on Apex Legends

Open the Amazon GameLift settings to ensure the correct device is selected. This is done by choosing the default input device on the Settings menu.

Look at the bottom and look for App Volume and Device Preferences.

You can select and ensure that the input for Apex Legends is set to the microphone of the device you are currently using.

How to add friends on Apex

To enable cross-play in Apex Legends, go to the Settings menu.
After enabling it, log into the game on any platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch or PC.
You’ll be able to team up with other players on any platform.

You can also allow other users to find you in the privacy settings by going to “Allow users to search for me by” and choosing:
Email address
Gamertag for Xbox
Nintendo Nickname for Nintendo Switch
PSN Online ID for PlayStations.

Once they accept, you can play duos, Arenas, or triple with them.