Why Am I Not Getting Snapchat Notifications on Android and iPhone?

Just like every other social media app, Snapchat was designed to let users know when there are new messages or activities on their profiles.

Snapchat is great because it’s the best way to send pictures and videos to your friends and family.

These notifications could be a beep, a ring, or a vibration.

If you aren’t getting Snapchat notifications, it means that there is an issue with your account and the developers need to fix this.

Whether you need this once or more frequently, you’ll miss out on important reminders.

I’m sure this has happened to you and maybe it’s time to change up your Snap settings.

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Why Am I Not Getting Snapchat Notifications on Android and iPhone?

The only thing that is preventing you from receiving the notifications on your phone is the fact that you’ve turned off the notifications for the app.

A smartphone will come with a feature that lets each user to either turn ON or OFF notifications for each app, and Snapchat offers a feature that lets users to modify the notifications they’ll receive.

Memory Cache

It is recommended that you clear your cache at regular intervals. Maybe monthly.

This can make it easier for your iPhone to have access to your other apps and files.

A possible bug in the system might cause some apps to misbehave, including notifications settings.

It’s important to clear the App Data. Clearing the data clears the cache, which can slow your app

Each time you do this, you save space and refresh Snapchat.

Snapchat background data disabled

For notification service to run smoothly and promptly for apps like SnapChat, internet services must be turned ON.

How about you? If you need a few more megabytes, are you disabling background data for your apps?

If Snapchat’s background app usage is not permitted, you won’t be notified of new messages until you manually launch the app.

Well, it all started with a new iOS update in the fall of 2015.

Outdated Snapchat App

App developers regularly update apps. A bug might be fixed, or a new feature added.//===- MCExpr.

That’s why you have to upgrade apps from time to time.

If you’re still running an older version of the app, it could stop working at any moment, and certain features could go haywire.

Some people will not get Snapchat notifications on their account.

Snapchat Notifications Not Working? Best Fixes for Android And iPhone

Restart your device. The first troubleshooting tip we recommend is to restart your phone.

For a cold restart, turn off your phone, wait for at least 30 seconds, and then turn it back on. This can help the device restore to a state that was last opened up to 30 seconds ago.

When you switch your phone back on, some processes will be restored to their original settings.

To restart your phone, press and hold the power button down for 20 seconds.

This command will restore all of your Snapchat notifications right away. In many cases, your notifications should be back to normal when you use this command.

Enable notifications on your device

You’ll need to open the app menu and select Settings. On your smartphone, open the app menu and select Settings.

Find the App & Notifications option in the Settings menu.

Your iPhone’s App Store lets you download thousands of apps. This plane lists them all.

When you open the Instagram app, look for the “Switch” icon in the navigation bar. Tap that and you’ll find options for turning On / Off Notifications for each app.

On iPhone users. From Menu, find Settings and click on it.

In the Settings page, select Notifications. You can choose to be notified when new comments are made on your Amazon listing.

Click on it to see a list of all apps that are installed on your iPhone.

After you locate Snapchat, click on the “Allow Notifications” button, and that will complete the process.

When done as outlined, your email notifications should be back on.

Enable notifications on Snapchat

Open the Snapchat application from your Android or iOS device, then click on your profile.

On the top right corner of your Amazon home page, click Settings.

Activate this option if you want to receive notifications.

Uninstall and re-install Snapchat

Try removing the current Snapchat app that’s installed on your device and downloading the newest Snapchat app.

If you’re using a different Android device, look for “Settings,” then “Device” and “Display.

You’ll find this menu in the settings area of the app, and it toggles on some options where you’ll be able to remove the app from your Android device.

Head to the Google Play Store and download Snapchat. Once you’ve installed it, open it up and tap on the three-dot menu button in the upper-right corner of the screen.

On the menu page, find the Snapchat icon, and press and hold it for a few seconds.

A small cancel sign will be displayed on the app’s icon.

When you click on the “cancel” button, you will be asked to uninstall the app from your phone.

Next, download Snapchat from Apple’s App Store and install it.

How to view other snapchatters on story?

When users you haven’t added to your list of friends view your story, they appear as ‘other snapchatter.’ These other snapchatters either have you as a friend on their accounts, or you’ve not responded to a friend request they sent.

1.This is how to see the accounts of other snapchat users and decide if you want to add them as friends:

2. Launch your Snapchat app and

Click on the link under My Stories to open your Story.

Tap the Eye icon with numbers to see friends who have viewed your stories.

Look for friends in the list below the “Home” screen. Tap their names to view their profiles.

Tap the Add Friend button if you want to. You can also tap the Add To List button to add them to your list of contacts.

How to tell if someone unadded you on Snapchat?

There are different ways to know if your friend has unfriended you on Snapchat.

Open your Snapchat and tap the “chat” option in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Your list of people will appear, and the status of your last interaction with them will be shown.

You see someone’s name with a grey arrow next to it? That means they’ve unfriended you. Don’t worry; if they change their mind, they’ll come back and friend you again.

To find out when someone has unfriended you, you can check the chat settings and look for the “Unfollowers” notification at the top.

If you search for a person on your friend list who unfriended you and you don’t see their snapscore, you know they have unfriended you.

When a person you added doesn’t add you back, they will show up as Subscriptions in your Stories section and not as Friends.

This will work only if the other person has already posted a story.

How to see who screenshotted your Snapchat story?

Snapchat is so important to privacy that it notifies you if people are taking screen recordings or screenshots of your stories.

When someone saves a screenshot of your story, you’ll be notified of it and then be able to view the screenshot directly in the Stories section.

Click here to scroll down to your stories, and click on the button for My Stories.

If someone has taken a screenshot, an “eye” icon with two opposite-facing arrows on top of each other will appear next to the eyeball icon that shows you know many people have viewed your story.

You can share screenshots by tapping this button.

How to know if someone added you back on Snapchat?

Open your Snapchat app and tap the profile icon on the top left of your screen.

At the bottom of the home screen, tap on Friends. You should see all of

Use the “Search” bar to find your friend. Or if they’ve already uploaded their photos

If they show up it means they’ve added you back.

How to tag someone on Snapchat?

You can tag a friend to a picture you’ve taken using the feature on Snapchat.

To tag someone, create a Snap first, then tap the Text menu to access the tagging option.

You can see the people you have interacted with in the past by scrolling through your Snap history or you can manually search their usernames.

Snapchat titles are customizable. They will appear underlined to show the difference between ordinary texts and captions.

How to mention someone on Snapchat?

You can tag a friend in a Snapchat photo or video by clicking the screen icon in the lower-right corner.

To tag someone, first create a snap then tap the Text menu to access the tagging option.

To see your recently sent snaps or add a snap directly to a conversation, just look in your notifications.

In Snapchat, you can customize your tag, but it’s always underlined to show the difference between ordinary texts and captions.

How to hide a story from someone on Snapchat?

Set up your Snapchat app on your iPhone or Android device.

Tap the Profile icon at the top left corner. There’s a 3-dot button at the My stories section.

Tap the screen to open the menu and then tap Settings to see the preferences.

There are 3 privacy settings:
Public – All stories you create are viewable by anyone on the Web or in an app.

I can’t find it in Discover.
My Story – (Available in Stories only) The photos and videos that you share are public and available for everyone to see.

Select which friends will see your story. You can choose to block the rest.

Go to the “Options” menu, and you’ll see a search bar.

When you’re done selecting the people who shouldn’t be viewing your snap, tap the Block button at the bottom of your screen.

How to view Snapchat stories without being friends?

You can only see the Snap stories of users that have a Public Profile through the Discover Page or if they’ve added it to their Snap Maps.

Via Discover Page

Open your Snapchat app and swipe left to see your Friends stories.

Below it is the Discover page. You’ll only find these profiles if the Account owner has marked their account as a public profile.

Via Snap Map

Open the Snap Map feature in the Snapchat app. Look at the bottom. You should see a location icon.

To see Friends who are near you on Snapchat, tap the screen.

Tap to zoom in or scroll to the place you think the user is at and tap any colored hotspots around that place.

A hotspot is a specific area on the map that can be colored in red or blue.

If the Snap was added to a user’s Snap Map, look at the location and check to see if the user is nearby.

What does pending mean on Snapchat?

What does pending mean on Snapchat? Pending means that the person you are trying to send a Snap or chat doesn’t have you on their list of friends, either they haven’t added you back, or you have been removed from their friend list.

It could also mean that they’ve blocked you. Any of these three could be the situation if your message isn’t delivered and you see the gray arrow next to the message.

You may have been blocked or deleted. You will need to be added back as a friend in order to receive your messages. If the person you messaged isn’t a friend, they have already removed you or blocked you.

All this, of course, applies only to a situation in which you have working internet when you send the message.

Even if you don’t have internet when you sent the message, you’ll probably receive the email.