What You Should Not Do when Doing GMAT Prep?

The Graduate Management Admission Test or GMAT is really a demanding test and you can do well at it only when you put your hundred percent. You have to plan it all and stay focussed on your preparation to perform good in the test. Indeed, avoiding some general errors can strengthen your overall preparation. After all, your success in the test depends on the effectiveness of your GMAT prep. This post is sharing with you what you should not do when you prepare for it.

Don’t wait, act!

If you tend to wait till the last moment then this approach would not take you anywhere. You have to be prudent about making efforts every day. You cannot follow the path of procrastination. If you delay your prep till the last moment, you do a lot of cramming rather than understanding the concepts or topics.

Not getting into basics 

If you are neglecting fundamental math and grammar concepts, it can simply damage or hinder your progress. Make sure to review the overall basics before diving into more complicated material. Come on, basics are critical for your understanding. Once the basics of different concepts are clear to you, you can most of the times, solve even the toughest of questions.

Dodging Time Management

You should know that not practicing your time management during your practice tests can lead to pacing problems on the actual exam day. Try to give specific amounts of time for every single section and stick to them. Remember, the way you utilize the time will have a significant impact on your prep. Time management ensures that you make the most of your preparation.

Using unofficial study material only 

If you feel that you have an abundance of material gathered from this or that platform for your GMAT test, that is okay. But make sure that you do not leave behind the official GMAT material. You have to thoughtfully use official material as it will give you quick understanding of the level of difficulty that you may expect in the test. It also gives you a taste of question types you may have to encounter. Hence, ensure that you don’t make the mistake of overlooking official material provided by the GMAT officials.

Strengths alone cannot win your game. 

If you feel that you have strengths in different segments of the test and have it in mind you are overlooking the weaknesses you have, you may be making a big mistake. You have to be prudent about working on your weak areas as well. You cannot overlook weaknesses as they can draw you in the test. When you hit a balance between your strengths and weaknesses, you ensure that nothing gets missed by you in the test prep. You can confidently perform on the test and pass it with good scores.

Consistency is lacking 

You know, inconsistent study habits can hinder your overall progress. Create a study schedule and even make sure that you do stick to it to make sure that you get regular practice. There are many candidates who create their schedules for study but they don’t follow them for long. The key to your good performance lies in your consistency. When you prepare in a consistent manner, you perform in a rewarding way on the day of the test.

Abandoning Official GMAT Practice Tests

You should know that such practice tests are the most accurate and effective reflection of the actual GMAT. Once you take them under test-like conditions, it will help you measure your progress and even build test-taking endurance. Come on, when you can experience the environment and stress of the paper day during your preparation time, you should do that. It can get you edge in understanding where you are and where you have to reach.

Depending Solely on Practice Tests

Now, it is true that practice tests are crucial, but remember that they should be part of a well-balanced study plan that includes reviewing concepts, practicing questions, and analyzing your overall performance.

Missing out on Data Interpretation and Integrated Reasoning

Some test-takers are there who even overlook these sections, but you should know that these are critical parts of the GMAT. Make sure that you have assigned proper time to work on these skills. After all, data interpretation and integrated reasoning is critical for you to prepare like a pro.

Studying when Distracted

If you are simply putting efforts to study in a noisy or even distracting environment, it can be counterproductive. You have to find a place wherein you can study with utmost focus. What is the point if you are studying for hours in a noisy environment and gaining nothing? It would be time of waste and effort for sure. For example, if you have guests at home and you are studying in the middle of them, it is not effective studying. You should instead go to a quieter room and do your studies.

Not doing verbal reasoning 

It’s essential for you to practice verbal reasoning, encompassing sentence correction, critical reasoning, and reading comprehension, because it constitutes a massive portion of the exam. You can practice it regularly to ensure you don’t lose any marks in that area. You can find promising segments on verbal reasoning when you use the best GMAT preparation books

Unable to Review Mistakes

It would help if you had a proper understanding of why you got a question wrong, which is crucial for your overall improvement. Ensure you analyze all your mistakes in the practice tests or otherwise and review them properly. If you have joined a professional class or course, you can be sure that the tutors therein ask you about what you learnt from your mistakes to ensure you don’t make them again on the final day.

Leaving behind your mental and physical health 

It is good that you are super determined about your studies and you are focused, but ensure that you are not neglecting your health, both mental and physical. If your health gives up, you may be unable to prepare, practice and perform effectively. So, try to get proper sleep, stay constant with your food consumption and do some physical activity daily to keep your mind and body fresh.


To sum up, when you do not make any of these errors in your prep, you ensure that you prepare for your exam in the most rewarding manner. Indeed, if you are still left with doubts, you can consult the experts at Jamboree education.