What Mouse, Mousepad, Headset, and Keyboard Does Tfue Use Now and How Does He Use It Sideways?

Tfue is a professional Fortnite gamer.

The best pro-gamer is one of the most talented pro-gamers online, and he’s got more than 11 million subscribers on YouTube and

But what keyboard does Tfue use now? What mouse, mousepad and headset does he use, why and how does he use his keyboard

All of these we’ll address in this article.

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What Keyboard Does Tfue Use Now

Tfue presently uses the Taeha Types Keycult No 1/60 for Fortnite gaming.

This is a well-engineered luxury gaming keyboard. It’s pretty luxurious, and if you get a chance to take it home, you should.

The keyboard is $3500 and it follows the same model as Tfue.

The keyboard comes with Novelkeys Cream switches that are known for being delicate and creating soothing clicking sound.Q:

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This is a GMK Gaming Keyboard featuring a GK-T9L-HU-T9-R1-T9-B9 switch type, with a Spanish-made set of Tfue’s name.

It’s one of the most stable gaming keyboards on the market, and it comes with a 6 degree typing angle, so it won’t cause you any issues like wrist pains or injuries.

The keyboard also comes with an advanced gasket mounting, it’s programmable to fit your setup, and the GMK striker keycaps are the best quality keycaps ever made as they are made of double-shot ABS and ABS.

Of course the Taeha Type-1 key cult is amazing technology.

A professional keyboard that performs excellently for gamers is a Taeha Types Keyboard. It comes with many of the features a pro gamer needs and it performs extremely well in games like PUBG Mobile and Fortnite.

What Mouse Does Tfue Use?

The Razer Viper Ultimate Lightest Wireless Gaming Mouse is light enough to easily carry while gaming and responsive to push. Its small and lightweight at 69 grams.

This gaming mouse comes with a pretty tough shell, minimal weight, 5G sensor, Speedflex cable, and it won’t require a Synapse Software.

Silent click gaming mice are good if you’re looking for a quiet mouse that delivers solid gaming performance.

What Kind Of Mousepad Does Tfue Use?

Tfue uses the SoloQ Extended Mega Size Custom Professional Gaming Mouse Pad.

The SoloQ Extended Mega Size Custom Professional Gaming Mouse Pad is designed with enough padding to reduce noise and slippage of the keyboard and other items.

A mouse also has a lot of space for the most intense gaming sessions, so whether you’re using a gaming mouse or a pen tablet, it’s always a great choice.

The edges are also nicely stitched and durable, so no scratches and risks of injuries.

The mousepad is waterproof, built-in with the keyboard, and has three zones of protection for your mouse and fingers.

It doesn’t attract dirt, and even when it does, you can easily clean it away with soap and water.

What Headset Does Tfue Use?

The Sennheiser HD 800 S Reference Headphone System is a high-end gaming headphone system that’s used by the top gamers in the world.

A multi-monitor gaming computer desk is the perfect solution for any gamer.

There are the best.

Why Does Tfue Use His Keyboard Sideways?

The main reason most pro gamers prefer keyboards sideways is the comfort of playing them this way.

Many professional gamers don’t know when they will be playing at the top level in that position.

That position is best for typing and will allow you to see the screen easier and type faster.

With the keyboard being sideways the arms will naturally wrap around the gear and the monitor will seat in the V-Shaped space if the mouse is also angled.

That would explain it, since most people who play video games have their pinkies on the CTRL and their thumbs on the space bar.

In this position, the ends of the thumb and the pinky finger are not aligned, and by using a tilt of the keyboard you should be able to get more comfortable.

It’s best to have a keyboard that tilts from side to side. Otherwise you will need to bend your wrists, which will hurt over time.

I guess this answers the question “how does tfue use his keyboard?”
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What Keyboards Do Pro Gamers Use?

So, you want to know what Keyboard pro gamers use.

If you have been following me on YouTube or reading my articles, then you’ll know that I love playing games on my PC! In this article, I will list a few of my favorite gamers.

This is our article on the gaming keyboard that Tfue and some other pro gamers use.

These pro gamers only get a limited number of keyboards because they only get what works. So, it’s not surprising that they only get a limited number of them.

So many of them still customise the settings and configure the keyboards to their gaming setup.

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