What Is X2P (Xenon Pay)? Features, and Price Prediction

A decentralized, high-yield and deflationary coin called Xenon Pay (X2P) runs on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). A 10% transaction charge is split among all X2P holders for any transaction that takes place on the Xenon network. The goal of Xenon Pay is to provide everyone access to a real-time cryptocurrency payment processing service. One of its goals is to develop a Xenon Payment Card that X2P holders may use to make transactions anywhere around the globe.

How Does X2P (Xenon Pay) operate?

A user-friendly payment method aimed at both the real world and the crypto world is called Xenon Pay (X2P). In contrast to the Ethereum network, which has a higher cost, it offers a decentralized peer-to-peer trading network that is housed on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. Additionally, it provides X2P holders with passive revenue from transaction fees, namely 10%. The site already offers a cryptocurrency wallet and will shortly introduce the Xenon Payment Card.

Characteristics of Xenon Pay (X2P)

  • An additional source of income

The advantage of keeping X2P in digital wallets is that owners earn rewards from the 10% fee levied on every transaction (buy or sell order) on the X2P network, which turns into an automated source of passive income for them.

  • Transferring Money Internationally

Through the strength of the BSC network, X2P tokens may be exchanged at any location around the globe. Without a third party, the transactions are quick, affordable, and easy.

  • Secure Decentralized Finance Method

PancakeSwap, a decentralized exchange unlike Binance, Coinbase, and others, is where X2P is exchanged. Holding X2P, therefore, achieves the decentralization goal that makes it the safest method of crypto trading. Users may also profit from PancakeSwap’s cheap gas prices, which are a perk that is rarely provided by many DEXs in the cryptocurrency industry.

  • Availability Pool

The PancakeSwap network serves as the host for the X2P liquidity pool. The token may be exchanged for Binance Coin (BNB), and vice versa.

  • Bitcoin digital wallet

Users of Xenon Pay have access to a cryptocurrency wallet where they may send, receive, and store X2P tokens. Additionally, users may see trade charts and statistics for their passive revenue over a certain time.

  • Defense Against Hacking and Deflation Attacks

The manual token burns will eventually reduce the supply, and the X2P token’s deflationary characteristics will cause the demand for the token to increase.

Price Prediction of Xenon Pay

The environment of Xenon Pay has seen constant change throughout time. Beginning its journey on May 12, 2022, at $0.00011197, X2P has increased by 29,32 percent over the last two months and nine days. By the end of 2022, the x2p price might be $0.001198.

Forecasts indicate that the price of Xenon Pay might reach $0.001318 in a year.

On the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), which offers quick transaction times, low transaction fees, great performance, and many other aspects that make it a desirable project, Xenon Pay (X2P) was built. On the BSC network, there aren’t many tokens that are used for decentralized finance. This aspect may be used by X2P to become the preferred method of payment for users or investors that favor BSC initiatives. The price of the token may drastically rise in response to a large inflow of large investors.

A defined roadmap and, more significantly, a marketing strategy are in place for Xenon Pay (X2P), in contrast to many other tokens and currencies in the cryptocurrency sector. The X2P token team intends to start with local social media marketing and broaden its reach by working with influencers in the cryptocurrency space. They also want to grow their marketing initiatives internationally to provide them sufficient visibility in the cryptocurrency industry, as well as offer a number of airdrops and rewards to X2P holders.

Due to the deflationary nature of the X2P token, demand will increase and supply will drop with each burn. The deflationary approach may entice many investors to make early investments in the project, which might eventually drive the price of the X2P token to $1.

Keep in mind that x2p price predictions, like TRIAS prices or other cryptocurrencies, can often be wrong and cannot be trusted 100%.

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