What is the appeal of Java? Java’s features

Everyone who has ever heard of programming is aware that Java is one of the most popular programming languages. Java is an object-oriented programming language with a high degree of abstraction. It is popular among other OOP languages because it is platform neutral, robust, secure, and multithreaded. It is extensively utilized in software, online, and mobile application development, as well as big data analytics and server-side technologies. Let’s find out more about Java.

Why is Java so Well-liked?

The first and most important argument is Java’s platform independence. Because of the Java Virtual Machine, programmers who build software on one platform may run it on any platform or operating system, regardless of the underlying configuration. In other words, Java adheres to the WORA rule, which stands for Write Once, Run Anywhere.

Aside from that, Java protects against eavesdropping, manipulation, impersonation, and virus threats. Java also has a multi-threading capability that allows us to establish many threads inside any process that function independently and concurrently. Aside from this, Java’s performance is also outstanding. It employs a JIT (Just In Time Compiler) that is capable of compiling just the method being called rather to the whole program. This saves time and improves overall development efficiency.

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Java has a broad range of applications due to its fast performance. Java is one of the earliest programming languages for creating Android apps. It is also used in scientific and web-based applications. All of these factors contributed to Java’s popularity.

Top Features of Java

Top Features of Java

Excellent Performance

The Java compiler is optimized for speed. The Java compiler converts Java code to bytecode before compiling it. Following that, it is passed into the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) and translated to machine-level code.


Because it lacks the intricacies seen in previous programming languages, Java is a straightforward and easy-to-understand programming language. In reality, since it must run on electronic devices with limited memory and resources, Javasoft designers aimed for simplicity.

Java has the same syntax as C and C++, thus programmers who convert to Java will have no problems with syntax. Second, the idea of pointers has been totally eliminated from Java, which causes confusion for programmers and exposes pointers to security risks.

Excellent Documentation

Java is fully free since it is an open-source programming language. Java’s documentation is extensive, which is an essential characteristic of the language. It contains a comprehensive handbook that will clarify any problems you may experience when developing in Java.


The Java programming language is resilient, which implies it can handle unexpected program termination. There are two reasons for this. The first is because it contains a very significant and useful feature called Exception Handling. If an exception occurs in Java code, no damage is done, however, the application would crash in other low-level languages. Another reason for Java’s strength is its memory management capabilities. Learn more about it here.

Unlike other low-level languages, Java has a runtime garbage collector provided by the JVM that gathers any unneeded variables. A garbage collector is a specific JVM application that runs periodically and finds any unused variables and objects and removes them from memory to free up space.


What is the appeal of Java

Java is portable due to the WORA (Write Once Run Anywhere) philosophy and platform independence. Developers may now get the same output on every system by writing code just once using the Java programming language. This is due to the JVM and bytecode. If you write code in Java, it is first transformed to equivalent bytecode that is only viewable by the JVM.

We have several JVM versions for various systems. Windows has its own version of JVM, as does Linux, and macOS has its own version of JVM. So, if you distribute your bytecode to any computer, that machine’s JVM will transform the bytecode into machine code.


So, here’s a rundown of all of Java’s benefits. Java is the most powerful and frequently used programming language available today, with many applications. Java is a programming language that may be utilized on smartphones, large business systems, and even tiny initiatives. It may be used to create games, video applications, and browsers. Although it is unknown what the future holds for Java or which technology will eventually come to dominate the world of application development, one thing is certain.

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