What is New in the Cisco CCDE v3 Exam?

The CCDE exam is currently being administered in version 3 in 2022. CCDE v3 has many new modifications compared to CCDE v2, and in this blog article, some of the new changes will be detailed, and the things that remain the same. Additionally, I will express my opinions regarding these changes in the post.

Let’s start with the change to the exam result notification before moving on to the technical improvements. The CCDE v2 Exam is scheduled for 8–12 weeks from now. As a result, CCDE exam candidates might efficiently schedule the Exam up to twice a year. Because the announcement date and the rescheduled exam date frequently fell on the same day, students would avoid scheduling the Exam if they failed. Nothing has changed since. Exam results for CCDE v3 are released in 48 hours. It is very similar to CCIE tests.

There won’t be any Cisco CCIE Lab locations for the CCDEv3 Practical Exam anymore.

The CCDE v2 Lab/Practical test was administered in professional Pearson Vue Centres. There were 300 of them, and they were completed in many different nations. However, this shift may only be favourable for some exam candidates because Pearson Vue Centers are more widespread and available in more countries than Cisco CCIE Lab sites. 

CCDE v3 test The CCIE/CCDE site is used for scheduling.

• 90 days before the test date, registration is available.

Every year, the CCDE v3 test will be administered; six CCDE exams are anticipated.

(Before CCDE v2, it was 4, and occasionally 3)

On average, the CCDEv2 test was taken every three months or four times a year. Because of the exam result policy, you couldn’t take the next Exam, but you could take the following one. Therefore, it happened twice a year in actuality. If you fail the CCDEv3 test, you can still take the next one since there will be time to plan the subsequent Exam, book a hotel room, book a flight, etc., if travel is required because the Exam will be publicised in 48 hours and six times a year. Thus, increasing the frequency of the Exam would boost interest in it.

Core and Area of Expertise modules are now available in the Cisco CCDEv3 exam.

Numerous students have long inquired about the availability of Datacenter or Service Providers, Collaboration or Security competence, etc. Cisco still needs to develop this. Three alternative areas of expertise will be available for you to pick from, and one of the practical scenarios will be based on your choice. Like CCDEv2, CCDEv3 will have four scenarios and 8 hours to complete them.

Each scenario will have a maximum time limit of 2 hours, and even if you complete one of the situations sooner, the extra time won’t be applied to the subsequent scenarios. One scenario will be the Area of Expertise scenario, and three others will be referred to as the Core Module. The fundamentals of technology are covered in this session for candidates. It includes Enterprise technologies alone; no Data Center or Service Provider is included. • Core module is independent of vendor. Specific fields of technology are covered under the expertise module: • Expected knowledge should be more thorough • The Area of Expertise module may contain technologies specific to Cisco.

Area of Expertise Modules for CCDE v3

Large-Scale Networks, On-Premise, and Cloud Services, are available as areas of expertise. Employee Mobility You may choose from any of the areas above of specialisation, and the CCDEv3 test will last two hours while including 15 to 25 questions in a scenario. This is sufficient for the time being; for information on more modifications and CCDEv3-related material, please see our other postings and free and paid courses.

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