What Is Message+ On Android? – Best Verizon Message Plus Tips

The features of text messaging apps have evolved to the point where they started offering more than just a way to send texts.

Before there was MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) it was limited to text, then to characters and finally to

With the advent of the smart phone, people are more connected with each other in ways never before seen.

These apps include Google Messages on Android, Message Plus on Android, and Samsung Messages on Android.

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What Is Message+ On Android

Message+ is a text messaging app that will sync your messages across all your compatible devices.

So, for example, someone who owns an Android phone, an iPad, and a PC can sync all of his messages using the app.

Unlike the regular message app already installed with your device, Message+ doesn’t.

If you want to text from the app itself, then Message+ is a no-brainer choice.

Messages+ on Android phones give you customizable conversations that let you chat with your contacts individually or in group chats.

In addition, Message+ on Android also offers extra features, like read receipts, as well as direct access to your message inbox, from within the conversation.

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What Is Verizon Message+?

The Verizon Message+ is the same application you know as Message+ on Android.

The Message+ is a texting app that allows you to sync your conversations across compatible devices.

Message+ was developed by Verizon itself.

They are telecommunications company that is based in New York.

Is Verizon Messages Plus Free?

Message+ is a free service that will help you save time and money. Some features of the application are free, while others will cost you a little bit of money.

We’re going to give away the app for free, but whether or not you have to pay to use it will depend on how you use it and your plan.

It’s unlikely that you would incur any charges for international messaging. However, if you send SMS or MMS internationally, you might incur additional costs from your service provider.

If you have a Verizon Messages plan for your smartphone, you can use it to send and receive messages using the Verizon network or a Wi-Fi network.

Messages that are stored on a tablet or smartphone while connected to a Wi-Fi network will not incur data charges.

How to Use Verizon Messages

In order to use the Verizon Message+ app on your android device you’ll need to first download it on a compatible device.

You can download Message+ on Android through the Google Play Store – free of charge.

Use the guide in this section to download and get started using the Verizon Message+ app for Android.

This app makes texting simple! To start a text conversation with someone, just tap the icon in your mobile phone’s apps list and tap “Open App.

Use the code in the app to set up your Verizon Messages + account

How to Sync Verizon Messages

STEP 1: Visit the website, http://www.verizonwireless.com/messageplus-app/
STEP 2: Select the mobile phone that you want to monitor messages on from the list
STEP 3: A verification message will be sent to your phone. Enter the code displayed in the message and you are all set
STEP 4: After the phone number of the target device is verified and sync is complete, the Verizon messages app will begin working on your target phone
STEP 5: When you open the app you can view the latest text messages and missed call on your target phone
STEP 6: At any time, you can access the full history of all your text messages by going to the app menu

Verizon Message Plus vs Samsung Messages

We will analyze both apps to know which is the better messaging app between Verizon and Samsung messages.

This analysis will highlight the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Verizon Message (Message+)

This feature is designed to integrate all of your messages across compatible devices.

For example, you can sync your messages across your Android phone, tablet, and PC with the Verizon message plus app.

The Verizon message plus comes with additional messaging features.

This feature is known as Yahoo! Local and includes Yahoo! Media Search, Yelp, Kanvas, and many more.

Besides all of that, the Verizon message+ app also supports location tracking services, engaging public profiles, and driving mode.


It lets you sync messages across all devices
The Verizon message+ can sync messages between your smart phone and tablet
It comes with a great eGift Card feature
The Verizon message+ has location tracking services and driving mode
It comes with support for Wi-Fi
You can customize your conversations to both group chats or individual chats


It works only if you have an American number
It’s a complex app for S9 and S10

Samsung Messages

Samsung’s Messages app is the default tool for sending and receiving text messages on all Samsung devices.

There are so many ways the app could help you with messaging!

You can think of the best thing about the Samsung message app as its preinstalled apps.

As a customer, you don’t have to sign up for any additional service features.


This phone provides a comfortable user interface, which makes it easy for users to use its features, and it comes with preinstalled apps, such as the message and call log, the contacts, and the calendar. The Samsung message app offers a variety of features. You can sync your messages across all of your devices.


Many of its features are limited to Samsung devices, so they don’t work well with desktop browsers.

How to Add Messages to Home Screen

The first step is to open your app drawer, find the Messages app, tap and hold it, and drag it to the home screen.

How to Love or Like A Text Message on Android

There’s a very easy way to add a like reaction to a text message, and it’s very easy to do too. All you have to do is:

Thumbs up for liking something.

Meanwhile, we use the heart emoji to indicate love.

How to Tap into Someone’s Text Messages

You can sync the person’s messages with your phone to tap into their messages:
STEP 1: Open Verizon message+ on Android, tablet, or PC
STEP 2: The app will ask you to sync the phone that you want to monitor text messages on
STEP 4: Enter the phone number of the device you want to monitor
STEP 5: Once you enter the number of the target device or the phone you want to monitor text messages on, the Verizon app will send a verification message to that phone
STEP 6: Get the verification code from the person and enter it into the Verizon message+ app that’s on the android or PC you want to sync
STEP 7: After completing this process, you will be able to tap into the person’s text messages.

How to Turn ON/OFF Text Message Sync on Android

Open the App Settings on your Android phone, go to Google apps, tap on gmail and under the accounts, choose your account name. Tap on your email address. Scroll down to where it says “Server settings” and set it to “off”.

Tap the toggle button on the upper right corner of the screen to activate your phone.

How to Block Group Text Messages on Verizon

According to Verizon customer support, there is no way to block Messenger+ on android.

You can exit the group chat to ensure you do not receive messages or notifications from it.

To enable or disable group messaging on Verizon Messages for Android, go to the Messaging screen on your phone and tap the three-dot menu button in the upper right corner. Then, click “Group Messaging.

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STEP 1: Open the Messages app on your iPhone
STEP 2: Tap the Menu icon on the upper left corner of your screen
STEP 3: Click on Settings
STEP 4: Tap on Messages
STEP 5: Check the box to turn on Group Conversations.

How to Link Phones to See Messages

STEP 1: Open “Messages“ on your phone
STEP 2: Tap on the three vertical menu dot icon
STEP 3: Navigate to “Device pairing“
STEP 4: On your other phone, open Messages for web in a browser like Chrome or Safari
STEP 5: After opening Messages, it will ask you to scan the QR code on your other phone to link both phones

When you pair your Fitbit to your iPhone, your phone will vibrate.

How to See All Recipients of a Group Text Android

If you’ve followed the steps above, you’ll be able to see the list of recipients in the group. Simply tap on the options button next to the message so that the menu expands and all the recipients are visible.

The three vertical buttons on the top right corner of your screen.
STEP 3: Tap on “Group details” or “People & Options.
STEP 4: The screen that comes up next will display the people in the group conversation and each contact’s phone number.

How to Secretly Forward Text Messages on Android with Message Plus

You can follow this step-by-step procedure to learn how to forward text messages on Message+ on iPhone.

STEP 1: Open the Messenger app on Android and tap on the conversation containing the text messages you want to forward.
STEP 2: Tap on the “Message options” button at the bottom left corner of the chat screen to open the menu that appears.
STEP 3: Click on the three-dot icon on the top right corner of the chat screen to open a menu of actions available for this chat, including the option to forward the message.

When you tap on the contact(s), the icon beside their name or phone number will appear as a circle with a check mark. Tap on it to continue the process.

Does Verizon Message Plus Use Data?

Depending on your usage mode, the Verizon message+ can consume data.

Sending regular text messages through Verizon message+ will register as a text message bill on your android or any other device.1.

You won’t run out of data with the new message+.

The free version of this messaging app comes with ads, which will be displayed whenever you use the app.

Data charges may vary depending on your smartphone usage and how frequently you send picture or video messages.

What Is The Difference Between Message And Message Plus On Verizon?

You may not realize it, but the difference between WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger is the amount of additional features they have.

Meanwhile, the Messages app is just a simple messaging app.

Instead of being a typical messaging app like the Messages app, Messages Plus is a luxurious messaging app.

Personalization Features You Get with Message Plus

According to Verizon, you can do all of these with Verizon Message+ on Android or iOS:
Set a profile picture or avatar
Take selfies and send them to your friends
You can edit and send videos
Personalize images with sketches, captions, or collages
You can set a signature
The Verizon message+ app allows you to use Kanvas to add stickers, doodles, or text to a picture
Set auto-reply messages
You can also customize conversation backgrounds, bubble styles, and font
However, you should note that not all features are available on every OS or version of Verizon Messages (Message+).


If you’re looking for a messaging tool that lets you stay connected to your friends and family, consider the Verizon Message+ app on

it provides lots of features to help improve your online chatting experience.

The message+ app is a great way to meet new people. You get an experience unlike anything else.

It might drain your phone battery and your data depending on how frequently you use it.