What is Manga? An Introduction To The World of Japanese Comics

Manga is a Japanese word that can be roughly translated into “cartoon.” In the western world, readers may often associate manga with anime and other Japanese animated forms of entertainment. However, before the anime boom of the mid-20th century, manga existed as a standalone art form with its own traditions and conventions. Today, manga is still thriving in its native country of Japan. Readers who want to learn more about this unique form of storytelling should read on to learn more about what it is and how it differs from other genres out there. This article will explore the ins and outs of this strange but widely popular Japanese Comics.

What is Manga?

 Manga books are a Japanese form of literature that is similar to comic books. It is also known as Japanese comics. Manga books are a Japanese style of graphic novels influenced by the culture and tradition of Japan. It has genres such as romance, history, titan, horror, and more. It also has demographics.

Manga has long been a part of Japanese culture even before technology entered the world. It originated in Japan due to this it is read in a different way. Manga panels are read from the upper right of the page to the lower left of the page. Readers often have a hard time reading manga for the first time due to its style. This is what makes it unique.

Mangaowl can be read in books, in magazines, and even in newspapers back in the day. Currently, manga can also be read through online manga reading platforms such as Mangago. It is the medium often used by manga readers because it is up to date. Using manga reading sites would let you save a lot of money.

Demographics of Manga

Demographics are important in a manga book because Mangakas believes that this is a major basis of the work. Demographics classify which books are appropriate to an age range and gender group. There are 5 Famous Demographics that are talked about around the world.

  1. Shounen Manga. This demographic is number one on the list because famous manga and anime series often come from Shounen. An example of a prominent Shounen Manga is One Piece. The age range of Shounen is 12-year-old to 18-year-old teenage boys. This demographic is often packed with action and fantasy.
  2. Shoujo Manga. Sailor Moon, a classic favorite of teenage girls is a Shoujo Manga. Shoujo Manga is often filled with romance and slices of life. The age range of Shoujo is 12-year-old to 18-year-old teenage girls.
  3. Seinen Manga. This demographic is focused on young adults and often is about the seriousness of life. The hardships and challenges that young adults face in life and how they cope with them. An example of this is Berserk. The age range of this manga is 18-year-old to 40-year-old young adult men.
  4. Josei Manga. This demographic is about the obstacles that women go through as young adults. Men and Women have different challenges to face as a young adults. Josei is about how women go through this and handle challenges as young adults. The age range of this demographic is 18-year-old to 40-year-old young adult women.
  5. Kodomomuke Manga. Also known as children’s manga. This manga demographic features cartoons that face obstacles that children often face at a young age. It has no gender group. A famous example of this is Doraemon.

Differences Between Manga and Comics

Although the manga is still considered comics it differs in many ways. Below are 4 Major Noticeable differences between Manga and Comics.

  1. Storytelling. Manga is often long-running stories that are adapted from other media, often with a lot of violence. In contrast, Western comics are short-story collections with a very simple and straightforward storytelling style. Manga often mixes real-life issues with fantasy themes.
  2. Audience. Manga book readers belong to specific fitted demographics where they can select the manga best for their ages. This is because the manga is often more focused on depicting human emotions, relationships, and even societal issues. Western comics are much less focused on these aspects and give more attention to superhero themes.
  3. The Layout of Panels. The order of the panel for manga is different from normal comics. This is because manga is heavily influenced by Japanese culture. Comics are arranged in a normal order while manga is arranged from the top right corner to the lower-left corner of the page.
  4. Genres. Although both comic books and manga have a huge similarity in genres, there are genres that can only be found in manga such as yaoi and yuri. These manga books often tell a story about homosexual relationships.

Pros of Reading Manga

Although Manga Books are often regarded to be suitable only for kids, this is known as a misconception because manga can be read also by adults. In fact, Manga has several benefits for readers, below are some.

  • Japanese Culture. Many people take up reading manga as a way to learn more about Japanese culture. Some people even take up writing manga as a hobby. It is also common for people to read other manga series by other authors.
  • Community. Reading manga is often a social activity, especially when readers meet up to discuss their favorite series. Collecting manga can also be a common hobby, either for people who like to own a bunch of different manga or those who hope to sell their manga and make some money.
  • Language Practice. Reading manga is one way to practice the Japanese language. Many mangas are also written in Japanese, which can make them a useful tool for learning the language.
  • Enhance Vocabulary. Through reading manga, you can enhance your vocabulary as there are some words mentioned in manga that are often not used in other forms of literature. You can broaden your vocabulary and use it in the future.
  • Improve Comprehension. Reading manga can help you improve your reading comprehension. Reading comprehension is a vital part of life as we use it in so many ways. 


Manga is a prominent form of literature that originated in Japan. Through this Japanese culture and traditions are promoted to readers which made many individuals interested in going to Japan. Reading Manga is a great way to spend your vacant time. You learn and enjoy it at the same time.

Using manga reading sites is the best to discover the massive world of Manga. Mangago is a free manga reading site where reading manga on any device is possible. It is safe and secure from malicious software. Although there are ongoing rumors about it such as how long will Mangago be down? To answer this. Mangago never shut down. It is actually active and up to date up to this day. Those that shut down are fake sites that try to replicate Mangago. So if you’re looking for top manga books try out Mangago right away.

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