What Is Backlight Bleeding? [Causes, Test, and Fixes]

Backlight bleed is an issue most of us are familiar with, but not all LCDs suffer from it. We have a guide that will help identify the issue for those who want to check if their LCD is suffering from this issue.

On a bright sunny day, depending on what game or activity you’re engaging in on your monitor, you may not be able to see if there’s a backlight bleed.

So if you are not sure what backlight bleeding is or if you want to know how to reduce it, here is a helpful guide for you to get started with.

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What causes backlight bleeding? And how to test for and fix backlight bleeding.

So let’s jump right into our article.

What Is Backlight Bleeding?

The fact that this is not normal makes me wonder why it was happening in the first place. I’ve been using this monitor for almost a year now, and I haven’t had any issues with the backlight bleeding.

Backlit display issues are one of the most common problems users face on their TVs. These displays work by blocking out light that is not necessary to the visuals, but when there is backlight bleeding or flashlight bleeding, either the corners or more areas of the screen expose the backlights, ruining your viewing experience.

Backlight bleeding is usually only noticed in LCDs because they have a dedicated backlight.

Because the LCD and LED TV displays don’t have the depth of focus of CRTs, the image blurs slightly when it comes in contact with a bright light source.

In the real world, most backlight bleeding is either not easily detectable or is not serious enough to not be tolerable.

When your manufacturers returns policy ends, and if you’re still eligible, we will recommend that you make the return or take advantage of the warranty coverage.

But if none of that is the case for you, then let’s go into detail and see steps you can take if you notice backlight bleeding.

While some users mistakenly think that backlight bleeding is glowing IPS display, it isn’t! It’s a simple issue with the way some panel makers build their panels.

Backlight bleeding is a technical fault, not an IPS glow issue that can be fixed by simply adjusting the settings and changing the angle and distance from which you’re viewing the screen.

What Causes Backlight Bleeding?

A common screen defect known as backlight bleeding is caused by the deviation of the alignment of the superimposed multiple layers at different angles used in IPS monitors.

This will change the orientation of the liquid crystals to the normal state.

As a result of these displacements and deviations, light can penetrate in some places more unusually than it penetrates in others.

Types of Backlight Bleeding

There are two main types of backlight bleeding. And if you’re experiencing this issue on your display, one of them would be the case:
If there are irregular light patches across the entire screen area, then you have clouding.

You’ll be able to see easily that the lights on the back of the display are concentrated on a single area while another area appears darker.

Flashlights are smaller and generally less visible, and they are mostly found on the corners of the screen.

The black-and-white display on the iPhone 6s+ is in an advanced stage, with the edges of the display having more brightness than the center.

How to Do a Backlight Bleeding Test

If you want to know if something’s backlight bleeding, always do a backlight bleeding test. Take a backlight bleeding test if you’re a non-technical user.

You can use the free online backlight bleeding test at lightbleedtest.com to check for backlight bleeding.

The entire screen should remain dark, but if any part of the screen shows a hint of leaked backlight, then that could be a sign that you’re having the backlight bleeding problem.

Let’s proceed to the fixes

How to Fix Backlight Bleeding – Backlight Bleed Fixes

Loosen the display screws slightly
Twist the display frame
Apply electrical tape on the edges
Wipe away any bleeding spots with a microfiber cloth
Adjust your lighting
Change the display

Loosen the Display Screws – Backlight Bleed Fix i

If you screwed the panel too tight, then the backlight bleeding is likely caused by that.

This is because when the panel is tightly fixed, the display becomes warped.

Your backlight bleeding issue can be fixed by loosening the screws holding the frame, but not making them too loose that the display could fall out.

If this doesn’t fix the backlight bleeding issue, then you may need to use the next fix.

Slightly Twist The Display Frame – Backlight Bleed Fix ii

If the monitor isn’t properly seated in the frame, you’ll have extra light bleeding out of the edges.

If you find that your screen is suffering from the bleed issue, check to make sure that the display is seating properly in the frame, and correct it if it isn’t.

Apply Electrical Tape On The Edges — Backlight Bleed Fix iii

If the frame is loose, the backlight might be escaping out of the edge of the LCD screen, which could be a sign that

A common trick we apply when changing the tube in a vacuum cleaner is also relevant here.

You can also take an electrical insulator tape and use it to tape up the edges of the box.

The recommended fix for the display frame problem is to buy a new display.

Use A Microfiber Cloth on the Bleeding Spots – Backlight Bleed Fix IV

It’s also possible the backlight bleed is a result of grease, dust, and liquid, so you should try cleaning the display with a microfiber cloth.

Massage the microfiber cloth in a circular motion over the bleeding areas.Q:

Make sure you don’t apply too much pressure or force the display into bending, or it could break.

After cleaning the display, you should turn the monitor OFF for a few days so that it can cool down and settle.

Change Your Lighting – Backlight Bleed Fix V

If you’re gaming in a dark room, the best way to minimize bleeding is to use the monitor in a lighted room.

This may not work on every device but it’s a quick fix for an annoying issue on the iPhone 6s.

Either way, you want to adjust to a point where the backlight bleeding is not noticeable.

Change the Display – Backlight Bleed Fix VI

If none of these work, the final option you should try is to switch out your current monitor. It shouldn’t require that you buy a new one.

Changing a monitor display isn’t too complicated if you buy a good display from your manufacturer.

Manufacturers usually provide a step-by-step guide that will help you change the display.

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