What Happens When You Call Someone Who Blocked You?

It’s difficult to tell if your number has been blocked or not.

For example, you notice that your emails go undelivered, or your phone calls don’t go through

In some cases, certain signs will show that someone has blocked your number.

Don’t share your password, and don’t take your partner’s photos.

These methods are non-intrusive, meaning you don’t have to use invasive methods.

Here’s what happens when you call someone who blocked you.

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What happens when you call someone who blocked you?

Observe how quick you go to voicemail:

Don’t worry when you receive a call from someone who blocked you. There may be a change in the ring pattern, but you’ll never know for sure until you check your caller ID.

You will receive a few rings before reaching voicemail, so if you call a number that is not blocking you, you will likely receive between 5-12 rings.

If the phone is turned OFF or on another call, your call will go straight to voicemail.

If you call a number and it rings once and then takes you to voicemail, it may mean that someone else has set their voicemail as the “default” message.

To email a note to someone, first press “send” and enter the receiver’s email address.

If you receive multiple rings for voicemails, it means you haven’t been blocked. If the call goes straight to voicemail it means you’ve been blocked.

It’s important to note, if the pre-recorded voice message that says the number is “unavailable,” it could indicate that your number has been blocked, but this varies with the recipient’s network provider.

Try to send a text message:

With iOS, you can know if a number has blocked you when you text them. On Android, this is more difficult.

When you send a text message on an iOS device, you get two notification bubbles: “Delivered” and “Read.

If the recipient has blocked you, neither email will show in your mailbox.

If you wish to avoid getting calls while on vacation, you should turn on Do Not Disturb on your device.

It’s turned on but the battery is low.

Calling from another phone:

The easiest way to make it work is to call the number from another number.

You don’t have to wait for the recipient to pick up before you can leave a voicemail; you just have to know how

How to tell if someone blocked your number from texting on Android:

If someone sends you a text message that you didn’t get or received an incorrect phone number, it can be a lot harder to tell if the person blocked your number from texting because Android devices do not have the

So, if you send a text and don’t get a reply back, it’s likely that you’ve been blocked.

If they are not taking the time to learn, then it’s probably a good idea to drop them as a potential client.

You can delete any email and try to search for their contact in your mail account.

You won’t be blocked if your name comes up as a suggested contact.

However, if you have never heard of them, it may be that they have been blocked.

You have to text him on WhatsApp. If you get a single tick beneath, that could mean he’s blocked you from contacting him.

Turn off your caller ID service. If the person who is calling you doesn’t automatically connect you to voicemail, they are likely blocking you.

When you block a caller, do they know?

Yes, they will be notified if you’ve blocked them.

If they call you, you won’t answer, and their calls will go straight to voicemail.

They can even get through if they change their phone number.

It won’t show up in your text history when you try to reply to it.

This will happen only if they use an Android device, but they will still receive the notifications under their text bubbles.

Can you leave a voicemail if your number is blocked?

When you call someone you blocked, it goes straight to voicemail.

You don’t have to use the pre-designed templates or send emails straight to your customers’ inbox.

Instead, it is stored somewhere else. You have to make sure the person’s contact is still saved to access this voicemail.

Open your phone app and at the bottom right-hand corner is the voicemail option.

Tap on Blocked messages. Click the Settings icon and scroll down. There’s a Blocked messages button.

If you do not see blocked messages, there are no blocked numbers that have sent you a voicemail.

Tap the message to listen to it, delete it, or get a transcription (this doesn’t work for every message).

What happens if you Facetime someone who blocked you?

If you don’t have his phone number or email address, then you can just call him back.

If your phone tries to Facetime someone who has blocked you and it rings while nothing is happening on the receiver’s side, it will continue to ring until you end the call.

But this also happens when the network is poor, so it’s hard to tell if it’s good or not on FaceTime.

Try other methods to verify.

Will FaceTime still ring if blocked?

If you block someone on Facebook, their phone won’t ring, but it will ring on yours.

You will receive a notification that your call is waiting to be answered. You will not hear anything from the person until you call them.

How to block calls on iPhone:

To block a number, open the Phone app and follow the steps above. If you select Favorites, Recents, or Voicemail, you’ll see a list of the people you’ve blocked, including the reason why.

Open the Contacts app, choose the contact you want to block, scroll down the options and choose Block this Caller.

How to block calls on Samsung:

From the Home screen choose More options, the three-dots icon, then select Settings.

In the option that shows, choose Block numbers. Select Add phone number, then enter the phone number you want to block.

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I can’t call a specific number, but they can call me – Things to check

If the block is added to your number in the Caller’s Dialer or Contacts app, it will only work when you call them.

You can still call them. You can even check whether they’ve been blocked on yours.

Reboot your devices and try again.

If “Call forwarding” is enabled on both devices, check that each device is set up for the same number.

Tap or click ‘Settings’ from the Phone screen. Select “More Settings” and then tap or click ‘More Settings’.

Don’t try to see it in Call Forwarding. Delete those contacts from all devices.


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If you have multiple devices on which you need to sync your contact information, then restart the devices and try again.

If none of the methods work, try to contact your network provider.


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