What Happens When Someone Calls You on Airplane Mode on Android & iPhones?

Everyone needs a break from a stressful schedule or a tiring day.

Turning off your phone’s mobile data connection will help your brain focus and recharge for the day ahead.

When using this feature on flights, it’s important to tell your phone not to use this feature in the same location where the airplane’s flight controls are.

But the Airplane mode in Android and iOS phones covers other things aside from phone calls, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile data and so on.

When you turn airplane mode ON, it’s not really a problem. You just have to figure out how to put it back to OFF when you’re done. This isn’t an issue with either an Android or an iPhone device.

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What Happens When Someone Calls You on Airplane Mode for Android And iPhones?

An airplane mode on mobile phone will ring on your device, even when it’s in silent mode.

If your phone is in an area with a bad connection, it will appear that the phone is turned off or you are in an area with a bad connection.

With a built-in screen saver you can rest easy knowing that you won’t have your phone ringing off the hook with notifications when you need to focus on relaxing.

You can turn ON your WiFi and Bluetooth manually even while airplane mode is on, so you could use your phone when in flight. If the calls are over the internet, such as Facetime, WhatsApp calls, they would go through because of the WiFi connection.

Will I Get Notified If Someone Called Me When My Phone Was on Flight Mode?

You can set your Amazon app to notify you when you’re on a flight.

This happens because flight mode blocks transmission signals from your device, and that means you won’t be able to talk to the person.

Does Airplane Mode Stop Incoming Calls?

You can set your Amazon app to notify you when you’re on a flight.

This happens because flight mode blocks transmission signals from your device, and that means you won’t be able to talk to the person.

Does Airplane Mode Stop Incoming Calls?

If you want your phone to stop receiving calls, you need to turn off the cellular network, WiFi, and Bluetooth services.

But while you can still turn ON WiFi and Bluetooth, it’s not the same for your cellular network.

Because your phone number is your social media handle.

Options for Making Calls When the Phone Is on Airplane Mode

While airplane mode limits your use of the cellular network, there are other options you can use if you still want to make phone calls while using flight mode.

Those are some of the ones that would work when using a WiFi connection.

You can use FaceTime to make calls, even if you’re not connected to the Internet. And with a WiFi connection, you can make calls using WhatsApp, even when your device is in Airplane mode.

In addition to using the app on WiFi, you can use the Messenger app, on Airplane mode, to make calls from your phone.

Things You Can and Can’t Do When Your Phone Is on Airplane Mode

Here are some things you can’t do when your phone is on airplane mode:
When your phone is on airplane mode, you can’t make or receive calls over a cellular network.

Texting while in airplane mode is easy because there is no cellular data available.

This is true. You can’t browse the web while your cell phone is on airplane mode.

Even though your phone is on airplane mode, you can still turn on your Bluetooth and WiFi. You’ll need to turn these features on while your phone is in airplane mode.

You can connect your Bluetooth to an external speaker and listen to songs.

You can receive messages and calls from apps that use a Wi-Fi connection.

These are the best apps to use while traveling. You can play games on your phone while airplane mode is turned on (if it’s an online game, you might need to get online using a WiFi connection).

If I Turn My Phone on to Airplane Mode, Will I Receive Any SMS Messages That Were Sent to Me When I Turn It Back OFF?

The only way to stop your mobile device from getting calls or messages is to turn OFF the device.

When you turn off your cell phone, it will not display the missed calls on the screen.

However, in the case of messages sent over a cellular network, they would still deliver to your phone regardless.

With airplane mode, you can save on data and power usage.

This is because the airplane mode function has already stopped all the energy-draining activities of the phone.

Why Do You See Missed Texts but Not Missed Calls When the Phone Was Powered OFF?

When your phone is turned OFF, text messages cannot be received by your phone.

In place of this, the text messages are stored in the phone’s memory and when the phone is switched back ON, the message is retrieved and sent back to the intended receiver.

When calling someone via cellular service, it does connect at the supposed time, but when missed calls are made it connects to the person calling and sends them the missed call notification.

Even if you don’t have a smartphone or the call never even got to your phone, there’s still a record of it.

Is Airplane Mode the Same as Do Not Disturb?

No, airplane mode is not the same as do not disturb.

Though they both allow you to take a break from work, text messages, and the internet, they do the following using entirely different methods.

The differences between Airplane mode and Do Not Disturb are explained here: https://support.google.

If someone calls you, but you’re not available, these calls just go into a queue for you to answer later.

In airplane mode, texts can be sent from only your phone to your friends, and they appear when the mode is turned off.

This feature lets you set up rules for when your phone will and will not ring.

In Airplane mode, your cellular data connection is turned off, so you can’t use the internet.

You’ll find great deals and discounts using the internet in the Do Not Disturb mode.

Your Do Not Disturb options are customizable.

However, in the case of Airplane mode, once you click on the icon, you cannot personalize the functions.

Both airplane mode and Do Not Disturb do not affect alarms.

How to Turn ON Airplane Mode on iPhone and Android

On an Android device, you can turn on airplane mode by tapping on the airplane icon on the drop-down menu on the home screen. Go to settings and click on airplane mode.

Whether you use an Android phone or tablet, if you turn off the Wi-Fi, it will put Airplane mode on.

Tap the Menu button, then tap the Settings option to open the Settings app.

The internet icon would be present beside all other data functions on the device.

Tap on the airplane icon to turn it orange.

If you press the menu key, it will activate airplane mode.

How to Turn ON Do Not Disturb on Android and iPhone

To activate the Do Not Disturb on Android, click on the control center on the home screen.

A green star is displayed when the page loads.

Tap on the icon, and the Do Not Disturb function will start.

You could do that by going to Settings and Sound. A menu would show Do not disturb as one of the options.

To activate the sleep screen, follow these steps
Pull up the menu of the control center.

Go to settings
Go to Do Not Disturb


Now, when someone calls your phone while it is on airplane mode, you know what to expect.

For most people, the Do not disturb feature is essential, as it allows you to focus on the important things in life and avoid interruptions when you are busy.

And in all these two options also provide a much-needed time out from the internet.