What Exactly is The Cuemath Program?

Cuemath is a one-on-one online personalized math and coding program that is accredited by STEM.org and follows the US Common Core. It is open to kids in kindergarten through tenth grade. With over 25 million teaching hours logged, the firm has already taught over 200,000 pupils in 20 countries. Cuemath program, unlike many after-school math programs that focus on mechanics and memorization, aims to create a love of math and coding by using real-life examples and captivating images to help students grasp concepts intuitively and thoroughly, as well as to foster independent thinking skills. 

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How does the Cuemath Program Intend to Reverse the Deteriorating Trend? 

Cuemath, an Indian-based online after-school math and coding program, aims to reverse the negative trend. They formally expanded to the United States this week, where 15,000 students had already signed up before the debut. 

Cuemath was founded in 2013 and has raised $65 million from some of the world’s most famous investors, including Alphabet’s CapitalG and Sequoia Capital. “Its customized approach to learning, which is tailored according to each student’s ability, makes Cuemath’s technology platform accessible to millions of children around the world. These elements encouraged venture capitalists to take notice.” Khurma added. 

What makes the Cuemath Program Unique? 

According to Cuemath, “its learning program and highly qualified teachers enable it to deliver education to students in India and all over the world. The company’s ability to hire highly qualified teachers remotely, combined with their intelligent learning program and strong market traction, made it an attractive investment.”

Cuemath, unlike some after-school math programs, is not remedial, according to Khurma. “Our goal is to support parents who are interested in improving their children’s math skills, accelerating math, or improving holistically.” We’re excited about launching right now since we know that many parents are seeking after-school assistance, either to help students finish the school year strongly or to continue their education over the summer.


What is the Purpose of the Cuemath Programme for your Child? 

The Cuemath program was created with your child in mind. The Cuemath program emphasizes reasoning as a method of learning math. This enables your youngster to not only comprehend mathematics concepts and problems but also to apply them to real-life situations. Everything is connected when it comes to math. A single faulty link might jeopardize the entire structure. If the dislike of maths is not addressed early on, it can become a lifelong problem. If a child’s aversion to math is not addressed early enough, it can lead to problems later in life, such as math anxiety. A solid math foundation, on the other hand, prepares the path for future academic achievement. 

The Cuemath program was not created for kids with unique learning needs in mind. Some of our teachers, on the other hand, have accept enrolments of special needs students with parental agreement. 

Typically, the education system and traditional conceptions of mathematics limit students to math subjects that are mandated for the grade level in which they are enrolled. 

Cuemath’s program covers a variety of topics, including Math Concepts, Aptitude, and Creative Reasoning, to guarantee that your child learns the subject holistically. This will help you succeed in competitive tests as well as school exams in the long run.

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