What Does GPU Stand For in Computers?

For core computer users and enthusiasts, interest often revolves around the processing speed of laptops and computers.

The processing speed of a computer or laptop determines how much information is fed into and retrieved from the device.

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Another important consideration is the processor itself.

If you’re a game designer, programmer, or 3D artist in the gaming industry, you’ll need to know what this acronym

So what does GPU stand for in Computers?

GPGPU stands for GPU Computing on GPUs. A GPU is a component in a computer/laptop that enhances a computer’s ability to create and render computer graphics.

It usually consists of a processing unit, memory, a cooling system, and several cables that connect to a display device.

A GPU also performs the task of improving all the videos, graphics, and animations displayed on a laptop’s screen.

Once you know what a GPU stands for, the next question should be what does it do?

First things first. A Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) allows images and videos to appear in the proper format on your computer’s monitor.

Types of GPU

It is important to note that there are two types of GPUs, deployed in laptops.

A dedicated graphics card is more powerful than an integrated graphics card.

In this post, we’ll explore each type of GPU in more detail.

Dedicated Graphics Card

Your dedicated graphics card is also referred to as a discrete, video, display, or graphics adapter.

A key feature of a dedicated graphics card is that you don’t need to mess around with any other cables or parts of your system.

A dedicated graphics card comes with Random Access Memory (RAM).

If you need to get more graphics power for your computer, the dedicated RAM makes a powerful processor, and you can replace it yourself or just upgrade the RAM.

Integrated Graphics Processing Unit (IGPU)

An integrated graphics processing unit also goes by other names, including shared graphics, integrated graphics processors, or unified memory architecture.

A motherboard without a graphics card is like having no computer at all.

An IGPU does not come with a dedicated RAM. It uses a portion of the computer’s RAM to perform its duties.

The performance of an integrated graphics processing unit may drop when it is used in a dual graphics card setup.

Here’s a short overview of what a GPU does. Let’s take a closer look to what a GPU stands for.

The following are the real-life applications for a GPU:

Game console GPUS are employed in powering gaming applications and consoles.

The GPGPU stands for general purpose graphical processing unit. It’s a powerful type of computer graphics hardware.

The graphics processing unit, or GPU, forms an integral part of workstations. They help with tasks such as video editing, encoding, decoding, transcoding, and rendering among others.

An NVIDIA GPU is the processing core of an artificial neural network, so that’s where this comes into play. GPUs also run the cloud servers for companies that are using Amazon Web Services.

What Are GPUs Used for Today?

GPUs generate graphics for video games.

GPUS may not be limited to only gaming, but listed below are some other features of GPUS.

Machine learning, video editing, blockchain and crypto mining, and 3D graphics rendering for media work.

Machine Learning

An excellent GPU is essential for using your computer for machine learning.

Machines that can think. It involves assembling analytical models using large volumes of data to find new patterns and make critical conclusions.

A suitable graphics processing unit (GPU) is necessary to run the required software and tools needed to make your business successful.

Your GPU will help you with this challenging computational work, performing multiple and complex processes at the same time.

Video Editing

Another great use of the GPU is for video editing. It’s great for those who want to make their videos look really sharp.

Some other video editors would make the work easier for those that handle the conversion of large videos to a different format without losing its resolution.

A single video processor can handle a lot of work in a short amount of time, so if the system only has a CPU, it would be overloaded by this work and might develop errors or glitches that could affect your overall output. The GPU also supports encoding, decoding, and compression software, which makes it a valuable resource for any video editor.

Blockchain And Crypto Mining

It takes a lot of time to mine cryptocurrencies using ASICs.

If you want to store transaction records, you need sophisticated encrypted algorithms.

That means that mining any cryptocurrency requires an efficient PC, an important factor for mining success.

3D Graphics Rendering

Digital artists have been making realistic images and art displays for some time now.

However, rendering 3D graphics is very intensive; using a GPU-enabled computer would allow these artists to create images and abstract art that were originally impossible with only the CPU.

GPU Vs Graphics Card – Similarities and Differences

The GPUs and graphics cards accomplish the same things, but they have distinct features that can help identify them.

In the following list, we will look at some of the similarities between the two men, and also the differences.


A GPU and graphics card can both be used to render graphics for video games.

This application is useful for creating realistic images and videos. You can use them to create unique visual effects in film, commercial, and other media works. They can also be applied in video encoding, i.e., converting the video from raw files to different formats such as MOV, MKV, MP4, Webm, etc.


The Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) is the unit that creates the images for frames, performs the actual rendering of graphics, and performs calculations.

On the other hand, a graphics card consists of a GPU, a BIOS chip, a RAMDAC, and ports used to connect the card to the motherboard.

It can therefore be noted that GPU can be found in graphics cards.

GPUs (graphic processing units) can be integrated into a computer system and often come with the computer along side the CPU.

In comparison to the graphics card, the processor is an external piece of hardware connected to the computer with the help of a port and cable.

Therefore, these integrated GPUs are sometimes not as powerful as the graphics card.

5 Best GPUs And Graphics Cards on The Market

It is always preferable to go for the graphics card that will deliver the best value, which may also be capable of boosting your integrated graphics.

There are several different Nvidia graphics cards that you can consider getting. These include the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 and the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070.

What Does a GPU Do for Gaming?

With no GPU, or with a weaker graphics card, your games will run more slowly and the resolution may be lower.

If you want to get a high frame rate, your graphics card is very important. It determines the frame rate (frame per second).

The graphics card you get depends on your computer’s configuration, but usually you will get a great performance with an Nvidia graphics card.

On the other hand, it also must be compatible with your PC

Is GPU Better Than CPU?

General purpose computing includes mid-range calculations and the implementation of a large set of linear instructions.

It is also the central part of the operating system and has access to a substantial portion of the local cache memory.

In comparison, a GPU is a specific unit that handles how graphics are displayed.

The strength of the GPU lies in its ability to perform computations on massive amounts of data while at the same time allow for a smooth performance of certain applications.

Finally, both processing units are needed to get the optimal performance out of a high-end computer.

If you use Windows 10 for your desktop OS, you’ll have to keep your drivers up to date, especially if you use a high-performance GPU. This article covers how to do that.

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