What can happen if you violate Title IX?

Title IX is a law that states, no person in the United States of America can be discriminated against or denied access, or opportunity based on sex. Sexual harassment or abuse is also considered a part of Title IX violations. The federal system has made it mandatory for schools, colleges, and universities to abide by Title IX laws and create Title IX policies that are to be followed in and outside the school premises. A person facing sexual harassment or sex-based discrimination can consult a Title IX attorney to file a lawsuit and seek compensation or revive their lost opportunity. You can click here to hire. Let us know the consequences of violating Title IX:

Expulsion from school

The first repercussion you’ll face after violating Title IX laws is getting expelled from school. It is a mandatory provision and must be followed by all educational institutes. Thus, if you violate Title IX policies of your educational institution, then you may be rusticated from the school.


In case the victim doesn’t file a lawsuit and the matter is handled by the school board, then you may be asked to pay a penalty to the victim for the damage they suffered. Also, sometimes after filing a lawsuit, the case may conclude on the terms that you have to pay a penalty amount to the complainant.

Criminal Charges

If you have sexually harassed someone, it is one of the most heinous crimes under Title IX laws and this will result in criminal charges. A criminal charge will impact your career and reputation. It may take years to get rid of such charges and you won’t be able to resume your day-to-day life soon.

Jail Time

For severe violations, the judge may declare a jail term to be served. Title IX violations are considered a sensitive matter and if the damage done is extreme, you may face jail term. It is one of the most severe punishments declared by the court. Moreover, you may be asked to pay an amount while serving jail time.

The prime issue behind people not sensitizing Title IX violations is the lack of knowledge. Schools and colleges are not making much effort to convey or enlighten their students about what exactly Title IX is and what rights they can exercise if they ever come across a situation where they are being sexually discriminated against. Educational institutes must make an effort to spread awareness about Title IX, frame strict policies against its violation, and hold periodic talk sessions with Title IX attorneys to update students’ knowledge. These are some ways in which Title IX violations can be prevented.