What Are the Best Ways to Prevent Ransomware Attacks?

The most effective protection against ransomware is segmentation. A complete inventory of your assets and segments will provide a full picture of what you need to protect. IOC lists will give you visibility into what attackers are targeting, and your team will have guidelines for protecting critical segments.

 Segmentation gateways can prevent ransomware from gaining access to your most important applications. These firewalls will protect you from lateral movement and stop ransomware before it can infect your system.

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CIS Controls security best practices

In addition to security best practices, organizations should also maintain network time protocol (NTP) configurations. This control also covers verbose logging of traffic from network devices, the use of SIEMs to detect anomalies, and the frequency of reviewing reports for suspicious activity. These CIS controls run alongside a large number of other essential security controls. The following are some examples of good practices to help prevent ransom attacks.

CIS Controls are comprised of a list of critical security measures that should be applied to every organization. There are seven best practices that can stop a ransomware attack and limit its impact. These practices are mapped to CIS Best Practices and can be adapted to fit any size or security level. Listed below are some of the CIS Best Practices. Keep in mind that not all CIS controls are applicable to every organization.

Blocking TCP 445

One of the easiest ways to prevent ransom attacks is to block TCP ports. By default, these ports are open, but you can change them to prevent attacks. In Windows, you can block ports 135-139 and 445. Windows also allows you to share files and printers internally. Blocking TCP 445 will keep them from affecting your system. But what about other ports? Some people have reported problems with ransomware and malware.

Whether you’re concerned about security, or want to prevent a future attack, blocking port 445 is a smart idea. Although many computers are vulnerable to ransom attacks, this port is used by the file system to copy files. Blocking this port may interfere with group policy and restrict browsing capabilities to outside networks. But be aware that Windows by default leaves this port open. You should manually check if it’s open or not before blocking it. Using netstat -na, you can scan all the ports connected to the computer.

Disabling command-line capabilities

Disabling command-line capabilities on your computer is one way to avoid being targeted by a ransomware attack. This type of malware locks down user files and systems, extorting money in exchange for access. It targets businesses, organizations, and individuals alike, and is used to spread its harmful code. By disabling these capabilities, you will prevent hackers from targeting your system and encrypting your files, thus preventing them from being released.

Fortunately, ransomware is getting increasingly sophisticated, and demands have skyrocketed into the tens of millions of dollars. Although there is no single cause behind these increases, many factors are linked to the escalating sophistication of ransomware attacks. Increasing connectivity and the effort of the threat actors to perfect their craft have led to the creation of an environment in which these hackers can reside undetected within a victim’s environment.

Limiting user access to data

One of the most effective ways to limit the spread of ransomware is to restrict user access to data folders. Many ransomware programs are designed to execute from data or temporary folders, so limiting user access to those folders will prevent them from encrypting files. In addition, limiting access to system administrator accounts may also help. Disabling default system administrator accounts and decreasing user accounts can also be effective roadblocks. Another effective ransomware prevention rule is to ensure software updates are regularly performed. This will allow you to detect and prevent ransomware attacks in the early stages. Another way is to stop countdown popups to enhance the user experience 

Another effective method to limit ransomware is to restrict user access to essential data. This will reduce the likelihood of ransomware spreading within your organization by restricting their access to systems they need. Organizations should also limit user access to local desktops, restricting administrative privileges to those systems that are needed to do their work. Organizations should configure two accounts for each user who needs to access system files and data. One should be used for administrative functions, while the other should be restricted for other users.

Using intrusion detection and prevention system

When it comes to cyber security, a well-functioning intrusion detection and prevention system (IDS) is critical to any organization’s security. An IDS helps detect and stop threats before they can infect a network. An IDS will alert you whenever a malicious file or process is detected. It can also take other actions such as quarantining files or killing malicious processes.  video pop ups can create engagement if they are used properly

A good IPS will monitor incoming and outgoing network traffic and send alerts when abnormal activity is detected. It also recognizes various types of security incidents and can detect bugs in network device configurations. It can even detect malicious activity by analyzing known signatures and anomalies. Once it has identified the threat, the organization can use this information to improve its systems’ security. Here are some of the advantages of using an intrusion detection and prevention system to prevent ransom attacks

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