Toptal Alternatives for Hiring Remote Developers

With the rising demand for programmers across the globe due to the increasing demand of the tech industry, more and more hiring managers are scrambling to find high-quality remote developers to join their startups and get their projects off the ground.

While there are many companies and platforms out there claiming to offer quality tech talent, not all of them stay true to their word when compared to the quality of service offered at Toptal. But due to the huge expense of hiring remote developers through Toptal, most people are on the lookout for Toptal alternatives that can offer quality services at better price points.

Here’s a look at some of the best Toptal alternatives for hiring remote dev talent:

  • CloudDevs

CloudDevs is quite possibly the best Toptal alternative in the market, due to its skilled and vetted talent pool, affordable rates and the added bonus of timezone matching as they ensure your talent shares your time zones to make communication and coordination so much easier for you during your project. CloudDevs ensures the matching of talent to your project within 48 hours and handpicks a dev from their talent pool that has experience specific to the industry you’re building in. 

  • PeoplePerHour

This Toptal alternative is one of the cheapest options on the market for non-vetted talent. The client has to post their job description on the site and review the applications submitted by the freelancers and make a selection based on reviews and recommendations. The freelancers are available from across the globe and you can start the project with the chosen talent after paying an initial deposit to commence the project.

  • Upwork

Upwork has long been recognized as a Toptal alternative that offers a variety of talent at affordable rates. They offer three options to find your talent. One where you can post your job requirement and wait for freelancers to reach out. The second option allows you to browse the project listing by freelancers who have pre-determined rates for their services, and offer to buy their services, and thirdly, use their talent scout option to get their help in locating the right talent for your requirement.

  • Guru

Guru is a freelance talent platform that offers a global pool of talent across a variety of job types. As an employer, you may join the Guru platform for free and post your job requirement and receive quotes for the job from the freelancers that are interested. You may browse through the received quotes and look into the profiles, portfolios and earning statistics of the freelancers that have provided quotes, and finalize the agreement with one that you think is suitable.

  • Codeable

Codeable is a Toptal alternative that solely specializes in WordPress development. If you have a project that specifically requires WordPress developers, you may get on a call with them to state your requirements. Based on your needs, they would put together the required talents for your project. Their developer rates fall within $75 to $150 per hour, making them a slightly more expensive option than other Toptal alternatives available in the market. 


All these suggested Toptal alternatives will offer you a range of tech talent options at more affordable rates. But do keep in mind that platforms the likes of PeoplePerHour, Guru and Upwork offer non-vetted talent, hence your hiring time through those platforms will be lengthier, as you would have to source and screen the talent yourself.

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