5 Tools for Creating Awesome Ad Videos and Images

Video content is certainly a trend in the last few years. And it isn’t surprising that digital advertising is in great demand. To launch a video ad, you need to consider many things: create a script, shoot a video, choose a site where this ad will be placed, as well as correctly configure impressions in the advertising network.

Before launching, you should fully understand why an advertising campaign is needed. This may be the following:

  • increase brand awareness in the market;
  • raise interest in the brand;
  • tell about a product that has not yet formed a demand;
  • attract traffic to the site;
  • etc.

With the goal sorted out, it remains to understand whether it’s good for your business. In general, this format of digital marketing is suitable for almost any niche. One company can use a video to tell about its brand and work with positioning in the market, and the other can raise interest in the product.

How to Proceed Expensive Shooting and Complex Editing

Creatives, photo editing, and video editing are important components of effective advertising. To get a high CTR and a low CPC, you need to test different options, periodically replace some ads with others, and prepare separate creatives for each segment of the target audience.

Everything is clear with texts and images, but questions arise about the video. It seems that it takes a lot of time and money to create and test ads in this format. However, there are ways to make commercials quickly, efficiently and without large investments in production. Let’s discuss in detail which ads software can assist you in this!


Canva is a graphic design software whose functionality allows you to create commercials from photos or other videos. There are templates for Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, and other platforms.

You can set the background, upload any media, add various objects (shapes, stickers) to the frames, proceed with image editing and, of course, change the text. There is access to a large internal library of content and integration with large photo stocks. The finished video ad is available for download in MP4 format.

VistaCreate (ex. Crello)

It is a fantastic tool for making banner ads and is often used for banners with leaderboards, broad skyscrapers, and medium, and big rectangles. It provides a variety of premium designs for free and helps create a design from scratch. You may choose the style and the template and begin tailoring your advertisement as you like.

In addition, Crello excels at producing visuals for social networks. It also includes tools for designing eBook covers, invites, flyers, brochures, newsletters, and attractive blog headlines. Making advertising for Google Ads, Bing display, Google Display Network, etc. is simple using Crello.


Users of WASK, an all-encompassing online marketing platform, can link their internet advertising accounts to only one platform. The WASK makes it simple to develop, distribute, and control all advertisements. Advertising processes are scheduled and adjusted automatically as desired by users thanks to WASK’s innovative smart technologies, such as scheduler and autopilot. Advertising manages itself automatically because it is launched, halted, and eliminated when necessary. Additionally, WASK’s artificial intelligence algorithm allows customers to establish the ideal target audience with a single click. Users can monitor how performances are progressing with comparative results, and ads are contrasted with A/B tests.


It is a video editing resource that has a very limited set of instruments to work with. It will not be possible to quickly insert a fragment of one video into another video here, only cropping from the start and end is accessible. Furthermore, it’s possible to overlay music, but cropping takes place separately, which will not allow it to be substituted for the timing of the video sequence. You can export and share your video as well.


To edit clips in the editor WeVideo is a win-win cloud and mobile option. The service lets you capture your webcam, make animated movies, and share high-resolution movies. You can access the tool on any system from the official website.

The multiplatform editor helps quickly achieve professional results and conduct advanced video editing even for novice users. Thanks to the support of several formats of video, audio, images, and graphics, users can create projects of any complexity. You can also accelerate the process thanks to a collection of customized templates.

4 Ideas for Your Advertising Video

Video Introduction

The purpose of such videos is to introduce viewers to you and your company. Tell about yourself, not only as a business but also as a person. Give some interesting facts from life. Consumers need to see the people behind the companies. A video about the values and beliefs of the company or brand audit will help you connect with the audience. 

Product Overviews

Record an overview of the apps installed on your smartphone. Your product may be among them. Record a screen on Mac with Movavi or if you’re on Windows, use any alternative like Bandicam and show what your tool is capable of. Publish the video on all channels: it will help you increase sales and retain customers. Make a list of tools or applications and compare them. Talk to the developer about the difficulties and discoveries in the creation process. Users never know about 100% of the capabilities of your tool (or popular service). Reveal to them the techniques that will make working with it easier.

Fun Content

Even the most serious companies have to make entertaining videos from time to time. Humor strengthens relationships and helps reach a wider audience. Show unusual approaches to its use, or the worst that can happen to someone who does not buy it. Offer Internet users a branded challenge. If done correctly, the video can go viral and will appear as one of the ways to attract millennials. Show your talent and make the audience laugh. If the video turns out to be funny, they will want to share it.

Products and Reviews

Reviews can be done on anything: your new product or service, a profile on social networks, a podcast, a book, or a movie. The main thing is that it should be interesting to the target audience. You can release such videos regularly. Videos with unpacking are incredibly popular on the Internet. You can unpack your products or products relevant to the industry. Show how the product or service works. Don’t forget to tell us about your impressions.


A well-made video is a kind of expert salesman who works unceasingly 24/7. Yet, the most essential and welcome news is that using advertising can significantly reduce your ad budget. With minimal prices for the video on its own, it will be far more insightful and appealing to users than text or banner ads.
This is the reason video content is so valuable today – it ensures confidence, loyalty, and good conversion rates.