Tips to Get Rid of Flies This Summer

As the temperature increases during the summer, flies start reproducing. Fly infestations become annoying, especially when you find them in your home and cars. With flies all around you, you are bound to feel harassed. It does not mean that you cannot get rid of fly infestation. There are multiple ways which can prevent flies’ infestation. 

Find the breeding sites

During the summer months, flies reproduce fast. Flies hatch from eggs, reach larvae and then go to adulthood in just a few days. With the infestation in your home, you have to take quick action. During hot months it becomes difficult to bring guests to your place if you have annoying flies all over. Moreover, if there is any food source or standing water, the fly will lay their eggs. 

What should you do? In such a scenario, you must ensure that the breeding sites remain unobtainable, which is a crucial preventive way to control or reduce fly infestation. Please select all the sources and make them as inaccessible as you can. One of the critical factors is garbage bins which are a breeding site for all the flies. Hence seal the garbage bin with a lid. It would help if you talked to Spectrum Pest Control of Butler for helping you get rid of flea infestation. 

Block all access to food

You must know flies get attracted to discarded drinks, food, and rotting items. When food decays gradually, it becomes pretty easy for them to consume. Anything sweet and sticky attracts the flies more. Garbage bins are breeding zones for those unwanted fleas. You must know that flies get highly attracted to overripe food items such as fermenting liquids, spoiled milk, old meat, or any other food that has a pungent odor. As such, get rid of all the spoiled food or beverages. Get rid of the garbage regularly. Remove all kinds of spills and messes to prevent fly infestation.

Limit the source of light

Do you notice fly infestations in your home? One easy way to eliminate them is to keep your house dim. Flies primarily like homes that are well-lit up or attractive. One fundamental way to get rid of them is to keep your house dark which will also conserve energy and make it less attractive to incoming fleas. If flies are already trapped in your home, then you should turn off the house’s lights and turn on a bright light near the exit so that they move out. This way, you show them the way out.

Cover all water sources

Just like humans, even flies need water to survive. A source of moisture can also be a potential breeding and feeding ground for flies. You must limit their access to water and moisture because even a tiny drop can quench their thirst. If there is any dripping faucet, standing water or plumbing leak, get rid of it. Eliminating access to water will prevent a flea infestation in your house.

Get a fly-free house during the hot summer months!