Tips To Avoid Ghosts in Pacman 30th anniversary

Pacman is a great game for sure. But things sometimes get worse when the ghost catches you. The game may sound simple but it gets a lot tricky on further levels.  So what can you do to avoid these ghosts in the Pacman 30th anniversary game? Today we’re here to tell you some tips that will help you in the game. So here’s what you can do when a ghost is about to hunt you down.        

1. Learn A Pattern

In each level, there is a specific pattern from which you can safely complete a level. This pattern can help you a lot in avoiding ghosts.

Making these patterns can also benefit you to score higher every time.      

So try to create a logical pattern by repeating the level again. You have to make some risky decisions in these patterns so that you can get a good score as well.      

Every Pacman Pro has its own pattern to go through at any level. So try to be brave and outsmart all of those ghosts at once by making your own pattern.         

2. Try To Focus

Pac man is a game about concentration. If you are playing google doodle Pacman 30th anniversary. Then it will be a lot better to try on Pac man 30th anniversary full screen.          

Only a good amount of concentration can help you to outwit those ghosts. Remember that every ghost has its own AI so you better stay frosty. Try not to lose any of your lives.   

Use energizers if you get in a hot spot. Try to remain in safe spots.       

This game can get very frustrating if you do not try it with a good focus.

3. Keep An Eye On Ghosts in Pacman

Every ghost has a unique AI. The developers have created them with their own personalities. So you have to recognize them.

In the game, there are four ghosts  Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde.

Blinky (red) will always give you a direct chase. Inky and Pinky will try to give come in front of you. Clyde will take different paths to get to you.  

So if you see any inky coming in front of you, or Clyde is somewhere near you try to leave that spot. Make some quick turn and get out of there. If you didn’t change your path they will hunt you down.  

Remember this point in google Pacman’s 30th anniversary as the maze is so even smaller.  

4. Use Tunnels And Hiding Spots in Pacman 30th anniversary 

In this google doodle Pacman 30th anniversary, On each side, there is a tunnel. These tunnels help you to quickly switch between the sides.

Many Pro gamers, Use this tunnel to outwit the ghosts. As you switch between the sides, the chances of getting caught become less.

These tunnels provide valuable assistance most of the time.

Also, there are certain spots that you can use to hide from the ghosts. There are two major areas in the Pacman anniversary 30th game.

  • First Spot is in the G of the Google. There is very less chance for pinky, inky, and Clyde to come here. But Blinky can come inside to treat you well.
  • Second Spot is in the E of Google. In here, Blinky can’t come but pinky can. So use them wisely.


All the abovementioned tips should be used wisely to get a good score. It’s not easy to master the game in just one day. So you need to put all of your efforts to become one. Try to be smart in front of ghosts. As your brain is much superior to a simple AI.  

Hope you like our tips for the new google Pacman game. Keep Playing and we will see in the next one.

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