Three most popular firearms accessories that seasoned users must have!

Buying firearms is indeed an exciting moment for firearms enthusiasts, but they are always keen to personalize the equipment by adding some accessories. Accessories add charm to firearms by enhancing the aesthetics and adding more functionality while allowing users to maximize their enjoyment of using the equipment. The accessories lend more flexibility in using firearms confidently for personal defense, home defense, and target shooting setups or training. 

Here are some of the hottest firearms accessories to look out for when shopping for online gun accessories.

  • Weapon-mounted lights for handguns (WML)

Almost all duty-sized handguns have some suitable mountings or integral Picatinny rails that act as mounting points for lasers, lights, chainsaw attachments, and other accessories. The attractive price of these accessories is aiding the rise in popularity. A light upon the weapon is always a good idea. Although lights on handguns mainly used to be a military or police requirement, their popularity is spreading among other firearms users who prefer handgun-specific WMLs. Several WMLS with streamlined designs is gaining popularity for duty pistol platforms. 

  • Optics and mini red dot sights for handguns

The hottest trend among gun accessories across all types of guns is accessories belonging to the category of mini red dot sight (MRDS) because of its ability to enhance the accuracy, speed, and versatility of all types of handguns. Almost all significant manufacturers of super-slim, micro-compact carry pistols offer ultra-small carry-sized red dots; red dot sights for pistols are in high demand. 

Nearly all firearms manufacturers offer drilled/tapped or pre-milled guns that mount MRDS optics. However, the enclosed emitter models are the latest trend and the most exciting development of red dot optics for handguns. An enclosed emitter MRDS is a miniature but the more rugged version of the ubiquitous and durable rifle-sized red dots encased in a sturdy housing with rear and front glass screens to protect the emitter from debris and damage. You can wipe the lens to clean it from anything obstructing your view. 

  • Striker control device for Glock Pistols

The lack of external thumb safety is one of the main concerns of Glock pistol users. The safety aspect is critical to prevent any unintentional pressing of the trigger that can result in the accidental firing of a shot. Despite the safe action design of the Glock pistol, several internal drop-safety mechanisms, and a trigger tab/safety, pulling the trigger knowingly or accidentally, the gun will go bang. 

The safety device allows you to prevent the striker from moving to the rear and releasing without you knowing about it. A striker control device is a hinged mechanism that replaces the slide-back plate of Glock pistols supplied by the manufacturer. When you move your thumb over the rear of your slide, the striker control device allows you to hold the striker forward with the help of the hinged plate and prevent it from moving backward, thereby avoiding releasing a shot. 

The demand for gun accessories is growing fast as gun lovers search for more accuracy, safety, and flexibility when using their weapons.