The Advantages Of Keeping A Giant Betta Fish In Your Home Aquarium

Keeping a giant betta fish in your home aquarium can be an exciting and rewarding experience. They are so beautiful and interesting to watch. These fish only grow to about 4 inches long, but they have rather large personalities. Keeping a betta fish giant as a pet is not quite as common as keeping other small fishes such as guppies or cory cats. The benefits of having a Giant Betta Fish in your aquarium are many, not just because they are so cute either. Keep reading to learn more about them, their needs, their care and most importantly their value to you as an aquarist.

What Are The Advantages Of Keeping A Giant Betta Fish?

If you are looking for an easy-to-keep fish, that is inexpensive and will be very rewarding for you as an aquarist, a betta fish may be for you. Betta fish are very low maintenance and can be kept in a small home aquarium. They are very active fish and will require a tank that is at least 5 gallons in size with at least 2 fish per gallon of water. They will enjoy plenty of hiding places in the aquarium and will also enjoy swimming around in the open water area of the tank. Betta fish are also very friendly and affectionate towards their owners, making them a very good pet for someone who wants to be around fish but does not want to deal with the maintenance that some other fish require. Betta fish are also beautiful, and their high-coloured scales will blend in well with whatever background you choose for your aquascape.

Easy To Keep


Another advantage of keeping a betta fish is that it is an extremely easy fish to keep. They prefer warmer water temperatures and do well in an aquarium with a water temperature of about 27-28 degrees Celsius. They do best in fairly soft water and will enjoy some gravel for swimming and hiding places. They will not need a filter of any kind in their aquarium and will be able to live happily without any decorations or plants in their tank. They will eat both flakes and pellets, and do particularly well on the latter since they are small fish. They have very low maintenance needs, and will not require any special care. However, Bettas are hardier than many other types of aquarium fish and can live for about 4 years in captivity. That is a very long time to enjoy the company of a pet fish.

Affectionate And Friendly


Another great benefit of keeping a betta fish is that they are very friendly and affectionate towards humans. They will come up to the front of the tank and swim towards you if you pick them up. They will also follow you around the aquarium while you are looking after them, and will even swim in your hands. This makes them a very good pet for a child who wants to keep fish but does not want to make the daily maintenance that some other types of fish require. They will also be fascinated by your fingers and will try to nibble on them. Bettas are extremely peaceful fish, and will not bite or try to ramble about the aquarium. They will also not bother other fish in the aquarium, making them suitable fish for beginners with other types of fish since they are so easy to keep and have very low maintenance needs.

Beautiful Aquascape Resulting In A Showpiece

The final advantage of keeping a betta fish is that they are great for decorating your aquascape. Betta fish come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, and many aquarists choose to keep just one or two in their tank to match the designs of the other fishes in the aquarium. Bettas are very active fish, and will swim around the plants in your aquascape, and will also explore the gravel and rocks in your tank. This means that they will help to decorate your aquascape as well as provide the company of the fish. Betta fish are an extremely hardy species and can be kept in a tropical aquarium or a cooler one at a temperature of about 22-24 degrees Celsius. They are best kept in an aquarium that is at least 5 gallons in size and can be kept with other small fish that are peaceful and do not have fins that would get tangled in the betta’s fins.

High Value As A Pet For Some People

While all of the benefits mentioned above are great, another reason to keep a betta fish is for the high value that you get as a pet. The betta fish is considered to be a sacred fish in many cultures, and many consider them to be the reincarnation of their ancestors. They are also very social fish and will enjoy the company of others, so it is common for betta fish owners to keep multiple fish in their aquarium. They are easy to care for and very low maintenance, making them an excellent choice for people who are not particularly interested in the maintenance required to keep other types of fish.

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