Text Messages Not Being Delivered – Causes and Working Fixes

Call a person to get an instant response. You know right away if the person you’re trying to reach is available or not.

Text messaging is just as popular today as it was a few years ago, but it hasn’t really changed much.

You keep waiting for a text.

If you have ever had an SMS delivery issue, then you have likely had it happen to you at some time in your life.

It is important to know possible reasons why text messages go undelivered.

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Reasons Why Text Messages Are Not Being Delivered

Receiver’s number wrongly entered:

This is one of the main reasons for failed deliveries of text messages.

You may be busy at the time, so if you type in an incorrect number that’s how it will

If the message is sent to an incorrectly typed phone number, the message will not be delivered.

The recipient’s phone number is not available:

If you try sending a text message to a phone number that has been switched off for a long time, you will receive a message delivery failed notification.

If the recipient has switched off their phone momentarily, the message will be delivered instantly when they switch their phone on again.

If a recipient does not switch on their phone or reply to your message, it will show as undelivered.

You can use this template to communicate with your international clients.

Network/ Carrier Filters:

Some smartphone users, like people who use iPhones, have filters to keep spam and other unwanted messages out.

They separate the A2P (Asynchronous to Persistent) and P2P (Persistent to Persistent) messages, and decide which ones to deliver.

Messages are either 2-to-1 (A2P) or 1-to-1 (P2P).

If your carrier is set to filter any out, you will experience the texts not being delivered issue.

There are different options for how to send texts if the network provider doesn’t allow the sending of SMS messages.

Local restrictions:

Every country has different restrictions regarding SMS content and senders.

If the person you are sending a message to lives in a country where content from your country of residence is prohibited, expect the ‘text message not being delivered’ notification.

Running out of call credit:

Your phone will ring, and you’ll hear the voice of the person you texted when your phone has sufficient power

Your text message may not be delivered because of a few reasons.

Possible Fixes for Text Messages not Being Delivered

Fix 1- Double Check You Typed Recipient’s Phone Number Correctly

Tap the message icon in the navigation bar. You’ll see that the message body field is right above the message body. Enter your recipient’s phone number so that they receive the message.

The right thing to do, is to check the numbers well, type them up carefully, and to confirm if you have them correctly.
It might be easier to select the recipient from numbers stored on your phone
Since you have been reaching the person on that before,
it is safer to select the correct recipient from that numbers.

Fix 2- Confirm Availability

To select the number you want to send a message to, open your contact list and then dial the number
When you get through to the recipient, that means the messages you sent to the number are delivered almost immediately
Tap the message icon and type your message body
Press send and wait for a ‘message sent’ notification

Fix 3- Clear your message Cache

This is to be followed if the first two options didn’t work for you

For Android Users

To access Settings on your home screen, press Settings on the home screen and click on it
In the settings menu, find Storage and click on it
Find the Internal Storage tab and click on it
The Internal Storage menu contains cache data, which you should click on
A dialog box will ask if you want to proceed or not.

For iPhone Users

To find and open the settings app, tap and hold Home > Settings > Messages > [Delete] From there, scroll down to the message and click on it
The messages section is located under the message list
You may have messages kept for 30 days, 1 year, or forever

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