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Sword Enchantment is one of the most top-selling weapons that Minecraft has. This is on the top of the bucket list in any player’s inventory slot. When you start playing the game other enchantments get added to the game so they can apply to the player’s sword.

This not only makes them overpowered but helps in winning the game as well. I have mentioned a few most important enchantments that every player should have on their sword in any Minecraft world. By these Enchantments, your victory is guaranteed.

Minecraft Sword Toy

You can easily bring the Minecraft world to life by purchasing their toys. Minecraft sword toys are the hottest selling item. You can have your zombie in your hand. It is easily carried. You can have a huge collection of them. They are very soft when you hold them in your hands but scary when you see them from apart.

Nephrite sword

Sword enchantment is one of the weapons that is used to destroy the entities. It is also used for mining cobwebs and bamboo. Sword is constructed with 6 materials as the quality matters the most. Wood, stone, iron, Netherite, diamond, and stone are the most important components of a sword.

Iron Sword Minecraft

This sword is made up of a very simple method. Make sure you have cobblestone and through joining the pieces of it you can easily design your own iron sword in Minecraft.

Sword Enchantments Minecraft 2021:

Here is a list of sword enchantments for the latest version of Minecraft Java Edition (PC/Mac).

Enchantment Max Level ID
Bane of Arthropods
V 18
Curse of Vanishing
I 71
Fire Aspect
II 20
II 19
III 21
I 70
V 16
V 17
Sweeping Edge
III 22
III 34

How to Enchant a Sword

The /enchant command can be used to enchant a sword being held.

As an example, the player called DigMinecraft can enchant the sword in his possession with Sharpness V with the /enchant command.

/enchant DigMinecraft sharpness 5

Unbreaking lll 

This unbreaking lll is the most essential in Minecraft enchantment which you will see on every player’s sword. It has the capacity to expand the persistence of the sword. When you are in the middle of the game then using Unbreaking lll is the perfect idea to win it. It will help the player throughout the game and will also make it easy for him to keep the items for a longer time span. It will be very easy for the player to survive. This one of the most used enchantments and is highly recommended by pro players.


Mending is one of the most important parts of Minecraft. It helps you keep all the tools like iron, metal, or weapons altogether. It keeps all the belongings upgraded and keeps them shining like a star. This is among the most powerful enchantments as it easily preserves all the player’s belongings and equipment.

Sharpness V 

This enchantment is specially used when the sword is overpowered. This helps you in shooting the mobs very quickly. You can easily kill 2 mobs in less than 2 seconds. It should be available on each game sword. It is said to be one of the best and finest enchantments. It is quite beneficial and can be used for multiple purposes like swords and axes. This game gives you the authenticity that if you are having a sword in your hand you won’t lose the game at any cost. The opponent will face many hurdles but still won’t be able to win it.

Looting III 

This looting III is very amazing as it gives permission to collect mobs easily without any trouble. This enchantment not only helps in saving the player but also enhances the chances of the player getting loot. This enchantment is said to be the best among others as it improves the quality of the game.

Sweeping Edge III 

This enchantment is specifically designed for the players who usually find themselves swarmed by mobs. Having this enchantment can make you win the game easily and it gives a much broader reach. Although it may cause a lot of damage in the surrounding mobs. This enchantment will help the players in escaping the battle towards victory as it will kill all the mobs with power.

More Sword Enchantment details

When you are playing Minecraft you can easily use any item as a weapon. You can easily kill anyone by punching, pushing, or jumping. Some people randomly hit the blocks which is actually not the proper way to play the game. Every block is designed specifically and by clicking the wrong you can lose the winning game quite easily. But swords play the most important and vital in the game throughout. Here are the 2 most important sword enchantments that everyone should know.

Fire Aspect (Highest level ll) 

This is one of the most important enchantments in the game. It can only be played with the help of swords. If there are no swords you won’t be able to find them with the fire. Through the game, if any animal is killed it gets on fire. So if you are playing it, team, up then you can set your item on fire as well. It preserves all the animals who got on fire so that it can be used for fuel purposes later in the game.

Sweeping Edge:

While playing the game you face many hurdles and this enchantment is specially used to destruct in sweep attacks. Sometimes it seems beneficial but at various points it’s risky. These attacks occur only when your ratio is greater than 84%. If you want to use this enchantment you need to have Java versions for it.


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