Spectranet Coverage Areas in Nigeria – Internet Data Plans & Double Data Trick

If you want the best solution for internet and web use, whether you are an individual or a company and you’re in Nigeria, then I would recommend Spectranet routers and MiFi devices.

There were times when I planned to move to other cities in Nigeria, and I wondered whether it was possible to use my routers in the new location. It is so sad if you’re running a business online in Nigeria and you have plans to work on the move because many internet service providers and network providers don’t have coverage of many parts of the country.

So I did the dirty job for you, and I took my Spectranet router on a journey. And I have a list of Spectranet coverage areas in Nigeria to share with you.

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Spectranet Coverage Areas in Nigeria

One of the things you will notice about their coverage is that it’s mainly covering major commercial cities in the country, with others still being in the works.

It’s not surprising that Spectranet offers service in some of these cities. What’s interesting is that they seem to target mainly the areas with more commerce and more dense buildings.

For example, you might find that you get low speeds and low signal strength in these areas.

We were able to get good reception in areas like Festac, Satellite Town, Ajangbadi, and all of Lagos Island and Mainland.

The Iwo road area and most of Ibadan were well covered by our networks, while the more open parts of Abuja and Port Harcourt did not have good internet coverage.

We expect more companies to expand their reach in Nigeria as that will help in the growth of many businesses that rely on stable and fast internet connections for survival and smooth operations.

Spectranet Internet Data Plans and Tricks we Use to get double plans

Spectranet has data plans from as low as $29 to as high as $80,000.

You plan to start at midnight and end at eight in the morning.

The Unlimited Spectranet plan gives you true unlimited access to a free data cap of around 100GB, while other data use is throttled. You won’t be able to use more than that and still enjoy a speedy browsing experience.

You can get more data by using the “getMoreData” method when you are running this script.

Amazon is currently offering a Double Data promo that doubles your data on certain days. Instead of buying a 19,000 unlimited data plan that gets throttled at 100GB, you can get a 120GB plan for only 19,000, and get free data after you’ve purchased the 120GB plan.

This way, we get double the amount of free browsing and can use the free night browsing plan.

Smile vs. Spectranet

Both products are available in both English and Spanish. I would go for Smile if I needed an email system for my office, but Spectranet if I needed an email system for my home.

In Nigeria, Spectranet is known for its consistent internet connection and fast speeds, while Smile is known for its coverage and reliability in various parts of the country. Both companies provide great service and value, though.

This is one of the best customer care services I have used. Spectranet is a great company to work for.

They are super responsive, and they attend to your queries quickly.

When there’s a tie, smiles count for two, and the winner is the person with more smiles.

The difference between Spectranet and other VPNs is that you get support whenever you need it and we even offer unlimited data transfers.