Save Upto 45% on Windows Shared Hosting Plans This Monsoon


To create its online identity and make itself available to all Online users, each site requires a hosting platform. Regarding hosting services on your internet site, the marketplace now offers a wide selection of options. But when building your new website, Windows shared hosting is the most suitable and efficient hosting option available.

This is due to the cost-effectiveness and great functionality of Windows hosting, which is ideal for your website. Furthermore, any user, regardless of technique and skill, could operate the Windows system because it has an interface that is simple to use and access.

But it’s important to keep in mind you get the Best Windows Shared Hosting from a recognized, top-tier web provider. This benefit in accommodating your entire data center needs. You can now very well be able to apply for big savings of 45 percent with this year’s special monsoon discount in windows shared hosting services.

This post will give you details about Hostbillo, a reputable and market-leading web hosting provider. Before jumping straight, let’s first talk about just how Windows server hosting services perform.

How Windows shared Hosting work?

Having access to the very same hosting environment is made possible by using a shared server for web hosting. In addition to sharing space, you also share server resources. Sharing decreases the cost of the shared server hosting package. Windows OS serves as the server’s primary operating system while using the shared Windows hosting service.

Additionally, Microsoft Corporation created the Windows operating system. Thus, in addition to your web hosting company, the Microsoft team also offers technical assistance. Furthermore, with shared Windows hosting, people get the ideal guidance for using programs like MySQL, C#, VB Development, MS Access, ASP Classic,, and others.

How Can You Save Upto 45% on Windows Shared Hosting Plans?

As among the most reputable and effective web hosting businesses, Hostbillo offers a broad selection of the top Windows shared hosting plans and services. Each package or subscription is offered at the lowest price. Additionally, the business guarantees top-tier web hosting services using cutting-edge technology.

It offers premium tools and powerful hardware. Each affordable Windows shared hosting plan also includes first-rate support from the company’s technical staff.

All of your server problems can be expertly and quickly resolved by the company’s highly skilled personnel, who are on call around the clock. Immediately join in their programs to take full advantage of the company’s special monsoon promotion, which is currently offering a 45 percent discount on the purchase of Windows shared Hosting.

Learn more about the capabilities that Hostbillo’s shared windows server hosting offers by reading the section underneath.

Other Benefits That Hostbillo Provides With Windows Shared Hosting

Along with the important features, Hostbillo offers its clients with the best windows shared web hosting service the following advantages:

7-Day Money-Back Promise

The business values every dollar its clients spend on web hosting packages. To ensure your contentment with the service given, it provides a money refunded guarantee within seven days. The business still promises you outstanding customer service as well as high-quality services.

Selecting a data center

You have the option to choose a data center that is located in your chosen place when using Windows shared hosting. The quickest speed, best network connectivity, and smooth performance for your customers would be provided by your website as a result of this.

Effective Security Mechanisms

The company offers both basic and sophisticated data security mechanisms with every one of its shared Windows hosting plans. Your website will have built-in security software, DDoS protection, firewall safety, transport layer security, and several other security protocols. To even further give you good peace of mind that your website’s data is protected from all types of security threats, the company also offers an automated data backup feature.

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Business Email Addresses

In addition, your Windows private networks server package gives you access to an unlimited number of business email accounts. With extremely secure POP3/IMAP, the organization offers unrestricted access to email accounts. Additionally, you will always be able to quickly and conveniently access your email accounts from anywhere.

Data storage using only Solid-State Drives

Instead of hard disc drives for information storage, the company offers solid-state drives or Ssds. Your websites will be able to function properly and with excellent page loading speeds thanks to 100% SSD information storage.

Cost-free SSL Certificate

Data security on your website and for your end users is important to the organization. Therefore, Hostbillo will provide your website with a free SSL certificate in addition to other popular and frequently encrypted security precautions.

Benefits of Hosting a Website on Windows Shared Server

  • With a service level agreement, you can guarantee a network uptime of 99.90% for your website.
  • For efficient operation, management, and control of the activities and tasks on your server, the business will give you access to the Plesk control panel.
  • The business’s Windows hosting package allows you to purchase an unlimited number of databases and sub-domains.
  • The business offers redundant power and 20 times faster performance for the physical server.
  • Adapting your plan and resource scale to the expansion and demands of your website is simple.
  • Special offers such as a monsoon discount of 45%


While making the proper decision, users frequently end up being particularly affected by the many choices present. Cheap Windows shared hosting, on the other hand, can be the best option if you are just starting with your website.

Making a decision can get challenging often.

Many webmasters’ top choice for hosting has been this service. The web hosting Compny-Hostbillo also offers robust and hyper-scale shared server web hosting services. This organization makes sure that your website has the chance to operate without a fault, expand more quickly, and attract a sizable number of visitors.

To have the ideal Windows shared hosting package for your website, you can immediately get in touch with Hostbillo’s experts through a customer care facility. For additional information regarding the same, you can also visit the business’s official website.


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