Samsung One Connect Box: Worth the Investment?

A lot of people are buying these big, and super-awesome Samsung TVs, but they’re also being told that they’ll need a box to connect to.

Why buy a TV? What for? Where would you put the one connect box if buying a TV these days is about giving that minimalistic feel to your home?

In this article I will be talking about the Samsung One Connect Box, as well as helping you see if it’s worth the investment.

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What is the Samsung One Connect Box / what does the Samsung One Connect Box?

The Samsung One Connect box is a type of Jackpack that makes connecting all your favorite devices to a compatible Samsung TV easy.

It’s like a multi-media receiver and a built-in TV tuner, all in one.

Depending on the model, you should expect to see ports like Audio Out, IR Out, Antenna (Ant) in, HDMI In, Lan In, Digital Audio Out, EX-LINK, USB IN, One Connect, and Component and AV In

Benefits of the One Connect Box

With a One Connect Box, it’s a simple process. All of your gadgets simply connect and sync automatically. No cables, no mess, just plug and play.

Before the One Connect Box, you had to run wires from your satellite or game system to your TV. Now, with the One Connect Box, all you need to do is plug in one cable, the HDMI One Connect Cable.

With the One Connect box, you don’t have to be connected. You’re in touch with your friends, family and business connections with just a few taps on the screen of your phone.

Samsung One Connect Box Issues

With a little prep time and effort, the One Connect smart home system should provide everything your home needs, from an easy to set up, wireless speaker system to an integrated smart thermostat and remote control.

The One Connect box’s Invisible Connection Cable isn’t as long as we would expect (it’s used to connect the One Connect box to the TV).

If your TV is too far away from the One Connect box or your Invisible Connection Cable is too short, there is a chance that the cable will not reach the box.

You might try to attach the One Connect box to a wall, but it could get knocked off the wall and break if it isn’t mounted well.

This will make it impossible to use your TV until you fork out more cash to buy another one.

I don’t know a couple of friends who drill holes into the wall, but this is a common issue with wireless printers.

You’d be damaging your walls, and if you were to do so, you’d have to invest in repairs just to pass the wires

It can also limit how much of a remodeling project you can do in the future, and that can end up being a limiting factor

There are different ways to attach a cord or cable. Some people use cable ties, and it works just fine.

How to Hide Samsung One Connect Box

You can keep the One Connect box hidden away in a different room so it doesn’t interfere with other rooms.

The Invisible connection cable is a bit longer than 49 feet, but it’s still smaller than what you’re trying to connect.

A wall mount is a great way to enjoy your cable TV service. If you follow the instructions, it should work with a Samsung TV.

It’s not okay to bend the hose where it hits the wall because that can cause leaks.

The box will no doubt hide out of sight.

Do I need Samsung One Connect box?

If you’re using the 2018 QLED TV or anything newer, chances are you need a Samsung One Connect Box to use your TV.

This One Connect box is designed to make your life easier by allowing you connect one Invisible Cable that powers your TV.Q:

There is no longer any need for power cables and all other cables.

With one cable you’ll be able to get everything you want on TV.

How Do I Connect My Samsung One Connect Box?

Watch this step-by-step video for a better understanding of the topic.

Connect the one invisible cable from the One Connect to the one connect port located at the back of the TV.

Connect the other end of the Invisible Cable to your One Connect Box.

Connect the power cord to the One Connect box and plug the other end into an electrical socket.

Samsung One Connect Box Review

The OneConnect box is a powerful piece of technology.

It usually takes us closer to the very idea of a truly smart home.

With this TV mount, we can have a neat living space, hide all the cable out of sight, and still have access to the newest in television technology.

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