Samsung Always ON Display – Everything You Need

The Samsung Always ON Display feature works just as advertised, allowing you to view the time and notifications on your Always On

The screen can be turned ON without the app actually launching.

In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about Amazon’s AOD feature and how it can

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What is Samsung Always ON Display, and why do you need it?

If you’re using your smartphone for work, you want to check the time, date, and battery life on the lock screen so you don’t have to unlock your phone.

The Samsung Always ON Display feature is customizable, with a few tweaks here and there to make it better to your liking.
The AOD settings and screens available will depend on your device’s software version and model.

How to turn AOD ON or OFF

You can access your Samsung Always ON Display settings in two ways: Quick Settings or the Settings menu.

By Quick Settings:

Swipe down from the top of your screen to open your Quick Panel.

Tap and hold the Always ON Display icon to open the AOD Settings.

Tap the Always On Display icon to turn on or off the feature.

By Settings menu:

Find Always On Display in your phone’s settings and select it.

You can change the default settings by opening the app, scrolling down, clicking the “Display” option,

From this window you can adjust your AOD settings.

How to adjust and customize the Always ON Display on your Samsung phone

To get the most out of your AOD, there are so many adjustments you can make. To choose your preferred AOD settings, open the Always ON Display menu.

Tap to display for 10 seconds: This is your device’s default AOD setting.


When you touch your screen, the AOD screen appears for 10 seconds.

ShowAlways: This setting continuously displays the AOD screen while your screen is turned off.

Schedule: This setting allows you to select when to display your AOD.

Clock style: The clock styles, colors, fonts and more are customizable. You can even add images or GIFs.

With the addition of the new Amazon Music app, you can now listen to your music from anywhere.

Choose between Portrait or Landscape mode in your AOD

When Power Saving mode is activated, the AOD (Advanced Optic Drive) chip will shut off

What is animated AOD, and how to enable it?

Animated Always ON Display is a type of animated on-screen wallpaper.

You use a preloaded GIF or pick one you’ve uploaded to your phone.

If the length of the GIF is longer than 5 seconds, it will be played once; if it’s shorter than 5 seconds, it will automatically be played twice.

To enable the Animated AOD:
Open your device’s Settings, search for Always On Display in the dialog bar and select it.

Tap Always On Display, then select Clock style. You can choose your desired clock style from here.

You can also change the color of your clock after choosing a different style.

Select colour, choose your desired colour, tap done when you’re satisfied.

Tap the + icon to add a GIF to your GIF collection.

Tap Add GIF if you want to use a preloaded GIF. It’s easy! Just find the GIF you want, and it’ll add to your message.

In order for this to work, you need to enable the “Shown always” option. When enabled, this icon will appear at the very bottom of your screen and will indicate the position of the sensor.

If you don’t like this feature, set your AOD to “Tab to show” or “Show as scheduled.

How to download Always ON Display themes from the Galaxy Store

If you have your smartphone or tablet’s Settings app open, you can use the Search feature to find the AOD (

In the Galaxy Themes store you’ll find free themes, top-selling themes, Editor’s Picks and new themes.

There are several Always On Display themes to download and apply directly from the Galaxy store. Choose which one you want to try and then apply to your Galaxy device.

For example, there are some themes that can be applied to the clock and image themes, and then used on the AOD screen.Q:

How to enable Always ON Display on OnePlus phones

The OnePlus always on display feature is only available for the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 9 series.

To enable the always-on display on an Always On Display enabled device, navigate to your Settings app and open it

Tap Display. Open Always ON Display.

Choose All Day

How to enable Always ON Display on ASUS phones

The Always ON Display feature for ASUS phones powered by ZenUI, like the ZenFone 8, is only available for phones with a fingerprint sensor

Your settings app should be open.

Open the Always ON Panel. Tap the toggle switch at the top to turn on the Always ON Panel.

Select Always ON at the bottom.

How to make Always ON Display brighter

Go to your phone’s settings. Scroll to lock screen and open it.

Tap on the “Always On Display” menu.

In the AOD menu, go to the Brightness and lock settings and disable Auto brightness.

Adjust the Brightness settings for your AOD from here.

Double-tap the clock icon to bring up the AOD settings and brightness icons.

To increase or decrease the brightness, tap the brightness icon.

Samsung Always on Display supported devices

The Always ON Display is a feature found on some of the latest smartphones such as the Google Pixel 2 to 6 pro, Samsung Galaxy S7 to S20, Samsung Galaxy A3 to A7, and

Basically, Samsung devices with AMOLED screens and powered by One UI.

You’ll also find it in these phones as well, including the Huawei Mate 10 Pro, P20 Pro, Moto X, Z, G, LG G5 to G7, and V30 to V